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My Outside Expression Is Different From My Inner Expression

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Li Qingzhou, who had been sick for many years, died and was systematically bound to an old romance novel, where he became the villain.

This villain was beautiful, but had a gloomy personality and was wheelchair-bound with leg problems….

Li Qingzhou bursts into tears and rolled on the ground crying, “I won’t do it! I refuse!”

System: “Your leg will be fine as soon as you complete the mission.”

Li Qingzhou sat back up: “What mission? I’ll take it!”

The task: Find a lover for the male protagonist’s uncle Liu Bohuai to prevent him from ending up alone.

Then the system sent him into the book and left, but before leaving it threw a gold finger to Li Qingzhou, however it fell on the wrong person…..

Since then, Liu Bohuai has been able to hear the voice in Li Qingzhou’s heart and see the mood bubbles rising from the top of his head.

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Short Title:MOEDFMIE
Alternate Title:我表里不一在线翻车[穿书]
Weekly Rank:#33
Monthly Rank:#98
All Time Rank:#4810
Tags:Charismatic Protagonist, Charming Protagonist, Childish Protagonist, Disabilities, Doting Love Interests, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Special Abilities, Tragic Past, Transmigration,
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17 Comments on “My Outside Expression Is Different From My Inner Expression
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  1. Hello, saya sedang mencari sebuah novel fast wear atau world hopping, dimana salah satu arc nya di ancient time, mc berperan sebagai raja atau jendral (saya lupa) dalam cerita dia menggunakan darahnya untuk mengobati penyakit. Mc meminta menyiapkan tong besar dan menuangkan darahnya ke dalamnya, kemudian merendap orang orang yang sakut. Sekiranya jika ada yg tahu silakan balas coment saya ya👋. Terimaksih

  2. Some sentences are missing in Chapter 98. The part where our MC kissed Ah Huai and where Qi Hao accidentally fell to his knees.

  3. Hi I'm looking for a novel I really hope yall know this. So I think it's a world hopping yaoi novel I'm not so sure and I only remember the first part. The part I remember:: The Mc gets transmigated into a young boys body. The boy lives with his uncle, the uncle son, and I guess the uncle girlfriend or something. The original owner was an introverted boy who paints. uncle didn't really like the original owner of the body and would kinda ignore him. When the Mc came into the original owner body he had some kinda mission I guess and there was a part where he talked to the uncle son and we found out that the uncle gf and nanny used to abuse the son and make him think the dad was going to leave him. So stuff happens and the uncle slowly starts falling for the Mc. He kicked out both nanny and gf when he found our they abused his son and then yeah. That's all I remember. Pls pls pls help me find it I loved it so much and I still remember the plot line. If you need any more details pls let me know.

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