"I'll be back as soon as possible! Every time you think of me!" Nangong Ning's heart tingled with a slight deliberate intention.

She also didn't want to be separated, but now the situation is that she must leave!

As long as she finds Ye Xueluo, he can cure Jun Qian Ye, and the future between her and him can be expected!

At this moment, Jun Qianye can no longer stop her.

He also knew that from the beginning, he couldn't stop her because he loved her and she loved him.

What could save him, she couldn't stop looking.

"Okay, I will always miss you!"

Now he can only promise her these.

Nangong Ning raised her jade-like cheek, put on her lips, and entangled with Jun Qianye's kiss.

This time, Mo Xuan was very acquainted and didn't bother, but waited patiently for the two to end.

I don't know how long it took, Mo Xuan felt that his neck was sore after he waited, and finally, they were not far away.

However, they still held each other together, making Mo Xuan feel extremely sinful!

But he couldn't help it.

Hmm ... there is no way.

He is helpless!

He comforted himself so silently.

"Cough." Mo Xuan'an soothed himself, then coughed a few times, and at this time the two were still drunk in love.

Nangong looked back and looked up coldly.

Mo Xuan smiled stiffly, and the light scars on his face even lightened.

He said: "Yes, if we want to go south to find medicine, we can take a special way and go out there, directly at the southernmost tip of Qingli Mountain. In this way, we can go south faster. "

What Jun Qianye wants, Nangong Ning shook his head at him.

Mo Xuan continued: "As for Wang, you can take another path and go straight back to our stronghold in Qinglishan to meet other people."

Jun Qianye frowned, and said, "This won't work!"

Mo Xuan looked at him, and asked puzzledly, "Why not?"

"A Ning must first go back to the palace with the king and meet with other people before he can leave the south!" Jun Qianye said in a mournful voice.

Mo Xuan raised his forehead a bit, and said helplessly: "Master, this is a waste of time, and there will definitely be miscellaneous Australians jumping out of bad things!"

Nangong Ning also said: "I don't see them anymore. If I see them, they will definitely dissuade me. At that time, I have to explain to them again. It is really a waste of time."

Jun Qianye looked at her helplessly and said, "But this Mo Xuanben King doesn't believe him. What if he lied to him? His lost forest is the place behind Yizong. Maybe I can see him, can ..."

"I poisoned him. He didn't dare to lie to me, and ..." Nangong Ning slowed again, and said, "I believe in Ye Xue Luo."

Mo Xuan couldn't help but said at this time: "Master, even if you go to Xiao Zong, it is useless. He doesn't know about Ye Xueluo. There is a rule in the medical sect. The Lost Forest, the one named Xiao Feibai sneaked in, but he just turned around and didn't go deep ... "

"So, is your night blood Luo deep in the forest?" Jun Qianye seized the point at once.

Mo Xuan nodded and said, "Anyway, it's not in the periphery, but it's not too far away. It's just that there should be some special things, such as matrix formations."

Jun Qianye frowned, and looked at Nangong Ning Road: "A Ning, I still want to go with you!"

Nangong listened, and with a conspicuous eyebrow, she suddenly got up from Jun Qianye's body and then stepped back.

Jun Qianye sat there and looked at her in shock.

When Mo Xuan saw it, he blurted and asked, "Prince, what have you done to Wang Ye?"

Nangong ignored him, but instead looked at Jun Qianye and said, "Sorry, I can only do this."

Mo Xuan's eyes widened. He already understood this, and Nangong Ning prescribed medicine to Jun Qian Ye.

Jun Qianye couldn't speak at this time and couldn't move. He could only watch Nangong Ning.

Nangong Ning approached, and Sakura's lips touched his lips.

"wait me back!"

Jun Qianye's eyes flashed with a strong emotion, Nangong Ning took his hand, placed it on his face, and said softly, "I understand what you want."

Jun Qianye's eyes flashed a helpless look.

Nangong Ning approached again, and gently bit his lips.

Jun Qianye closed his eyes for a while, and Nangong Ning's lips stayed on his lips for a while, then he reluctantly retreated.

Nangong Ning stared at Jun Qianye for a while, then turned his face and looked at Mo Xuan.

"Want to go?"

"You still want to stay here?" Nangong stared at him.

Mo Xuan smiled awkwardly.

"Let's go!"

Nangong nodded his head, took a deep breath, and finally glanced at Jun Qianye again, signalling Mo Xuan to lead the way.

Mo Xuan is still sulking: "This is in the formation, so there will be no poisonous insects, no snakes, no beasts. The prince is here alone, and there is no danger, so you don't have to worry about the princess.


Nangong Ning was upset.

"To shut up!"

