My Rebellious Vicious Concubine

When a genius poisoner and a vicious concubine meet, when chemicals will they have? It is said the Prince Regent dotes on his concubine. As long as she wants something, he will get it for her no matter what! It is also said the Prince Regent hates the concubine. On their wedding .... Read more

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Chapter 504 The comfort is inexplicable Chapter 503 How so God! Chapter 502 Yexue Luo, can be poisonous

Chapter 501 Born somehow Chapter 500 Can't go out, just lead him in Chapter 499 Dark moon, is an illegitimate child? Chapter 498 Is there a way out under the cliff? Chapter 497 Into the secret formation? Chapter 496 Good man in broad daylight? Chapter 495 Unexpected downfall! Chapter 494 One to three, at a disadvantage! Chapter 493 Dark clouds, related to her

Chapter 492 Like a non-cat? Chapter 491 Counterattack, very confident Chapter 490 Your husband will become an accomplice!

Chapter 489 You will be the source of sin in the world! Chapter 488 Phoenix bracelets, really did not recognize the Lord! Chapter 487 She may not be in the secret formation Chapter 486 Old woman, you offended me! Chapter 485 Women know women best! Chapter 484 Swimming in the lake, snakes are in trouble! Chapter 483 You are not qualified to compete with the King! Chapter 482 Why are you fighting for the throne? Chapter 481 Actually want to take back soldiers!

Chapter 480 Death of Emperor Fengtian! Chapter 479 Turn over old accounts? Want to settle accounts with him? Chapter 478 Zonglao, do you remember Yueyun dark? Chapter 477 This is true! Chapter 476 Mo Xuan, too coincidental! Chapter 475 Find the cup and use the special habit of the desert worm Chapter 474 Nangong Family also came from Tiannan! Chapter 473 This is called victim paranoia! Chapter 472 Wake up in a gorgeous and quirky room Chapter 471 Poison Array! Chapter 470 Her parents are wicked! Chapter 469 How about telling you a story?

Chapter 468 Feng Tiandi, the only clue! Chapter 467 A deal that concerns Nangong Ning! Chapter 466 Set a trap early! Chapter 465 Is it time for it? Chapter 464 Medicine, works? Chapter 463 Can't hold it for long! Chapter 462 Offending women will suffer a lot! Chapter 461 Ever since, Tianya Junyuan Chapter 460 The truth about fake faces! Chapter 459 Disturb the situation in the Eastern Calendar! Chapter 458 How about returning to Zhu Hua with me? Chapter 457 What is she?

Chapter 456 Ascended the throne as Tianning Chapter 455 Sinner, terrifying content! Chapter 454 Never be a true friend Chapter 453 Use your life to lift a crisis Chapter 452 The truth of the year Chapter 451 Mortgage Royal Seal! Chapter 450 It turned out to be him! He is not dead! Chapter 449 Revenge for the beloved woman! Chapter 448 Outrageous despicable! Chapter 447 Not relatives, but enemies! Chapter 446 Just want to see her again! Chapter 445 Disfigured, Qin Sheng?

Chapter 444 Disgusting old woman! Chapter 443 Hua Ruoyu: Do n’t force if you do n’t come Chapter 442 I can't swallow this tone! Chapter 441 The phoenix bracelet inheritance has nothing to do with Nangong family? Chapter 440 Tired, take it away! Chapter 439 I will never admit it! Chapter 438 Is it such a crazy world? Chapter 437 Only the peony is true! Chapter 436 Where does the deep hatred come from? Chapter 435 I have a sister named Nangong Qingyao Chapter 434 The princess becomes a princess Chapter 433 This face is fake!

Chapter 432 Decline, leave early! Chapter 431 Everyone is fighting for the test! Chapter 430 Biqin is better than dance! Chapter 429 Princess Zhu Huazhen is gorgeous! Chapter 428 Too scum! Chapter 427 To marry Prince! Chapter 426 Phoenix Yufei, its Ming Qingyue! Chapter 425 Wanshou feast is different from previous years! Chapter 424 Questions that don't need answers! Chapter 423 Will something happen? Chapter 422 Daxia, is there a Tsinghua County master? Chapter 421 Post hall, guest and host in harmony?

