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My Patients Fall in Love with Me

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Pei Lu is the number one psychotherapist in the federal government. One day, he accepted an invitation from the federal government to treat some soldiers with mental illness. But the situation seems a bit wrong, his patients… have all fell in love with him.

Patient number one: “You are mine.”

Patient number two: “If you dare to leave, I will kill you.”

Patient number N: “You’ll only be liberated once I die…”

Pei Lu: …

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Short Title:MPFILWM
Alternate Title:我的病人都爱上我
Author:Xiu Sheng
Weekly Rank:#4713
Monthly Rank:#4847
All Time Rank:#4433
Tags:Acting, Ancient China, Apocalypse, Artificial Intelligence, Artists, Betrayal, Clingy Lover, Cooking, Death of Loved Ones, Doting Love Interests, Doting Parents, Ghosts, Handsome Male Lead, Human Experimentation, Kidnappings, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Modern Day, Multiple Personalities, Organized Crime, Personality Changes, Possessive Characters, R*pe, R*pe Victim Becomes Lover, Schemes And Conspiracies, Showbiz, System Administrator, Transmigration, Wars, Wealthy Characters, World Hopping, Zombies,
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  1. Hello guys, im looking for a book. It's about transmigration in the 1st arc i think, the mc transmigrated into the villain. He was kind of in a gang and his sister is the female lead. The male lead is the boss of the sister. Since he took over the body he dyed hid hair back to black it was green, he lived with his sister and alcoholic father. The sister didn't like him since he used to take her money and then the father only cared about him. The mother died and his father is actually rich since he came from a entrepreneur family. The family has being trying to reach the father and now that the mc has changed he want to give him ehat he can to get things better. Now the love interest is the boss of the sister and the sister is trying to get with him but the Male lead just wants mc. its like a white lotus or something. Thanks in advanced🤗

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