"... Okay!" Mo Xuan nodded earnestly, stopped talking and focused on the way.

Nangong Ning had no mood at this moment, but she followed Mo Xuan with a stern look. She wanted to go back and look at Jun Qian Ye, but she was afraid to shake her decision and endure it.

After a while, Mo Xuan stopped suddenly.

Nangong Ning asked: "Why don't you leave?"

Mo Xuan pointed to the front and said, "We don't have to go down, we have to jump down."

"Jump?" Nangong Ning was startled, turned around, and found that the scenery behind him had become very strange. Looking at the front, it seemed to be a cliff.

She walked over and saw the cliff ahead.

She thought that she and Xiao Zong had jumped off the cliff under the guidance of Mo Xuan before, and looked at him with some doubts at once.

Mo Xuan knew what she was thinking, and quickly explained: "This is the power and mystery of the formation. Jumping from here, nothing will happen, but it will enter the next formation. This way, you can save a lot time."

Nangong gave him a deep look.

Mo Xuan said, "Then I jump first."

Nangong nodded his head, and Mo Xuan jumped without hesitation.

Nangong Ning stood on the edge of the cliff and looked down, but it was dark below, and she could see nothing, as before.

She thought about it, closed her eyes, and jumped.

At first, the weightlessness was very strong, but after a few seconds, Nangong Ning suddenly found that the wind sound in her ear was much weaker. When she landed on both feet, she felt that all the strength was just the level of jumping from a low wall.

She couldn't react for a while, she couldn't get enough, and she knelt forward.

He pressed his hands on the ground, just hitting a piece of grass. He was not hurt, and it was not painful.

"All right?" Mo Xuan's voice came from one side.

Nangong calmed a bit, then got up, shook her head and said, "It's okay." She turned her face and looked at Mo Xuan in amazement.

Mo Xuan froze and quickly asked, "What's wrong? You won't regret it!"

"No, I just want to know, is the magic mechanism magical?" Nangong Ning was a little shocked at the moment, and the formation was so magical that she felt that she was a little ignorant before.

Mo Xuan nodded and said: "The mechanism is really amazing. I haven't fully mastered it yet. According to the powerful people, I can move mountains and reclaim sea!"

"Moving the mountains and reclaiming the sea?" Nangong Ning heard a startled expression. Why is this so godlike?

Mo Xuan looked at her and said, "It's true! I've seen it!"

"Have you ever seen such a powerful person?" Nangong Ning asked in surprise.

Mo Xuan shook his head and said, "No, I have seen such a formation."

"Where?" Nangong narrowed his eyes.

Mo Xuan looked at her, and her eyes flashed, "It's on an island."

"Island?" Nangong raised his eyebrows and looked at him with his arms folded. "As far as I know, you came from Guzhu City, which is far from the sea."

Some time ago, she looked at many maps, and she had a general understanding of the geography of this continent.

Guzhu City is inland, far away from the sea, the rivers and rivers are not touched.

"Over the years, I have been wandering because I have been hunted down. It is normal to go to the island!" Mo Xuan explained.

Nangong Ning smiled softly and said, "It's far-fetched to listen to your explanation. What must be your secret, Mo Xuan?"

"Everyone has his own secret." Mo Xuan said with a smile.

Nangong Ning thoughtfully said, "This is a bit reasonable."

She smiled, and Mo Xuan jumped on her face, thinking she would keep asking, but she didn't want to ask.

"keep walking."

Mo Xuan responded, and no longer talked, causing suspicion, hurried forward and led the way.

The two went one after the other and walked for about an hour.

Nangong Ning walked a little tired.

Mo Xuan glanced at her and said, "You wait here, take a rest, and I'll look for something to come over."

Nangong Ning was too lazy to ask what he was going to do, but nodded his head, tired and found a stone and sat down.

After a while, Mo Xuan returned with some water and wild fruits.

"Eat first and drink." Mo Xuan delivered it.

Nangong Ning looked at it, and instantly determined that these were non-toxic, and she was really thirsty, so she took a water bottle and drank some water, and ate two more fruits.

Watching her eat, Mo Xuan said, "There is a smooth road ahead, we don't have to rely on our legs to hurry."

Nangong raised his eyebrows. Could it be that he could still find the means to travel here?

Mo Xuan did not explain, but just explained that Nangong Ning continued to sit and rest, and he left.

After a period of incense, he came back. To Nangong Ning's surprise, Mo Xuan actually rushed over a carriage. The carriage looked very worn, and at first glance, it would not be too comfortable, Fortunately, it is a carriage, and mobility is sufficient.

"Come on, you sit up, I'll catch the carriage." Mo Xuan came over, as stupid.

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