"Why did he murder me because I am Xiao Yu's daughter? But what does it have to do with him?" Nangong Ning asked with excitement, and even looked at Mo Xuan with expectation.

Before Yueyun An and her, the reason why she wanted to make such a plan for her was to let Feng Fengren truly recognize her.

But she couldn't fully believe that Yueyun was dark.

Therefore, Yue Yun's dark method, she can only be dubious.

Maybe Mo Xuan would tell her another answer? A closer to the truth?

Mo Xuan nodded and said, "Yes, it's because the princess you are my life-saving Enra daughter!"

"So, he and Xiao Yu are enemies?" Nangong Ning calmly, just asked in confusion.

Mo Xuan thought for a moment, and said, "Because it is because you love to hate and you cannot love, so ..."

Nangong Ning was shocked.

Yueyun secretly likes Xiao Yu, but Xiao Yu doesn't love him, so he hates it from love and revenge on her?

"Sister Xiao is a beautiful lady with great style. Many people adore her, and Yueyun secretly admires her, which is normal!" Mo Xuan said for granted.

"Really? According to what you said before, you did not accept Xiao Yu's favor when you were born. You originally wanted to repay after you grew up. You should never have seen Xiao Yu. How do you know she's beautiful Already? And also know what happened between her and Yueyun An? "Nangong Ning asked coldly.

Moon Cloud is not credible, and this Mo Xuan statement is full of loopholes.

Mo Xuan said calmly: "It's my mother's, my mother won't lie to me, and when I looked for Sister Xiao later, I also found a lot of things about her, and later met Yueyun An. It's normal to know him! "

Nangong Ning didn't want to argue with him anymore, this person's words were flawed, but he always looked very reasonable!

At last she thought about it and asked, "Do you know Feng Nudu Jie?"

Mo Xuan stunned, Nangong Ning stared at him quickly, trying to see something in his eyes and look, but failed, Mo Xuan's appearance seemed to be just because he heard these four words. Like living, other emotions are gone.

"do not know."

Nangong was a little disappointed when he condensed!

She thought for a moment, and simply said, "Yueyun's secret reason is that he is trying to help me out. He and I are the blood of a Phoenix girl."

Mo Xuan raised an eyebrow, and seemed to feel a little weird.

"He's so?"

Nangong Ning nodded strongly, his eyes locked on Mo Xuan.

Mo Xuan seemed to be distressed, and twisted his eyebrows.

Nangong Ning was a little impatient.

"You're going to help me through this level, and then what do you want to do to trap me in this secret formation?"

"This ..." Mo Xuan thought for a moment before he said, "I thought before that, without cracking the secret formation, I could drag ..."

Nangong Ning is completely speechless, this is how to help her?

"You let me go, I'm going to see the Lord!"

"No!" Mo Xuan shook his head.

Nangong bit his lip and stared at him, "Do you think you can really trap me?"

Mo Xuan froze for a moment, but he did not expect Nangong Ning to be like this. In response, some were not quite sure: "Isn't the princess able to martial art?"

"But don't you know, can I poison?" Nangong chuckled his lips coldly, sneer.

Immediately after hearing this sentence, Mo Xuan felt a bit uncomfortable. He looked down and found a fine silver needle on his wrist.

When did it stab it?

He reached out and wanted to pull.

Nangong said coolly, "You pull now, you will lose your blood and poison, and you will have no other possibility except death!"

Mo Xuan didn't dare to move at once. He raised his eyes and stared at Nangong Ning with a look of horror and resentment.

Nangong Ning gave him a direct glance.

"let me out!"

Mo Xuan twisted her eyebrows and said, "Prince, let me be honest with you. In order to arrange this battle, I used the previous secret formation, so as soon as you go out, the secret formation will be automatically cracked, and then ...

Nangong Ning's face suddenly changed!

She looked at Mo Xuan and could not wait to kick him!

As long as the mysterious array is cracked, an abnormal phenomenon is raised!

Then it's too late!

"Is there any other way?" Nangong Ning asked anxiously.

Mo Xuan shook his head.

Nangong Ning narrowed his eyes and stared at Mo Xuan, saying, "Do you have one or not?"

Mo Xuan quickly waved his hand and said, "Mine is true!"

Nangong Ning was really anxious at this time!

She has disappeared so much. I can imagine how anxious Jun Qianye is. Now he may see Xiao Zong again, but she is missing again.

At this time, it was as expected by Nangong.

Jun Qian Ye is crazy!

From early maturity, very early, he was calculated by the brother Fengdi, poisoned, framed, and even assassinated, and various tricks emerged endlessly.

So he used to show people a cold face.