Chapter 420 Hua Fengling Chapter 419 Love is deep, life can die! Chapter 418 Enchanting, terrible woman! Chapter 417 Xiao Xiaoxiang, weird! Chapter 416 Fight for your life and save the blood! Chapter 415 Wuyi son, idiot! Chapter 414 Clogs, light moon plum blossoms Chapter 413 Sent to the Acropolis, guard the spirit! Chapter 412 Did you bring the princess? Chapter 411 Xiao Feibai, feel comfortable! Chapter 410 Confirm, there is a cup in your body! Chapter 409 The old things, the moon is nowhere?

Chapter 408 Not sick or poisonous! Chapter 407 What if he is not my son? Chapter 406 Amnesia Chapter 405 Phoenix bracelets, do not belong to the Nangong family? Chapter 404 Meet again! Chapter 403 I do n’t dare to do this! Chapter 402 A niece from the cold city Chapter 401 Three points possible! Chapter 400 Mysterious Woman and Jade Long Life Lock Chapter 399 There is another secret channel? Chapter 398 Revisit the place, sigh a bit! Chapter 397 My dad is back. I am coming for you!

Chapter 396 Once in love, never die! Chapter 395 Played by their brothers! Chapter 394 Time is running out, be honest! Chapter 393 Man slipping pulse? Chapter 392 The condition cannot be diagnosed! Chapter 391 Are there bugs in the palm? Chapter 390 The gentleman's friendship is as light as water Chapter 389 I and Princess Hua love each other! Chapter 388 Take the opportunity to reduce the power of Prince Edward! Chapter 387 Qiqiao bleeds and dies! Chapter 386 Come to the palace! Chapter 385 Woman in red, gorgeous to the extreme!

Chapter 384 Wife is crazy, perfect husband! Chapter 383 Don't forget who your dog is! Chapter 382 Face is not ruined, you can still use it! Chapter 381 Ouch, the skin is itchy again! Chapter 380 I want to be the new Princess Regent! Chapter 379 A rash on your face? Chapter 378 His cousin likes his uncle! Chapter 377 Want to marry a prince? Miss you more! Chapter 376 Let the Regent know her true face! Chapter 375 You are better than her! Chapter 374 Mei Yuxin wants to marry a prince? Chapter 373 Nangong, celebration feast

Chapter 372 Happiness as a princess Chapter 371 It's not right for you to marry the Regent! Chapter 370 She is her, and he likes it! Chapter 369 Longevity Festival is coming Chapter 368 Is Daxia coming? Chapter 367 Tangled, who should she marry? Chapter 366 Allied, you marry me! Chapter 365 Beauty is like a flower across the clouds Chapter 364 Zhu Xueyu, confused! Chapter 363 I fancy him! Chapter 362 Hermitage, Yangling City! Chapter 361 Mrs. Nangong, murder your husband?

Chapter 360 Nangong Qingyao is not dead? Chapter 359 Yunyue is not Andie! Chapter 358 Too much work! Chapter 357 Did not leave the house for three days! Chapter 356 Great gift, all for you! Chapter 355 Mei Shiyan Chapter 354 Behind the scenes, May's related? Chapter 353 Plum club Chapter 352 Leng Gong walked out of the water, and his family burned to death? Chapter 351 Nangong Ning, unbearable! Chapter 350 Queen May has also changed Chapter 349 Bai Wushuang cannot return to Daxia!

Chapter 348 Conflict between An's and Bai's! Chapter 347 She is not her! Chapter 346 Childhood, heaven prison! Chapter 345 More disturbing than Junzi Xuan! Chapter 344 Deed, enough to respond! Chapter 343 Detoxification, a great event! Chapter 342 At the beginning, March's appointment! Chapter 341 Amazing, Nangong Ning is here! Chapter 340 Questioning An Wuyi's identity Chapter 339 All come for Bai Wushuang! Chapter 338 All enter the palace together! Chapter 337 This pot, her husband does not carry it!

Chapter 336 Fake, true accountability and truth! Chapter 335 Everyone is a witness! Chapter 334 Questioning, heartbroken! Chapter 333 Beautiful and exciting! Chapter 332 The wind is coming, the wind will be full! Chapter 331 Human beings Chapter 330 The three must be tigers! Chapter 329 High-profile Sioux City Lord Chapter 328 Yangling City is a secret Chapter 327 Office, can't open! Chapter 326 Night Exploration Yanliu Lane Chapter 325 Can't survive, can't die!

