Nangong Ning was shocked, but looking at the carriage did not look like a trap, and she decided to go with Mo Xuan to find medicine. At this time, she would not be entangled and got on the carriage.

The carriage was very ordinary, but it was still covered with a blanket and two soft pillows were thrown. Of course, it was not a very fine object.

However, at this time, casual use is still possible.

Nangong leaned on two soft pillows and sat there.

"I'm in a carriage," Mo Xuan said outside.

"Um." Nangong responded lazily.

The sound went off, and the carriage started.

To tell the truth, Nangong Ning didn't feel too comfortable.

The carriage with which she and Jun Qianye were riding before is simply different from Yunni.

But at this time, she can only do it.

With at least a carriage, she could save her legs.

But why is there a carriage here?

"Where did you get this carriage?" Nangong Ning asked.

Mo Xuan's voice came in from outside: "I borrowed it from a nearby village."

Nangong Ning was weird to hear this.

They are still within the range of Qinglishan, but she is a little lost now and doesn't know where she is.

There will be villages in the area of ​​Qingli Mountain. She believes it, but will there be such things as horse-drawn carriages in the mountain village?

"Do you treat me as a fool?" She asked, but because she was a little tired, there was no deterrent.

Mo Xuan replied, "No, mine is all true, and this is just an ordinary carriage. For the time being, it will be our travel tool. What does the princess doubt?"

Nangong condensed, but stagnated.

Yes! The origin of this carriage is suspicious, but it is just an ordinary carriage. There is really nothing doubtful about it. The person who is doubtful is Mo Xuan.

This man, more and more makes him feel that he is surrounded by a layer of confusion.

But for some reason, she felt that Mo Xuan did not seem to be harmful to her, nor was she hostile.

This feeling is inexplicable, but it is such a feeling!

Thinking, Nangong Ning closed her eyes and fell asleep. Although the carriage was uncomfortable, she was too tired and still slept deeply. When she woke up, she found it was bright and the carriage was still moving forward , The surrounding is very quiet, there is no sound, of course, except for the murmur of the wagon wheel.

"What time is it?" Nangong Ning was startled, and suddenly came awake, asked in surprise.

Mo Xuan's voice came from the outside: "It's over half of Chen Shi."

Nangong Ning quickly calculated in her heart and found that she felt like sleeping for about two or three hours!

I actually slept for so long.

She sat up, opened the carriage curtain, and looked out.

"Where is this?" Nangong Ning was surprised to see the carriage seem to be driving on a flat official road.

"We have left Qinglishan. We are heading south. There is a town in front. When we get there, we will change to a comfortable carriage and continue south." Mo Xuan said calmly.

Nangong nodded a bit, lowered the curtain, and sat back again.

After half an hour, I really went to a town called Yunqing.

Yunqing Town is very big, and there are many people coming and going, which has driven the town's economy, so there are many inn restaurants in the town.

Mo Xuan took Nangong Ning and chose the largest inn directly.

I asked for two rooms, and the rooms were next to each other. Nangong Ning took a bath first, and then changed into clothes bought by Mo Xuan.

The clothes he bought are very simple, easy to wear, and clean in color. Nangong thinks that it suits her taste.

Seeing Mo Xuan also wearing a plain white robe, Nangong Ning stared at him carefully and asked, "What about the scar on your face?"

Before seeing Mo Xuan, there were some shallow scars on his clear face.

But now it seems that the scars are almost invisible.

"I dilute with medicine," Mo Xuan explained calmly.

Nangong Ning thought this was very crap!

"You didn't have it!"

Mo Xuan smiled and said, "I see you."

Nangong Ning: "..."

"Actually, this is not an important thing. You don't need to pay too much attention to the princess. With my face, there will be no secrets, will you?" Mo Xuan said with a smile.

Nangong Ning felt for a while that he couldn't continue the conversation with the man in front of him.

This brain-raising circuit can't keep up. She looked at his face again.

He has a clean-looking face, and his facial features are considered handsome, but he is not eye-catching, looks harmless, and has no sense of attack. At first glance, there seems to be some ordinary, but at this time, look carefully However, he felt that he had a kind of clean and smooth Zhuohua.

He is the same as Xiao Feibai.

But temperament is completely different.

Xiao Feibai is the kind of feeling that is easy to look at.

But Mo Xuan in front of him gives a kind of blessing.