Even for a time, he had the name of a grim prince.

It was just that no one dared to stand in front of him.

In addition to being cold, he was fierce.

auzw.com No, he can't hold the three-point military power left by his father in his hands firmly, nor can he make the name of Muyun Commercial Bank!

Even he has always been **** himself.

Yes, before meeting Nangong Ning, Jun Qian Ye was cold and ruthless. Nangong condensed is the only warm color and softness in his life.

Perhaps this is the destiny.

Then if it wasn't Nangong Ning who fell into Baiduyuan, but someone else, he might have killed someone clean.

However, Nangong Ning successfully let him give up the idea of ​​killing her.

Even from the beginning, he started protecting her without knowing it!

When accepting the marriage, he found a reason for himself because he couldn't refuse, but in fact, he didn't want to refuse.

He likes Nangong Ning, and he can't overdo it at first sight.

Now love Nangong Ning, it is not exaggerated to die!

Last time, Nangong Ning suddenly got angry with him to find medicine, and he was very panicked.

Panic now!

But last time he had at least one direction for her!

But this time!

He searched and couldn't find her!

Seeing that the secret formation was about to be cracked, but Mo Xuan was gone.

More importantly, he has a suspicion in his heart, and it is still a suspicion that he feels that ### is true.

As soon as this idea came up, he was crazy, but he couldn't really collapse. If he couldn't support it, who would take Nangong Ning's affairs?

"Master, Lord Xiao is here!"

Su Yuan suddenly came over and told Jun Qianye with excitement.

Jun Qian Ye was shocked!

Xiao Zong had already come in at this time, he came in and said directly: "God, go to that Mo Xuan, he took Ninger away."

"What?" Jun Qianye was startled.

Xiao Zong nodded and said, "When you wait for a specific time, people should still be in the Qingli Mountains, but they may not be in the secret formation. Wang Ye, you now dispatch all the Rao out in four directions.

Jun Qianye nodded and ordered immediately.

In the southeast and northwest, Su Xuanzhi, Su Yuan, Wei Chu, and Wei Lin took people to search for Nangong Ning.

And Jun Qianye followed the direction that Xiaozong went to before Xiaozong.

They drove lightly and soon arrived.

However, there was no one there, and they searched around and found no clue.

Xiaozong asked, "Master, is that Mo Xuan's organ skill very high?"

Jun Qian Ye nodded.

Xiao Zong said: "It seems that he has set up another layer of mystery. He is with Ninger, probably in another heavy mystery, but it may not be here, it may be in the distance."

Jun Qianye felt some remorse at this moment.

He didn't expect that Mo Xuan had a problem!

But now thinking about it, the appearance of Mo Xuan itself is also suspicious.

But before he could find Nangong Ning as soon as possible, he ignored all this!

"Call Su Xuanzhi, he knows mechanics, maybe ..." Jun Qian Ye just arrived here and suddenly saw a faint blue firework blooming in the night sky not far away.

"There is a situation over Su Xuanzhi!" Jun Qianye was startled, his voice with a rare tremor.

He could not care about Xiaozong again, but flew up and swept away in the direction that the fireworks disappeared.

Seeing this, Xiao Zong had to fly to follow.

Jun Qianye used the fastest speed, but arrived, but did not find Su Xuanzhi.

He didn't look back, just called: "Well?"

However, there was no response behind him.

Jun Qianye turned around and found that there was no Xiaozong master behind him, but Xiaozong was clearly following him.

He called me again, louder, but still didn't respond.

There are only some echoes.

Jun Qian Ye frowned.

At the same time he seemed to think of something, got up and stretched, and continued to sweep forward.

At this time Nangong Ning stared at Mo Xuan severely.

Mo Xuan looked helpless and hurriedly said: "Prince, this is really the only way. We can't leave this formation right now. If you want to see the Regent, you can only lead him in."

Nangong Ning was agitated and said, "But what about others ?!"

Mo Xuan shook his head and said, "When Qinglishan was too big, and when the array was arranged, because the situation was urgent, there was not enough time, and the conditions were not good, so I did not arrange it very carefully, but it also meant that The dharma is infinite, and it may change because of the terrain! "

Nangong Ning thought she was really convinced!

But now he still has to find Jun Qianye who has been introduced, and can only endure the anger temporarily.

"I don't care, I'll give you an hour, if I can't see my husband after an hour, you wait for the poison to die!" Nangong Ning said fiercely.

Mo Xuan flinched his neck.

The silver needle was still on his wrist, and he ... he was scared too.

But if you are afraid, you can only come step by step!

For an hour, Mo Xuan gritted his teeth and smiled helplessly, thinking: he can!

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