Chapter 324 He can't afford this face! Chapter 323 Non-toxic not husband! Chapter 322 Give our children a way of life! Chapter 321 Mother and child have a heart Chapter 320 Dragon and Phoenix Twins Chapter 319 Into the palace to conceive, the body is poisonous Chapter 318 Why is her face so big! Chapter 317 What's the problem? Chapter 316 Back to Wangfu, no need to explain Chapter 315 She has absolutely problems! Chapter 314 When he comes back, send a big gift! Chapter 313 Detoxification is easier than imagined!

Chapter 312 Lethargy, someone poisoned? Chapter 311 The situation in Central Beijing, enter the palace! Chapter 310 It's amazing! Chapter 309 Destroy Nangong Ning? We can help! Chapter 308 Princess, make a deal! Chapter 307 Yue'an, hidden away! Chapter 306 Feng Yuan, magical discovery! Chapter 305 Cooperation can win! Chapter 304 Do you want to kill someone with a knife? Chapter 303 Ten times penalty fee! Chapter 302 Sit down and talk, eat again! Chapter 301 Come to your door and calculate it!

Chapter 300 An Wuyi's previous engagement Chapter 299 Night dive, more than one person! Chapter 298 How many rotten peaches are there? Chapter 297 Hua Ruohuan, the hatred of the husband! Chapter 296 The truth of the poison epidemic! Chapter 295 Recognize the Lord, only by appearance? Chapter 294 Sioux City Master, Strange Eyes Chapter 293 See also Bai Wushuang! Chapter 292 Still in Mohu Palace? Chapter 291 Xiao Yu, Dog Blood's Past Chapter 290 Man with silver mask Chapter 289 Feng Yu, is it just a coincidence?

Chapter 288 Concentric Chapter 287 Coquettish, her advantage Chapter 286 I want to stand with you! Chapter 285 Love you to the depths of your soul! Chapter 284 The night is just right, so many tricks! Chapter 283 There are changes in Da Xia! Chapter 282 Capture the thief first Chapter 281 Assault? There are assassins! Chapter 280 Yangling, Mohu Palace Chapter 279 Take medicine, can't stop! Chapter 278 Fengyuan Space Chapter 277 Yizong Medicine Depot

Chapter 276 Did the spirit beast confess the Lord? Chapter 275 Pull out the radish and bring out the mud Chapter 274 Human blood is cited! Chapter 273 Sudden leech! Chapter 272 Hidden pulse! Chapter 271 The snake venom has changed! Chapter 270 You are my cousin Chapter 269 Meet her mother! Chapter 268 Want to help you for your husband? Chapter 267 She is the spreader of the epidemic? Chapter 266 How do we cooperate? Chapter 265 Incredible and better!

Chapter 264 Poison plan Chapter 263 Mysterious White City Chapter 262 He, the healer Chapter 261 Inner Royal Space, Removable Sea Chapter 260 One pair for life people Chapter 259 love at first sight Chapter 259 I've fallen in love with you Chapter 258 Yun Mu is him, he is Yun Mu! Chapter 257 Their eyes are similar Chapter 256 There are snakes, not afraid of poison bracelets? Chapter 254 Yun Mu, why is she so good to her? Chapter 253 Organ, fall!

Chapter 252 Poison door, and a big secret Chapter 251 His breath! Chapter 250 Little beast, soft and cute Chapter 249 I heard the name Nangong Ning Chapter 248 Surprised by Juniper Chapter 247 Mysterious cave Chapter 246 Mental abuse Chapter 245 Poisonous Chapter 244 This is a face-seeing world Chapter 243 Is she so casual? Chapter 242 Late at night Chapter 241 Chilling truth

Chapter 240 Juniper Chapter 239 Du Ruo Chapter 238 Arriving in Batu Chapter 237 No clothes, protect her with life Chapter 236 Cliff, you jump down! Chapter 235 Leaving Beijing, the storm is rising Chapter 234 Turning ruthless after falling asleep? Chapter 233 Ye Mei Chapter 232 Queen, consider going to the pension? Chapter 231 Clues Chapter 230 Son, World Warriors Chapter 229 She can die!

Chapter 228 Prince Chapter 227 Your opinion, emperor! Chapter 226 coincidence? All surnamed Yun! Chapter 225 I like him! Chapter 224 I am missing a lady Chapter 223 Pleasure gesture! Chapter 222 Poison bracelet Chapter 221 He, the poison door? Chapter 220 Big wolf wants to eat bunny Chapter 219 Extreme cold, overcast! Chapter 218 Poison Bracelet Chapter 217 Respect, killing!

