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My Master Breaks Through Every Limit (My Master Keeps Breaking Through On The Verge Of Death)

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This novel is also known as My Master Keeps Breaking Through On The Verge Of Death

“Master, it’s the incompetence of the disciple that prevented you from breaking through before the deadline.”

“Don’t worry, your master, I can’t die.” Xu Fan said with a smile as he looked at his distraught apprentice.

“It’s the incompetence of the disciple, I couldn’t get a few more foundation pills for the master, or else…” The sect Tianjiao, who was kneeling on the ground, burst into tears, and for a while he couldn’t make a sound.

Xu Fan looked at his eldest disciple helplessly, took out a Foundation Establishment Dan and stuffed it into his mouth at will.

In an instant, five colors of divine light appeared between heaven and earth.

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Short Title:MMBTEL
Alternate Title:我的师傅每到大限才突破 / My Master Keeps Breaking Through On The Verge Of Death
Author:200 catties of pork
Weekly Rank:#363
Monthly Rank:#390
All Time Rank:#792
Tags:Adapted to Manga, Alchemy, Artifact Crafting, Artificial Intelligence, Average-looking Protagonist, Body Tempering, Cautious Protagonist, Clones, Crafting, Cultivation, Divination, Dolls/Puppets, Fantasy, Genius Protagonist, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Industrialization, Long Separations, Low-key Protagonist, Marriage, Martial Art, Mind Control, Pill Concocting, Pill Concoting, Polygamy, Rebirth, Reincarnation, Reverse R*pe, Reverse Rape, Sect Development, Souls, System, Time Skip, Transmigration, Xianxia,
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52 Comments on “My Master Breaks Through Every Limit
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  1. Mc seems lackluster compafe to mc's friend, the novel highlighted mc's friend a tad bit too much? I get that his friend has that so called aura depicts to a protagonist, but arent his friend getting too much things compare to the novel's mc. Mc's friend has all that a protag should have, treasures, luck, women/harem and a descendant. And compare our mc here while he indeed got himself a wife, he cant spend much of his time with her as every ascension his wife got taken away by a powerful existense. By the time they reunite its almost the end of the novel, then the story goes on yet no descendant son/daughter were introduce. Mc become wingman to his friend and had to take care of his good friend's harem like an enauch would, like wtf dude every interaction of mc with the powerhouse even when he surpassed them in terms of strength still seems to be slaving himself away. Mc is too fixated with formality and etiquette that the novel become a modern world novel instead of cultivation novel where seniority base on age is being implemented instead of who is more powerful to bore the title of senior.

  2. Most chaps where mc is focus on are full of miscellaneous stuff, they just describe the life of his disciples and how they become strong, their adventures, lovelife, family planning and etc,. Some chaps where they engage with the opponent and escapades when ecountering strong adversary is good, but the interaction with other races is bad being humble at the beginning is fine since mc's status is still low yet still being hamble and all when mc become strong both in status and strength seems hypocrite in my opinion, moreso when he still lower himself to others while being clearly superior to others which makes it disgusting. Mc is overly humble, overly friendly, overly kind that he gives services for free to his friends, overly zealous of his dream being a salted fish that contradict with his charater of being overly nosy and overly patient that even when being trampled and all he still got himself a smile plastered in his face. Its not even enough to describe him as JESUS in this novel, he is more like the heaven itself that non could overlay. oh the sacredness that could not be tarnish by anyone, his radiant and holy being that could not be stared at casually, his existense that surpasd all beings, his name that resounded through three thousands of daos, his character that surpasses the cognition of lowlives such as mortals and manymore b*tchy titles.

  3. Don't mind those toxic comments It's actually wholesome and it has its own manhua And Deemon900 talk about how bad this is don't pay attention to it for it is lies

  4. nasiruddinahmed97531's review is pure stupidity. The reason for monogamy is the desire to possess. His/her point of view is that (s)he wants to have multiple people in a relationship with him/her aka a harem, but what about his/her mentality about people (s)he is in a relationship having an affair with other people? The reason for polygamy is unequal power and rights in a relationship and/or society, this is also a reason why most works depict people who have a harem being richer, stonger, and more influential than their spouses. This point does not apply to most protagonists as their harems are mostly there for the sake of authors or readers being perverts and the harem members liking of the mc has no reason, other than simply being a harem member.

  5. The perv level of a work can be seen by how women are described as beautiful and how many of the women are described as such compared to their overall number and compared to the numbers of handsome males. If more than 90% of females are described as "beautiful", congratulations, the work is 100% for horny males. The opposite also works for females. Overly horny works are of poor quality, that is atleast 5% of the work is somehow related to sex or sex appeal. PS: horniness levels can also be measured by how much talk there is about sex.

  6. Of course this is the opinion of an incel who has no idea or experience about what is the love of the opposite/same sex that is not related by blood (familial).

  7. The mc has a fiance that he desperately tries to distance from himself, but when encountering "beautiful" women the mc's IQ drops to d*ck for brains level. Read chapters 50.

  8. The protagonist is a big wuss, he never expresses his dislike against actions done to/for/against him. PS: After the mc's fiance grew up to be pretty he "finally accepted" her and gave her a ring as a sign of marriage. PS2: The mc's friend has to many incidents/accidents related to sex. Read chapters 81.

  9. The mc's "going with the flow", not expressing his opinion, and allowing a random thot to enter his sect for no other reason than her being at a higher cultivation level. And the reason she wants to stay is to f*ck the mc's 4th disciple. Highly irritating. Read chapters 172.

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