At this time Jun Qianye was scouring everywhere in the mountains and forests. He had a conjecture in his mind that he had entered a matrix formation at this time. It was precisely because of this that the Lord Xiao was behind him, but now he I can't see Xiao Zongzhu!

In order to find Nangong Ning, he also asked Mo Xuan about matrix formations. Although he is not proficient, he also knows a few things.

Soon, he determined that he was in the formation, because at this moment, there was no sound around him, not even the sound of insects that should be there at night!

According to Mo Xuan, the formation method is to use the original space and use various methods to block, or space, or even more mysterious, to isolate this space. People outside cannot enter, and people inside cannot find the way. Can't get out, sometimes it's obviously in the same position, but the two can't live or die.

Jun Qianye didn't want to go to Xiao Zong at this time, he hoped to see Nangong Ning here.

Suddenly, he heard some voices.


The sound is not loud, but in the quiet night sky, the ears are unusually clear.

Jun Qianye couldn't care less, and looked around with his voice.

Finally, he walked through a thicket, and then saw that, under the moonlight, a young woman in a plain dress was sitting by the water, and wading down and down.

The dark and simple dress of the night seemed to be plated with a silver light, and those light softly jumped on her body, and the long dark hair made her beautiful like a fairy in the forest!

Jun Qianye suddenly lowered his breathing.

He was afraid that what he saw at this time was an illusion.

Even if it was an illusion, he hoped that this scene would last longer.

"A Ning?"

He yelled, his voice soaring, lest the Manxia figure disappear before his eyes!

Nangong Ning looked back in shock.

Suddenly, she missed the boned man, rushing towards her with ecstasy.

"Master Wang--"

Suddenly, her body was completely embraced, and then she intensified, and she felt that she was about to be rubbed into her flesh by Jun Qianye.

Nangong Ning felt that Jun Qian Ye was a little over-excited, and she was really out of breath!


Jun Qianye was so emotional that he couldn't help himself, but he was shocked when he heard the cry in his arms, and quickly let go of her.

"A Ning!"

"Hmm!" Nangong Ning quickly responded, she could understand Jun Qianye's mood at this time, because she was the same as him!

Although they haven't been separated for too long, they miss each other so much!

She also wants to hug Jun Qianye like this at this moment, and never be separated!

That's it, she feels nothing short of shaking her life!

For other things, she didn't want to ignore them for the time being.

Jun Qianye hugged for a moment, bowed his head, and kissed the sakura lips that made him think day and night.

The familiar sweetness made him feel that the whole soul was about to fly when he touched it!

Nangong Ning also responded vigorously.

Mo Xuan looked at the two people who couldn't bear to kiss in the distance, didn't they feel embarrassed?

He lowered his head and looked desperately at the silver needle still on his wrist.

I don't know how long, originally wanted to wait for the two to automatically separate and end, but don't want to, the two are really endless!



Mo Xuan's face turned red.


At this moment, Nangong Ning glanced over.

Qingyan had a scarlet face, with a hint of discomfort.

Mo Xuan was a little scared, but still brazenly said, "Prince, you detoxify me first. It's almost time, I, I don't want to die yet!"

Nangong Ning snorted directly.

Jun Qianye didn't kiss her at this time, but still hugged her tightly, and still hugged her to sit on a flat stone, and hugged his princess to his lap.

Nangong Ning took out a bottle from his sleeve and threw it to Mo Xuan.

Mo Xuan took it over without asking much, and immediately drank the liquid inside.

Then I heard Nangong Ning's faint smile: "Oh, I'm really sorry, I just made a mistake. I didn't give you an antidote, but it was actually another poison. However, in this case, the silver needle can be pulled and thrown. "

Mo Xuan stared at her in astonishment.

Nangong Ningrao looked at him with interest, and said, "You and you, why are you so stupid? You hurt me so far. Do you think Benfei will let you off easily?"

"Princess, I haven't harmed you! Me, I lied to you to enter the battle, to save you!" Mo Xuan yelled aloud at the moment.

Jun Qianye said coldly at this time: "Mo Xuan, the king did not expect that you are hiding deep enough."

Mo Xuan froze.

After a pause, Mo Xuan told Jun Qianye the same remarks he and Nangong Ning had before.

However, Jun Qian Ye didn't believe it at all.

Nangong Ning laughed and said, "You have so many loopholes in your rhetoric. Do you think my grandfather will believe you? Are you a fool?"

Mo Xuan stagnates for a while, and he doesn't speak. In the end, he just worked very hard and said, "Mine is all true, anyway, I have no intention to harm the princess." Nangong Ning looks at Jun Qianye, who also looks at her.