Chapter 216 Success, top quality! Chapter 215 Xiao Feibai, Mr. Bai? Chapter 214 Wonderful new doctor Chapter 213 You, shameless! Chapter 212 What a coincidence! Chapter 211 Turns around and is very pleasantly surprised Chapter 210 Cooperate with acting Chapter 209 Hematemesis, someone poisoned! Chapter 208 Two birds with one stone Chapter 207 Royal merciless Chapter 206 King of the Cold Chapter 205 Bare feet are not afraid to wear shoes

Chapter 204 Chill, save his life Chapter 203 Mei Fei's confession Chapter 202 Saving him is easier said than done! Chapter 201 Xiao Feibai's Guide Chapter 200 Detoxification Chapter 199 I want to live as a princess Chapter 198 Don't understand, he doesn't care? Chapter 197 Prince and princess, with a face! Chapter 196 Beyond the Truth Chapter 195 Toxic doctors, aloof! Chapter 194 I'm all different Chapter 193 King, like you

Chapter 192 How about a lifetime? Chapter 191 Do you care about other people's affairs? Chapter 190 Special poison? Chapter 189 The truth seven years ago Chapter 188 There are gentlemen like you Chapter 187 Disappeared seven years ago Chapter 186 The atmosphere is too good and almost out of control Chapter 185 Feng Yu? birthmark! Chapter 184 Close the case, please! Chapter 183 Her shame is his shame! Chapter 182 Chu Jun, can't be a bitch! Chapter 181 Jun Qian Ye, how dare you? !!

Chapter 180 Seek justice for the princess Chapter 179 Man, what's wrong Chapter 178 Snowflakes Chapter 177 Do, do Chapter 176 Poisoned seven years ago Chapter 175 No clothes, let me help you Chapter 174 The so-called scheming! Chapter 173 Give her a share, I will! Chapter 172 Life, the so-called treasure! Chapter 171 Princess, I'm afraid it won't work Chapter 170 It's too late ... Chapter 169 For him, I am willing to die!

Chapter 168 Gentleman Poisoning Chapter 167 Note, evidence! Chapter 166 Come again? What to say directly! Chapter 165 Vote for Chapter 164 You broke the rules! Chapter 163 The princess cannot be poisoned! Chapter 162 Black poison, black grass? Chapter 161 Save him, she earned Chapter 160 Hurt her at a price Chapter 159 Insidious, beyond imagination! Chapter 158 An Qi, a little familiar Chapter 157 Mrs. Ye, you really can be a monster

Chapter 156 Take her away! Chapter 155 Poisonous in wine! Chapter 154 Ancestral rules Chapter 153 Poor sleep Chapter 152 Adapt slowly Chapter 151 He wants to kiss her? !! Chapter 150 Depart for Huangling Chapter 149 You are so fragrant Chapter 148 Regent princess Chapter 147 Big wedding continues! Chapter 146 Bride, throw it into the princess! Chapter 145 Surprised, someone robbed!

Chapter 144 Ten Miles of Red Makeup Chapter 143 Gifts and best wishes to your husband and wife! Chapter 142 Wedding dress delivered! Chapter 141 I see you pleasing Chapter 140 Heavy penalty! Chapter 139 Mr. Xiao, is the purse his? Chapter 138 Yu Luo, not so much! Chapter 137 Big wedding gift Chapter 136 Pregnant! Chapter 135 Weird man Chapter 134 Princess know Chapter 133 Random dreams, someone outside the window?

Chapter 132 Tamaki box? The residue! Chapter 131 An An is here Chapter 130 Never give up! Chapter 129 Why is she here? Chapter 128 Hang to spit blood! Chapter 127 Where to go back! Chapter 126 Mother-in-law's dowry? Chapter 125 The prince is the emperor Chapter 124 Wang cares about you Chapter 123 Sever Chapter 122 Disengagement Chapter 121 It's shameless to touch porcelain!

Chapter 120 You are too troublesome Chapter 119 Bid farewell Chapter 118 Wedding dress, not casual Chapter 117 Princess Wedding Ceremony Chapter 116 How naive! Chapter 115 The second "marriage proposal" Chapter 114 Steal a kiss, so beautiful Chapter 113 Do you want to marry? Chapter 112 Su Yuan is poisoned! Chapter 111 Assassination! Chapter 110 Mu Hai, cooperation is reached! Chapter 109 Isn't it too unscrupulous?

