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My Little Mom is the Richest

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He has a little mother known as the “stock god” and “business godmother”, who controls the world’s largest group, and both group assets and personal assets are at the top of the world.

He also has a sister-in-law who has been in the military area for training since he was young, and has repeatedly made military exploits at a young age.

He also has an aunt, a terrifying woman who is known as the “goddess” in the martial arts circles.

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Short Title:MLMIR
Alternate Title:我的小妈是首富
Author:I want a prince
Weekly Rank:#988
Monthly Rank:#3320
All Time Rank:#781
Tags:Accelerated Growth, Campus Love, Celebrities, Gamers, Gods, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Hot-blooded Protagonist, Incest, Love at First Sight, Male Protagonist, Military, Modern Day, Nationalism, Polygamy, Racism, Siblings Not Related by Blood, Strong from the Start, System, System Administrator, Threesome, Transmigration,
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64 Comments on “My Little Mom is the Richest
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  1. esta novela los primeros 560 capitulos estan bien, pero despues la trama cambia completamente, en el capitulo 800 la novela original ya no es novela es una mierda, a un asi decidi seguir leyendo y pase leyendo todo la novela despues de la mitad ya no es la novela, es otra novela, el autor quiso cambiar toda, pero toda la trama de la novela y valio vrga, la echo a perder completamente, realmente no vale la pena leerla.

  2. I don't know why you people are choosing foreign countries instead of terrorist. What I am saying is that you can your country is the greatest but there are lots of terrorist in this world so why are you using foreign countries as enemy seriously bro I hate it. I am just saying it I am not offending you or anything I loved this novel except where you used foreign countries as enemy...

  3. The answer for your question is very simple... Because this is China... They think that they are the most noble, god like existence (I know very exaggerated but true) in the world.. They think that the world revolves around them...

  4. let's be honest, every country does the same, for example, the greatest enemy of USA in comics, films or games is/was USSR or Russia, the second comes some middle east contries. So, just accept the general trend, where villains are foreign countries. In addition, nobody says praises for creating villains from your own country, like some business boss with black ways, but everyone likes to complain about aggressive foreign countries in fictional world. If u really can't accept such things, stop reading chinese novels and go to read your own. BTW, I read novels/fanfictions from different countries, like russian websites or american/European, and racism exists everywhere.

  5. This novel I found interesting up untill chapter 500ish, then the entire story became nonsense. He goes from some urban face slapping get rich story to suddenly a martial arts conference where he can quickly kill most of the people but instead watches them powerup to the point where he struggles. I gave up at the point where he starts following the whims of his family members that are just excuses to force unwanted plot points and random supernatural fights that he should win easily but the story either random debuffs his overpowered ability or makes random excuses to make the enemy strong.

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