The couple stared at each other.

Mo Xuan saw that they were about to enter into the state of ecstasy again, and quickly coughed: "Prince, princess, the most important thing for you now is not to complain about lovesickness!"

Nangong frowned, his gaze was still on his husband's face, and he hadn't seen it for many days. A face of Jun Qianye, with a touch of wind and frost, looked thinner, but she was as beautiful as ever, even she felt that Looking at his face at this moment, he felt that her husband, handsome, could make her heart beat faster.

She couldn't help but stretched out her white fingers and traced her husband's face gently.

Jun Qian Ye enjoyed her move very much.

Looked at him with a smile.

He rarely smiled, so he smiled slightly at this time, and even the evil spirit made people blush.

"Aren't we unable to leave the mystery now?"

Mo Xuan froze, and suddenly understood the meaning of Nangong Ning, he asked aggressively: "The princess intends to stay here with Wang Ye?"

"Of course this is impossible, but for the time being, we can't leave." Nangong Ning said slowly. "As for how to go out, what kind of method you think, you are responsible for it, because you originally caused all this!"

Mo Xuan's face was all green.

He is in charge?

If he had a way, he would not be here.

"I, I can't think of a way."

Nangong condensed her thin and beautiful eyebrows and said, "I can't think of me and my grandfather, so we can only be trapped here?"

In the past, she only drew water with her hands, which was actually the method that Mo Xuan thought out, because within the secret array, all the natural sounds disappeared, and some small sounds she made would be very clear, and with Jun Qian Ye Chaoqun's ear strength, Shiyou ### can lead him over.

Sure enough this method worked.

Don't she just sit in Jun Qianye's arms now!

But now it is clear that this can only be done.

Mo Xuan announced that as soon as a secret formation emerges, it will be broken and everything will be difficult to recover by then!

Mo Xuan looked sadly at Nangong Ning, begging, and said, "Prince, can you detoxify me first."

He didn't dare to move, but found that his wrist was black!

And the black is still spreading.

This is obviously also the toxin spreading.

Nangong Ning motioned for Mo Xuan to come and motioned for him to reach out.

Mo Xuan hurried over and stretched his wrists.

Nangong Ning pulled out the silver needle, pierced it again, and then, with the speed visible to the naked eye, the spread of blackness stopped.

Mo Xuan was about to be happy, and Nangong condensed, "It was only temporarily suppressed."

"The princess just doesn't believe me?" Mo Xuan faced bitterly.

Nangong Ning nodded calmly.

She thought Mo Xuan was ridiculous. How would she believe him at this time?

She felt that this Mo Xuan was also hilarious, she was obviously full of loopholes, and she looked innocent.

Is it possible to be a master of acting?

But it doesn't look very much like him, because it's stupid.

Jun Qian Ye knew what his princess was thinking, and he whispered: "His may be true."

Nangong looked at him in amazement, Jun Qianye said: "I have been with him for a few days. Although he has many suspicious places on his body, he seems to be acting sincerely. He is a weird person. It seems simple, it doesn't seem to be a premeditated plan. "

Nangong Ning feels even more incredible. What Jun Qianye meant by this is-this Mo Xuan is inexplicable?

So although he gives people a sense of inexplicability and loopholes, in fact, he has no intentions like this, because he is such a person!

Nangong Ning feels somehow!

She rolled her eyes and stared at Mo Xuan.

In Mo Xuan's eyes, there was even a slight grievance.

"Mexuan, will you lie? Have you ever lied?" Nangong Ning asked him suddenly.

Mo Xuan's eyes dodged subconsciously and whispered, "Yes, I have."

"Have you ever before me?" Nangong Ning asked him again.

Mo Xuan nodded.

Nangong was silent at the moment.

She took a breath, holding back the feeling of pumping him, and asked, "Why?"

"Hello for the princess." Mo Xuan replied in a serious and solemn manner.

Nangong Ning asked again, "Are we really unable to get out?"

"Really, I didn't lie." Mo Xuan said with certainty.

Nangong's mind suddenly sank. At this time, she really believed, but if she did not go out, she would really stay here for a lifetime, which is obviously impossible. Here is the formation method, yes, there is no food, but there is water, but without food, they will starve to death here sooner or later!

"What then?" Nangong Ning seemed to ask himself.

Mo Xuan thought for a moment and said, "There is only one way. Let's go out and let the secret array crack automatically."

Jun Qianye said at this time: "No!"

He already knew the relationship between Mystery and Nangong Ning at this time.

He does not allow Nangong to condense!

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