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My O Got Pregnant After Dressing Like a Scum

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Liang Shi penetrated into a Lily ABO text.
In the original text, the original body was a stupid and poisonous cannon fodder slag A. When the heroine Xu Qingzhu’s family business was facing bankruptcy, she tried her best to marry someone. The glands finally caused the lifelong disability of the heroine’s body.
Since then, Xu Qingzhu quickly divorced her, struggling to support the family business, and finally the phoenix was born.
The original cannon fodder was revealed that she was not Miss Alpha of the Liang family. The real heir to the Liang family was actually someone else. The original body had countless enemies. In the end, she went begging on the street and was interrupted by Xu Qingzhu’s admirers. , The glands were also dug up and fed to dogs.
Liang Shi:  …
For a while, I didn’t know who to sympathize with first.
Liang Shi, who had just crossed over, was completely stunned. The room was filled with strong Omega pheromones, and the strong smell of strawberry Baoli sweet wine made Liang Shi unable to control it.
Is Xu Qingzhu’s estrus coming?
Before she could get close, Xu Qingzhu’s voice was hoarse and looked at her with hatred and unwillingness: “Don’t come here!”
Thinking of the original body’s end, Liang Shiqiang pretended to be calm: “I’ll tell you a secret, in fact, I’m incompetent in pheromone marking, I can’t.”
Xu Qingzhu: “…?”
Liang Shi’s purpose is very clear, divorce Xu Qingzhu, take the initiative to stay away from the Liang family, pick up his old business, earnestly make money by filming, and become a well-deserved top player in the entertainment industry.
Isn’t it sweet to make money?
However, not long after, the broker asked her to meet the investor “Dad”.
In the president’s office, Liang Shi bit his head and asked, “Is President Xu thinking about divorcing me?”
Xu Qingzhu: “I have it, it’s yours.”
Liang Shi: “…?”
Looking at Xu Qingzhu’s slightly bulging belly, Liang Shi fell into contemplation.
How many scenes does it take to raise the president and the cubs?

1V1//ABO has a private setting//If you don’t like it, you can click the fork
Female A has no organs// Female O will get pregnant
Wenfeng slow heat // anti-theft 80%, 72h
Do not accept writing guidance, respect her freedom of writing, thank you.

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Short Title:MOGPADLS
Alternate Title:穿成渣A后我的O怀孕了
Author:Li Sinuo
Weekly Rank:#1185
Monthly Rank:#1011
All Time Rank:#6339
Tags:ABO, Acting, Amnesia, Beautiful Female Lead, Brainwashing, Business Management, Celebrities, Child Abuse, Cold Love Interests, Complex Family Relationships, Crime, Doting Love Interests, Doting Older Siblings, Family Business, Female Protagonist, Flashbacks, Manipulative Characters, Marriage, Mysterious Past, Omegaverse, Past Plays a Big Role, Past Trauma, Pregnancy, Previous Life Talent, Schemes And Conspiracies, Showbiz, Souls, System, Tragic Past, Transmigration, Wealthy Characters,
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18 Comments on “My O Got Pregnant After Dressing Like a Scum
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  1. Yes, the plot is amazing and the drama is pretty good too. But these types of heavy storylines ain't really my thing so I didn't enjoy it as much as the others. Yes, the title is a fckin lie, happened like 20 chapters before the end, wth man. Anyway, you guys should give it a try if you like the very deep plot and interconnected stories. Pretty good, but not for my tastes personally.

  2. its a heavy novel. every side character legit have their complete story, and there are tons of side characters (30+ characters, im not even kidding). when you think there are no more side characters- nop. more comes along with their COMPLETE stories like damn. i think there were way to many side characters in here with their stories that at a point i was thinking of dropping this novel. like- hurry up and get to the point! anyway, i think this would have been a great novel if there wasn't so much dang FILLERS like (because the plot itself is actually very good! even though there were tons of characters, they all come together neatly at the end and everything makes sense. the author must be organized as heck) the stupid fans in gossip mode, characters thinking for chapters (and each chap is super long) which can easily be explained in a paragraph. oh and by the way, the title of this novel sucks. FL doesn't even get pregnant till like chapter 159 and its not even a big deal so whats the point of this title? title should be something like "memories of the past, there and here" because this novel really brings up everyone's past. "there and here" because we bounce between two worlds, which i find quite interesting (i wont say anymore since it might be a spoiler).

  3. ps. idk why some people are saying this novel is confusing. i was not confused one bit. i can understand how ppl might be confused though- too many darn side characters lol

  4. Well after finishing it, I feel unsatisfied. What about the "Edge" they skipped it as well as the interaction between the MC and the biological family. As well as how it well the bad woman ended. After the MC recognized the biological family it just timeskipped to when they get married to their children old enough to run.

  5. Don't be fooled by the summary. This is a story that tackles past childhood abuse that the MC will uncover. Each supporting cast has its own story that ties up together. It's a great novel. Thank you for requesting this story.

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