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My Hero Academia: My Personality is the World

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Traversing into the world of “My Hero Academia”, the awakened personality is actually a stand-in [World].

In the face of the invitation from All Might, Wu An said: “I have no interest in heroes, I just pursue power, and I have nothing to do with women.”

Facing the provocation from ALL.FOR.ONE, Wu An opened his arms and summoned his stand-in.

“THE. WORLD! Time! Stop!”…

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MHAMPW
Alternate Title:英雄学院:我的个性是世界
Author:goodbye ex
Weekly Rank:#2539
Monthly Rank:#2200
All Time Rank:#6295
Tags:Discrimination, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Heroes, Male Protagonist, Narcissistic Protagonist, Nationalism, Racism, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sex Slaves, Sexual Abuse, Slave Harem,
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32 Comments on “My Hero Academia: My Personality is the World
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  1. novela con waifus de mente de onahole,y un mc que mas parece un maton abusador, que disfraza sus actividades de "justicia",y un excesivo racismo y no hay pais mejor que china.

  2. Actually if u gonna do the fanfic its better to use the mha as the base power abt "quirks" but since quirk is a weak power distinction u can add something like world invasion or dungeons and such u know the immortal stuff but modern and make it that quirks and ppl improve or upgrade and such. "Like how i can't cultivate so i rased soul pets" used duo dalu as a base but made the story a beast taming. I wish to see such a fanfic

  3. fanfiction.net, or ao3 it depends what ur lookin for tho. fanfiction.net is where I normally go tho ao3 isn't too bad either

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