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My Rebirth Style is Wrong

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On a dull morning, after waking up, Su Wanwan found that she had undergone a dull rebirth, reborn back to her elementary school days.

In the beginning, Su Wanwan felt melancholy that she was about to end her primary school life by pretending to be a few grades ahead of the talented boy. She lowered her head and kicked the shuttlecock, and then raised her head, the teachers and classmates around her became distorted phantoms. She was in a beautiful courtyard, and behind her was a woman who shouted at her to go back to eat.

——In less than a day of being reborn, she crossed again? ! !

Since she has not passed CET 4 in English, Su Wanwan is a little angel at home, and she studies hard. In high school, she ran into a man who liked to wear a black cloak and a big hood, and looked like a serial killer.

Su Wanwan shamelessly became the Yangou who was once despised, bowed down under the black cloak of the blond, blue-eyed and white-skinned little brother, and started the road of chasing people, but the little brother who seemed to be extraordinarily abstinent was Excessive chase [eat hands and hands.jpg]

After they were together, Su Wanwan realized that she had jumped into a big pit of her own accord…

In the crowd, standing beside the traffic light, she was petite and like a shining pearl, hitting his heart everywhere.
after many years:
Su Wanwan: I’m sorry, my mother doesn’t let me play with foreigners.
Reaper: Don’t make trouble, how many spoons of milk powder should I put? How many milliliters of water should be added?
One sentence introduction: The baby has to give birth to find out that her husband’s occupation is death

Read the guide:
1. Comprehensive horror, it is set that the heroine will not have relevant film and television memories in this world, the whole writing is relatively slow and life-like, and the horror film will also become a cheerful and relaxed cookie, a self-cutting work, if you mind Be cautious
2. They are all old films. The opening chapter is about the death series, which may be a bit long. There will be other horror film and television world tours later.
3. There is no doubt that the male protagonist is a god of death, and he is cool outside and milking the baby at home
4. The update is kept daily, and the addition is calculated separately

Content Tags: Horror Western Roman Rebirth Sweet Text
Search keywords: Protagonist: Su Wanwan ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:
One sentence introduction: The baby has to give birth to find out that her husband’s occupation is death
Purpose: to fill regrets, to pursue love bravely, to be kind to others

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Short Title:MRSWF
Alternate Title:我的重生画风不对[综恐]
Author:Tanuki Taishou
Weekly Rank:#5712
Monthly Rank:#9363
All Time Rank:#8771
Tags:Adopted Protagonist, Age Regression, Carefree Protagonist, Caring Protagonist, Child Protagonist, Childcare, Clingy Lover, Comedic Undertone, European Ambiance, Female Protagonist, God-human Relationship, Handsome Male Lead, Immortal, Marriage, Money Grubber, Overpowered Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Power Couple, Quick Transmigration, School Life, Transmigration, Transplanted Memories, Wealthy Characters,
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