Chapter 108 Guard, guard her Chapter 107 You have to give birth to Wang Chapter 106 Need for Princess Hold Chapter 105 Live together without getting married! Chapter 104 Reveal it gently! Chapter 103 All tricks! Chapter 102 Prove innocence Chapter 101 Live on the spot Chapter 100 Mei Fei testifies Chapter 99 King arranges everything Chapter 98 Bite him and **** him? Chapter 97 Cunning than imagined!

Chapter 96 For Nangong Ning! Chapter 95 A little suggestion Chapter 94 Allergies Chapter 93 Toxins? No! Chapter 92 Joy, his trust Chapter 91 Vicious mother Chapter 90 Can't be cured by poisoning Chapter 89 Qingle Princess Chapter 88 What is peerless style! Chapter 87 Good luck, have a good aunt Chapter 86 Not disgust is petting! Chapter 85 Lord, so considerate

Chapter 84 Soothe, explain Chapter 83 Don't care about nothing! Chapter 82 Do you want to avoid the soup? Chapter 81 Do you want to sleep with the king? Chapter 80 King, protect you for three days! Chapter 79 Lord, do you have a hidden disease? Chapter 78 Lord, would you like to think about it? Chapter 77 Lord Wang will not let you go Chapter 76 Queen of Queens Chapter 75 Fire sand, simple and rough, violent! Chapter 74 Madam, you are not too young Chapter 73 Concubine Anne

Chapter 72 Don't expect anything from him Chapter 71 Did you kiss him? Chapter 70 Proposal, Lord Wang marry me! Chapter 69 Heroes save beauty Chapter 68 It ’s all puffy clouds. Chapter 67 What a miserable situation! Chapter 66 The enemy is narrow, overhearing ... Chapter 65 I won't go tonight Chapter 64 An Wuyi, Viper Chapter 63 Need a backer Chapter 62 The true meaning of a rich country Chapter 61 Before the storm

Chapter 60 Don't break the rules! Chapter 59 Want to break the game? Chapter 58 To bet Chapter 57 Accident mysterious man Chapter 56 Arcana, Xuanhuang Chapter 55 Surname Ning Chapter 54 People are not as good as animals Chapter 53 Tonight, work hard together! Chapter 52 Three days, the rogue is pleasantly surprised Chapter 51 Wang Ye will not be happy Chapter 50 What happened to Miss Ben? Chapter 49 The phoenix bracelet is poisonous, he is not worth it!

Chapter 48 White-eyed wolf, enough Chapter 47 Destroyed, nowhere to start Chapter 46 Yin Wei, I am yours Chapter 45 Looking, Nangong Ling ... Chapter 44 Antang, heavy institutions Chapter 43 Lack of money, gold 100,000 Chapter 42 Ben is a face-lifter Chapter 41 Call the emperor to listen Chapter 40 Uncle Juck is here! Chapter 39 Get up and get out! Chapter 38 Fall down and ride Chapter 37 Blood eyes, charming charm

Chapter 36 The more painful the better! Chapter 35 This is the only way! Chapter 34 Poisonous, you own it! Chapter 33 Mei Du, who hates her so much? Chapter 32 Robbed? Chapter 31 Poisonous man Chapter 30 Atmosphere, Shennongtang Chapter 29 Take the first step! Chapter 28 Stupid, or is there another mystery? Chapter 27 You go on, I avoid! Chapter 26 Detoxify her, hurry up! Chapter 25 Never feel conflicted

Chapter 24 Wildcat in rabbit skin! Chapter 23 Bold, find his secret! Chapter 22 Gu Gao Leng Chapter 21 Marriage is as if thunder rolled over! Chapter 20 match made in heaven? Chapter 19 There is a purpose in the palace Chapter 18 Beauty Chapter 17 The marriage contract is cancelled, the court stick is fifty! Chapter 16 Hey, dogs and girls Chapter 15 This girl is always stupid! Chapter 14 Xuanwu drumming, there is a big injustice! Chapter 13 One, two, three, fall down!

Chapter 12 The wicked sue first Chapter 11 Kill with a knife Chapter 10 not dead! Slap Chapter 9 Prince is here Chapter 8 not dead? She is detoxifying! Chapter 7 Hell, two strong kisses! Chapter 6 Poisoning Chapter 5 Kill her! Chapter 4 Want to live, save yourself! Chapter 3 Arcane? Pit master! Chapter 2 Beautiful man, long legs! Chapter 1 Murder, push down poison

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