The gene incubation system of the giants is just a solace and will not allow Jia Junpeng to be reborn.


Everyone of the Giants should be carved out of a mold, but in fact, the Giants have all sorts of weird characters, and they have a complete social structure.

The genes of Jia Junpeng are left behind, and the painting is the descendants of Jia Junpeng's blood, not Jia Junpeng himself.

But neither Jia Junpeng nor Wang Yi delved into this issue, and acquiesced to Li Hao's proposal.

What Jia Junpeng said is correct, someone must sacrifice if you want to win.


"The King of God, leave your blood in my genes, okay?" Jia Junpeng blushed and made a request to Wang Yan.

"No problem." Wang Yi was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and nodded, "The future Jia Junpeng is the offspring of the two of us."

At this moment, Wang Yan's consciousness completely dominated the clone.


Everything is agreed.

Li Hao reluctantly returned to Earth with all the core materials of the Elmand civilization collected by Wang Yang and the genetic samples left by Jia Junpeng. God knows, he really wants to stay and witness the destruction of a civilization.

Destroying a civilization is not necessarily encountered once in billions of years!

As the **** of destiny, if he could witness the destruction of a civilization with his own eyes, how much help would it be to his cultivation!


He could not disobey Wang Yan's order.

Moreover, his strength is low, and when civilization is ruined, he almost loses his life, and the **** of destiny who is dead is not as good as the **** of destiny who is living.

At least for now, Li Hao is not ready for martyrdom.

However, when he left the Elmand civilization, Li Hao glanced back at the prosperous scene of Azeroth and made up his mind that in the future he would definitely find an opportunity to destroy a civilization with his own hands.


Wang Yang has lived in Elmand for more than 20,000 years and has already set up everything.

He found Wang Yang in the Burning Plain and stayed behind to the teleportation formation. Jia Junpeng bid farewell to Wang Yi and teleported himself into the sun.

Thanks to Elmand's highly developed civilization, Jia Junpeng does not need to find a way to go to the sun by himself.

Before parting.

Wang Yi helped Jia Junpeng restore the original appearance of Vulcan. He couldn't let Jia Junpeng walk to the end of his life with the face of a Nordic.

Wang Yi did not return to the earth. He wanted to experience the destruction of civilization after the sun exploded.

So that he can be psychologically prepared when he encounters a similar situation in the future.


There are a total of seventeen planets in the galaxy to which Elmand belongs.

Millions of years.

Elmand developed eight of them, but due to the living conditions, most of the intelligent creatures still live on the planet Elmand, and the remaining seven are mainly resource stars and are not provided by Elmand. Required resources.

Eighteen planets revolve around the star in the center.

Elmand’s scientists have already calculated detailed data on stars. The sun is more than 1.6 million times larger than Elmand’s planet, and its mass is 400,000 times that of Elmand’s planet.

The sun at the center of the galaxy has a lifespan of at least 10 billion years. On Elmand, no one is worried about the sun.

When the sun is dead, maybe they will have developed into a higher civilization and settled on other planets in the universe.

Now, the people on Elmand talk more about earth expeditions.

The news of the defeat of the gods on the front lines was suppressed.

What is reported in the media is still the good news in the earth expedition.

For example.

The alien race killed by King Fenrir was defeated.

The **** Odin led all the Protoss on an expedition to the earth, and the alien armies were retreating steadily, which opened a beautiful beginning for the planet Elmand.

The Burning Legion captured one seventh of the earth.



It is flooded with similar fake news, drawing a beautiful blueprint for people.

Most people in Elmand are looking forward to whether they will immigrate to the earth in the future.

after all.

It is not easy to find another habitable planet.

After millions of years of high development, the planet Elmand has long been overcrowded, and the planet is not enough to bear the consumption of such a huge civilization.


Walking in the kingdom of Elmand.

Wang Yi seemed to be a passer-by, calmly admiring the last prosperity before the destruction of civilization.

The seventh day after Jia Junpeng entered the sun.

Wang Yang’s farewell voice came in Wang Yi’s mind. Then, the sun, which had been hanging in the sky and revolving for hundreds of millions of years, shrank violently. Then, there was no sign of a strong eruption. The light swelled countless times at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In the city.

Both humans and orcs were stunned by the sudden changes. They stared blankly at the sun that suddenly became bigger in the sky, all with a blank face, no one knew what had happened.

After just ten minutes.

The interlaced electromagnetic signals suddenly became disordered and disappeared, and all personal terminals lost contact with the outside world.

The earth's crust shook violently and the building collapsed instantly.

Panic crowds were everywhere on the streets.

The sun is the core of everything. Now the sun is in a state of affairs. Even if there is no information and network ~ everyone knows that the end of the world is here.

The city became a mess.

Cars and airships are on the ground, flying back and forth in the air, but no one knows where to hide when the sun explodes.

This is not the same as the panic when the earth immigrated. At least people on earth still know that the gate of time can lead them to another world.

It took another ten minutes.

Countless fireballs fell from the sky and hit the surface of the planet.

The temperature suddenly rose during the week, and the thick atmosphere was completely unable to protect the surface.

Houses, trees, and everything I can see are burning up.

There are raging flames everywhere, as if the entire planet has been ignited. People with strong physiques can still support it in high temperatures.

But the weak and the weak were simply unable to resist the sudden high temperature. They struggled for just a few minutes before losing their lives, and the corpses became dry and burned.

Even more people were directly hit by the fireball and turned to ashes.

It is impossible to hide in the water.

Under the high-temperature scorching, most of the surface water is boiling. In the water, there are layers of aquatic organisms floating in the water. They have no time to escape and are directly cooked.

The water mage tried to convene the water element to cool people, but at this moment, the water element seemed to have evaporated. The ice storm they created was too weak for them to take care of, let alone cool the city.

The dark mage, who was once shouted and beaten by everyone, summoned a dark sky to block the big fireball falling from the sky.

But the dark sky can't fight Tianwei either, and he was smashed by a fireball as soon as he was summoned.

In front of natural disasters.

No matter how strong a person is, the weak is like a lamb and helpless.