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My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely!

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When the natural disasters come, the whole people travel through the wasteland world and face the challenge of death and survival!

Horrible acid rain, monstrous floods, sky-burning cities, global glaciers, super radiation…

No one is immune!

To survive, human beings can only build shelters and accept rounds of baptisms of natural disasters.

Fortunately, Somo awakened the doomsday survival system!

His refuge can be upgraded infinitely!

【Wooden Door】→【Iron Door】→【Alloy Gate】→…..

【Wooden Spear】→【Literwood Spear】→【Electromagnetic Spear】→…..

【Diesel generator】→【Bio generator】→【Thermoelectric generator】→…..

When everyone was rushing to prepare for the next disaster, Somo was already fully equipped and rampaged through the wasteland world.

“We’re still lighting the oil lamp, and they all use the refrigerator!”

“His refuge is said that the walls are tens of meters thick and it is the safest place in the world.”

“In my lifetime, I want to live in the Sushen Refuge for one day”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MPASLUI
Alternate Title:全球废土:避难所无限升级
Weekly Rank:#878
Monthly Rank:#739
All Time Rank:#839
Tags:Abusive Characters, Apocalypse, Black Belly, Cheats, Magical Technology, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Overprotective Siblings, Pets, Post-apocalyptic, Racism, Sexual Abuse, Survival, System,
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  1. the author explained before after 323 that he will post bs for the first few hours before he posts the actual story in order to do something about the pirated websites

  2. WARNING! It's mentioned by a few commenters but this story is unreadable after chapter 323+. After that the only workable version I've found is to read the Raw version with google translate from other sites. Personally I've been using 69shu.com but biqugee.com also has it. Here is a link: https://www.69shu.com/txt/36246/26020870

  3. Fuck ! The translator is not serious. Why i always see other novel story in this novel, what kind of novel are you posting ???

  4. Br bc sampe c.13 Ceritanya mirip yg "sign in: isolated island blablabla".. Btw, namanya doggy nya oleo sm ky nama kucingku..

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