The room where the veteran of the SHIELD was frozen and dormant was the most heavily defended place of the SHIELD. Maya Hansen had just joined the SHIELD and was obviously not eligible to enter.

Chen Mo took her and Tony to the weapon test ground on the ground floor of the base, and Howard went to the dorm room alone to wake up Dr. Abraham Erskine!

I was just awakened from hibernation. There would be a period of weakness. Rather than a group of people around, it would be better to wait for him to rest.

On the large yacht in Kirian, Maya Hanson watched Chen Mo wipe out all the equipment in the laboratory and the samples of the endangered virus.

此时 At this time in the SHIELD underground test site, Maya Hanson once again saw Chen Mo waving his hands, and the large number of experimental equipment appeared again, and in an instant, they were filled with an empty space in front of them!

Although I have seen the scene where Chen Mo disappeared from nothing several times, at this time to see these disappearing devices appear again, Maya Hansen could not help but widen her eyes!

Things are not over here!

As Chen Mo slowly raised her hands, these out-of-the-box devices also slowly floated up!

Immediately, there was a general force pushing them. These devices quickly shuttled in the air, and they quickly moved to their respective positions. They were neatly placed, and the corresponding circuits and pipelines were as if someone had operated them. Connected automatically!

In just a few minutes, a corner of the original empty weapon test field was occupied by neatly arranged various instruments and equipment, and a biological virus laboratory was built in a blink of an eye and ready to be put into operation!

I finished the lab, Chen Mo turned to look at the shocked Maya Hansen and said.

"Prepare the details of the desperate virus. We need to start from the beginning and have a complete understanding of the desperate virus!"

Maya Hanson heard Chen Mo's voice, and then she looked back from the magical scene that she just saw.

Obviously, like the ability to move instantly and retract items out of thin air, this ability to control objects to float and move things by themselves is also a strange super ability possessed by Chen Mo!

Chen Mo became more and more unpredictable in the eyes of Maya Hansen!

This superhero during World War II, the legendary commander, has so much unheard of magical power in addition to his powerful power!

Including this mysterious SHIELD created by him!

默 Chen Mo seems to contain countless secrets. Maya Hansen is almost certain that what she knows now is only a small part of Chen Mo. There must be many unknown secrets on him!

But those secrets are obviously not what she can reach, nor should she be curious!

Maya Hanson is not a woman with a strong curiosity. When she discovers a secret, she has to look into it.

The kind of person who thinks that they have discovered the secrets of others, they have to make a disregard for everything, in the eyes of Maya Hanson, it is just a brain damage!

And she thinks she is a smart person!

She knows very well that she shouldn't deliberately explore some things that she shouldn't know. It's good to be honest with her own work.

Not to mention, she can completely trust the superhero that Chen Mo has saved the world this time!

越 The more secrets Chen Mo has, the better it is for herself and the entire planet, which means that when a more powerful threat is encountered in the future, Chen Mo has a bigger hole card to save the earth and protect humanity!

So Maya Hanson didn't think about Chen Mo's secrets any more, but began to prepare the details of the desperate virus according to Chen Mo's orders.

Now she has joined SHIELD, her only job is to completely perfect the desperate virus!

Of course, Tony Stark's help is indispensable.

在 In Bern, Switzerland, the two people ’s main thoughts in the hotel room were actually in-depth communication. When she showed her research results to Tony, it was only a rough introduction, not very detailed.

This is the case with Rao. Tony Stark's hand-written formula based on what she learned also played a decisive role in her successful creation of the ultimate creature!

现在 Now, they need to completely improve the Desperate Virus, and naturally all participants need to understand all the conditions of the Desperate Virus in detail so that they can start real research.

Maya Hanson couldn't help expecting that, after fully understanding the Desperate Virus, would Tony Stark bring her even greater surprises and make a breakthrough in the study of the Desperate Virus for a long time!

Details of the Desperate Virus already existed in the laboratory computer. Maya Hanson quickly found out the information and reorganized it.

Just after Maya Hanson finished and turned to tell Chen Mo, she found out that Howard, who had left alone, was walking around with a middle-aged man in a white coat, 40-50 years old!

The commander, who had been majestic and grim in her eyes, greeted him with a happy smile!

You need to know that even in the face of Howard ’s SHIELD director, Tony Stark ’s father, Chen Mo ’s attitude is not so good, it ’s more like treating a younger brother, and Howard ’s obviously shows a touch of Chen Mo. fear.

But at this moment, Chen Mo treats this ordinary middle-aged person who has never been seen before. His attitude is really surprisingly good. After he took the initiative to go forward, he opened his arms and opened his arms ~ ~ to give each other a big hug!

The middle-aged man who looked at the researcher was also a smile with an open face, clenching Chen Mo's back with both hands, obviously also very happy.

Obviously, the relationship between the two is very good, even above Howard!

默 Chen Mo was very impressed to see Dr. Abraham Erskine again.

The last time I saw Dr. Abraham Erskine, it seemed to be a long time ago. It was the first time after he got the space shuttle ability, he came to the world of "Captain America".

Although he has traveled through many other worlds now, but the most impressive one is the first time to cross!

At the time, he and Steve joined the Scientific Strategy Reserve to receive training and assessment, and Dr. Erskine has always valued him.

First, he was promoted to become his scientific assistant and participated in the development of the serum of super soldiers. Under Dr. Erskine's unscrupulous and careful teaching, Chen Mo learned a lot of cutting-edge biological theories and helped the doctors to super together Soldier serum was developed.

Later, Dr. Erskine intentionally chose him as the first candidate to receive the serum enhancement of the super soldier, which shows that the doctor valued him.

The relationship between the two can be said to be a teacher and a friend.

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