And also created a potion that can change the world, but Dr. Abraham Erskine was not dazzled by achievements like her, but rationally saw the huge threat hidden in it, and successfully killed it. In the cradle, it also created today's SHIELD!

相比 Compared to him, Maya Hanson is ashamed of himself!

Fortunately, the wrong products of her, the evil and powerful ultimate creatures have been wiped out by Chen Mo!

Desperate virus is now in the hands of SHIELD, and it must be like the serum of a super soldier, it can play its due role and benefit humanity!

On the other side, when Howard felt he was about to suffocate, Chen Mo finally let go of his neck.

Howard stood there, breathing hard for a long time, then looked at Chen Mo with a grievance, and said resentfully.

"Do you want to strangle me?"

默 Chen Mo gave Howard a stern glance and said sharply.

"I wish I could strangle you directly!"

Howard looked at Chen Mo's angry face, took a step back in fear, looked at Chen Mo alertly, for fear he would strangle himself!

"What's in your head ?! Have you ever thought about it, what would happen if Tony wasn't what you thought and you rushed up like this? I don't think your son wants it! "

Howard realized the seriousness of the problem, and later he looked at Tony Stark, who was standing under the SHIELD badge with Maya Hanson, and then turned to look at Chen Mo, and asked aloud.

"You mean they are really nothing? But why is Tony obedient to leave Pepper and run to SHIELD?"

默 Chen Mo gave Howard a cold look and said lightly.

"Have you forgotten my sword?"

Hearing Chen Mo's mention of his long sword, Howard's mind suddenly popped up those horrible memories that had been sealed for many years. He couldn't help it, and the fear once once dominated by Chen Mo's sword came again!

However, the explanation is clear. Only the sword of the king in the hands of Chen Mo can force Tony to do what he doesn't want!

However, Howard did not want to mention the King's Sword that had brought him countless tragic memories, for fear that Chen Mo would rise in a hurry, and then took out the sword!

There was a stiff smile on her face, and Howard quickly shifted the subject and said carefully.

这么 "So, do you really want to study the desperate virus?"

Chen Mo didn't pay attention to Howard's careful thought, nodded and said.

"Tony's anxiety is because after experiencing the last incident in New York, he realized that his strength was not enough to deal with those powerful alien creatures, so he fell into anxiety, and frantically strengthened the steel suit to try to improve his strength!"

"According to the battle last night, I found that the strengthening effect of Desperate Virus is stronger than the super soldier serum! As long as it is perfected and the side effects are eliminated, Tony can have more powerful power!"

"What ?! You said that this desperate virus is stronger than the strengthening effect of the super soldier serum?"

Howard was shocked when he heard what he said. The effect of the Super Soldier serum is the best he knows. Although he and Tony and others injected mostly improved Super Soldier serum, the strengthening effect is only three times that of ordinary people, but it is enough. Crushing everyone on Earth.

The enhanced super soldier serum injected by Chen Mo and Steve can reach five times the physical quality of ordinary people, and the strength after strengthening is even more amazing. Even in the face of those powerful alien creatures, there is also a battle!

The effect of the Super Soldier's serum is strong enough in his eyes. He still remembers the shock that Steve and Chen Mo had completed after the strengthening, and the horrible fighting power they played on the battlefield!

But Chen Mo now tells him that the strengthening effect of Desperate Virus is even more powerful than the super soldier serum!

"Yes, in terms of physical fitness alone, Kirian's strength is even better than Steve!"

Chen Mo looked at shocked Howard and nodded slowly, and continued.

而且 "Also, I think there is still a lot of potential for Desperate Virus to be tapped, and it may even make people reach a level where they can compete with Thor!"

Howard now, Howard was completely dead!

Thor Thor!

The protoss who came to earth, the legend exists, but also the most powerful and powerful man ever appeared on the earth!

At present, only Chen Mo can barely defeat him with his superb fighting skills, two magical weapons, Zhenjin Shield and King's Sword!

If the Desperate Virus can really make people have the strength comparable to Thor's Thor, then it is really amazing, the super soldier serum is really incomparable to it!

If it can be achieved in the end, the entire power level of the earth will change drastically, completely reversing the weak situation that has always faced alien creatures!

At that time, whether it is the evil **** Loki, Thor, or other alien races more powerful than the Zetaris, humans on earth will be fearless!

He glanced at Howard, completely stunned by his words, and Chen Mo said immediately.

"Give us a laboratory capable of resisting strong explosions. When the desperate virus fusion fails, the experimental body will explode, generating a high temperature of up to three thousand degrees!"

Howard heard that he had recovered from the shock, and did not care about Tony and Maya Hanson, and nodded in agreement.

"No problem, there is a weapon test ground on the ground floor of the base, there is a separate explosion-proof room, you can test there ~ ~ Chen Mo nodded, watching Howard continued to add.

"Also, I need a doctor to join in!"

Howard heard the words for a moment, but quickly reacted, watching Chen Mo asking.

"You mean wake Dr. Erskine?"

Chen Chen nodded.

"Yes, he is the top biologist, he created and perfected the super soldier serum. I believe he can help a lot!"

Howard nodded and said.


Originally, in accordance with the rules they initially set, except for leaving one person to manage the SHIELD, everyone else was frozen and dormant, and replaced every ten years.

Now Howard's term, everyone else should be dormant.

However, with the return of Chen Mo, Steve and Carter awakened and ran to take care of their baby daughter. Now Dr. Erskine will be awakened to carry out the research on the desperate virus. In this way, only Colonel Phillips remains Alone is frozen!

I do n’t know if this guy knows that they are all awake, but he wo n’t be angry if he does n’t play with him!

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