But this feeling is not strong, anyway, he won't give you too eye-catching feeling, but after watching it for a long time, it makes people feel that he is very good-looking.

"Aren't you wearing a mask on your face?" Nangong Ning guessed.

Mo Xuan shook his head and said, "Really not!"

He paused and said, "But after the scars on my face are completely healed, my appearance may look better than now."

Nangong Ning: "..."

"Well, both the princess and the prince are the same as dragons and phoenixes. I look so good no matter how good I am, I know myself." Mo Xuan laughed again.

Nangong Ning looked at him speechlessly, and she could hear that this person seemed to be soothing her, but this method is really ... inexplicable!

At this time, the inn at the inn knocked outside.

"My son, sister, the meal is here."

Mo Xuan stood up and explained with a smile: "I asked someone to bring food over."

Nangong Ning was really hungry and nodded.

Opening the door, the inn at the inn gave food and came in, three dishes and one soup, and rice. Although it looked normal, it was a good match, well-prepared and large.

At this time, it was not fussy either, Nangong Ning didn't have much, sat at the table, picked up chopsticks, and began to eat.

Second is exiting, but Mo Xuan stopped.

"Wait a minute." Mo Xuan threw a piece of broken silver as he passed.

As soon as his eyes lighted up, he quickly came over and smiled very familiarly: "Son, sister, if you have any orders, you must do your best!"

"There is nothing, just to ask you something." Mo Xuan said very calmly.

Nangong could not help looking at him.

Mo Xuan smiled at her and motioned her to continue eating.

Nangong Ning also continued to eat.

Mo Xuan asked, "Yunqing Town is also a big town, and there are a lot of people coming and going in the southeast, northwest, and there is a circulation of news. Has anything special happened recently?"

After thinking for a while, he said nothing: "I heard something recently, it is a large-scale outbreak, and it is a poisonous array that a couple of poisoned men and women set up decades ago. ... "

Those two came to a halt at last, and there seemed to be some tangles.

Mo Xuan said, "What else is there?"

This is the only way: "One more thing, some people, the wicked couple who set up the poison array, are actually the true parents of our regent princess of Dongli."

Although Nangong Ning had long been mentally prepared, when she heard this, her movements were still a bit delayed.

Sure enough, this matter has begun to spread.

This Yunqing town, although it has left the capital of the Dongli, is definitely not far from the capital.

The news even spread here, that's enough to imagine, how the situation is now!

Her heart was tight!

She and Mo Xuan have left Qinglishan, but there is no movement on Qinglishan's side. Is it true that Qianqian hasn't left the secret formation yet?

In fact, according to Mo Xuansuo, as long as someone leaves the mysterious array, the mysterious array will be automatically cracked. They have already left. Even if Jun Qian Ye did not leave, the mysterious array should be cracked. A vision appeared, but until now, no vision appeared!

Things are weird!

"How is that? Isn't Princess Regent the eldest daughter of Nangong's family? Her parents are not wicked villains." Mo Xuan pretended to be surprised.

Frown frowning, it was also incomprehensible: "Yeah, so this thing is weird, but it is spread like this outside, but the poison epidemic has not happened yet, what is it, and it is not too much It ’s clear, but listen to it. There is really an epidemic on Zhu Huaguo ’s side, but it ’s impossible to guarantee whether it ’s so far away or not. ”

Mo Xuan nodded slightly, indicating that the second could go out, the second got the silver, and gave a gift, and then he retreated.

"I'm afraid that there is really an epidemic out there, but it should be under the control of Zhu Hua's people, and it hasn't completely spread and exploded." Mo Xuanshen said.

Nangong condenses, she knows Mo Xuan's guess that Shiyou ### is true.

Soon, she will become a sinner under the scourge!

Think about it, it's really scary.

Mo Xuan looked at her and said, "You don't have to worry. You are with me. No one will know that you are Nangong Ning of the Regent Princess."

Nangong gave him a white look, and felt that the way he comforted Rao was always inexplicable. She didn't feel soothed at all!

Mo Xuan frowned and wondered, "It's just that there is no movement on the side of Qinglishan? It stands to reason that there should have been a vision. Is it possible that after the mystery is solved, the vision will be delayed? Or the regent What else did you do, trying to stop it all? "

Nangong jumped, and she also wanted to know about it. She was afraid that Jun Qian Ye would do something for her!

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