Officer Huang lowered his head.

"Ye Ju, I think we were able to choose this career because we had a sense of justice in our hearts. Now you tell me that we don't need a righteous person like us? Then what is the meaning of our existence?"

"Xiao Huang, I don't deny what you said, but you have to divide the situation. I think you have always been a smart person. Why do you have to be stubborn this time? Do you want to be like Officer Jiang?" Ye Ju's The tone was cold. He was warning Officer Huang that if he was so obsessed with the case of Zeng Qingfa, then he would not plan to protect Officer Huang.

"Maybe our beliefs in this profession are different. I don't want to discuss the ending of these things with you, but what I want to tell you now is that there is something wrong with this case. Wei Jiang is not a suspect at all." Officer Huang was very determined. Said.

Ye Ju slapped the table fiercely.

"Huang Qing! You don't understand me, do you? I have told you so bluntly, why are you still so persistent? I could hide the matter for you tonight, and wait until we arrest Wei Jiang. After coming back, as long as you do what we say, then I won't embarrass you. This incident will have never happened, but with your current attitude, I can only report this incident to the superior. "

"Thank you for the kindness of the owner. These are not what I need. What I need is fairness to Wei Jiangdu. He is not a murderer. He is forced to do everything behind the scenes."

"Okay, Huang Qing, you ignore the discipline and let the suspected murderer go privately. I suspect that you and Wei Jiang are colluding. Choose your own choice. Should I send someone to the interrogation room or do you go in by yourself? "Listen to a kind of words, since Officer Huang is so confused, he can only classify both Officer Huang and Wei Qiang as accomplices, and both of them will be punished together.

Officer Huang smiled coldly, he took off his hat and placed it in front of Ye Ju.

"If it is wrong to maintain justice, I don’t have to wear this hat. Maybe I remember when I just came to the election, you said to me that as a policeman, you must always have justice in your heart. I think this sentence You forget about it yourself." After Officer Huang finished speaking, he strode out of Ye Ju's office, and he went directly to the interrogation room.

Two minutes later, a colleague of Officer Huang came to the interrogation room. He was very upset when he saw Officer Huang sitting in the interrogation room.

"Team Huang, I believe you." The colleague sat down and said that he didn't handcuff the roof in accordance with the procedure. He thought that Officer Huang was right this time.

But whether the superiors have any interests involved, will blindly desire and will be all this is his little policeman does not know.

After Officer Huang was arrested as a suspect, the police officers in the bureau were shocked. Everyone agreed that Officer Huang was innocent. Even after everyone went to work on the second day after discussion, all the police officers ran to the office of Bureau Ye. Appeal for the grievances of Officer Huang.

Everyone in Heye Bureau emphasized that Officer Huang could not be an accomplice of Jiangdu at all. I hope that Bureau Ye can find out the truth and don't make it difficult for Officer Huang.

But Ye Ju scolded everyone excitedly.

It hurts when he mentions Officer Huang now. If it weren't because of Officer Huang, he wouldn't cause any trouble.

Officer Huang gave him the feeling that he was obedient to discipline and was someone who could listen to him.

If it hadn't been for someone to inform the news last night, he would have arrived the first time, and he would not have known that Officer Huang and Officer Jiang were actually friends.

It was quite a night, and after all the police officers who had come to intercede were driven away, his phone rang, and there was a very low male voice on the phone.

"Ye Ju, I heard that Wei Jiang has escaped." Zeng Qingfa's voice on the other side of the phone was very cold.

"Yes, Mr. Zeng, your news is well-informed, but you can rest assured that I have dispatched police to arrest Wei Jiangdu with all my strength."

"If I guessed correctly, this matter has something to do with Xu Fan." When Zeng Qingfa mentioned the word Xu Fan, he hated the roots of his teeth. If he could, he would like to tear Xu Fan on the spot. Broken.

"Oh, yeah, but the people that night protected Xu Fan, and the escape for Jiangdu is really not about Xu Fan's business. I have no evidence to arrest Xu Fan as well, so I can only let him go. "There was a hint of regret in Ye's tone, but in fact he didn't dare to provoke Xu Fan, after all, Chu Tianqi's majesty was there.

He is a very sleek person. He doesn't want to offend him anywhere, so he feels that it would be harmless to let Xu Fan go. After all, Zeng Qing found out that he meant not to really put Xu Fan to death, but to let Xu Fan die. Fan feels painful.

Zeng Qingfa snorted coldly on the other end of the phone.

"It's okay to let him go, if he is convicted, then I still have nowhere to torture him, and it's too cheap for him. Then I hope Ye Ju can catch Wei Jiang back as soon as possible. If he really can't get back. Then let him never come back." Zeng Qingfa said very cruelly in his last sentence. He was telling Ye Ju that if he could, he could directly kill Wei Jiangdu, anyway, his purpose was to make Xu Fan feel sad.

"Okay, I see. Don't worry, Mr. Zeng."

"Oh, by the way, what about the police officer who helped Xu Fan? I hope Ye Ju can take care of him.",,

"Don't worry, Mr. Zeng, this police officer handled it very well. He has no background, and he did violate the discipline this time, which has constituted a violation of the law. I will punish him in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law."

"Then I won't bother you, Ye Ju." Zeng Qingfang hung up after finishing talking.

Ye Ju took a deep sigh of relief. He liked Huang Qing very much, but now it was in his interests and he had to obey Zeng Qingfa's.

As soon as he picked up the phone to deal with Huang Qing's affairs, an unfamiliar number called.

Ye Ju frowned. He didn't know the number, so he hesitated and answered it.

"Hello, Ye Ju." The other party was the voice of a middle-aged man.

"May I ask you are?"

"Introduce myself, my name is Huang Yongtao." Ye Ju was taken aback when the other party replied. He didn't seem to know the person named Huang Yongtao, but he felt very familiar.

As he was thinking, his eyes suddenly caught a few books on law on his bookshelf.

The author's name above is impressively written with Huang Yongtao in big characters.

Ye Ju trembled all over, this Huang Yongtao has a lot of background! ! My headset can connect to the latest chapters in the future. Address: headset can connect to the future. Read the full text address: headset can connect to the future. txt download address: headset can connect to future mobile phones. Reading: order to facilitate the next reading, you can click "Favorites" below to record this (Chapter 545: Sense of Justice) reading record, and you can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "My Headphone Can Connect to the Future", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.), Thank you for your support! (