In just a moment, Xu Fan used mind reading to read Wei Jiangdu's true thoughts.

Just after he and Officer Huang left, a person posing as a police officer suddenly entered the interrogation room and threatened Wei Jiangdu.

The man said that Wei Jiang must do things according to his requirements, and as long as Wei Jiang does not do anything according to their requirements, Wei Jiangdu's family will be harmed.

Then the man took Wei Jiangdu out of the police station, took Wei Jiangdu directly to the bar, and ordered him to shoot the famous DJ tonight.

Wei Jiang didn't know why he did this, and he didn't know if the DJ was innocent, but he knew that if he didn't do this, his innocent family would be harmed, so he had to do this.

As for why he shot Xu Fan, because this is also one of the tasks.

Of course, the shot Wei Jiang just didn't aim at Xu Fan deliberately. If because of his limited marksmanship, even if he didn't aim, the gun shot straight towards Xu Fan.

If it weren't for Xu Fan who had those skills, I'm afraid Wei Jiangdu would have killed him at this moment.

Wei Jiangdu’s original plan was that he would shoot Xu Fan. Even if he missed the shot, the other party would not complain about him anymore. After all, he did fire the shot. Then he would commit suicide directly, so as not to threaten him and him again. Family.

Although he knew that Wei Jiang had troubles, Xu Fan still felt extremely cold and greedy when he shot himself.

It was not the time to be hypocritical, Xu Fan made a clear distinction, even if he felt sad, he still had to settle the matter right now.

He must take Wei Jiangdu back to the Demon City Public Security Bureau, otherwise Wei Jiangdu will be accused of fugitives.

"Brother Xu, let me go. I don't have the face to face you. I shot you just now. I'm sorry."

"Let you go? Where do you go? You want to commit suicide, right? Do you think it's all right to end your life? Do you know how vicious he is, even if you die now, your family will not be spared, so All you can do now is trust me and I can protect your family." Xu Fan said to Wei Jiang angrily.

This was the first time he and Wei Jiang had made such a big fire, and Wei Jiang was also shocked by Xu Fan's aura.

"Brother Xu, can you really protect my family? I think he is really terrible. I really don't know what to do."

"Do you know? When he sent someone to threaten me just now, it was not only a verbal threat, but he also brought my daughter's shoes, which were kept in my daughter's kindergarten all the year round." Wei Jiang said with lingering fear. In other words, Zeng Qingfa’s people did target his daughter and stole her shoes and brought them to Wei Jiangdu. If Wei Jiang didn’t do what they wanted, then Wei Jiangdu’s daughter might be personally threatened. .

This is why Wei Jiang would succumb to Zeng Qingfa, and why he would shoot at Xu Fan.

"Brother Wei, we have known each other for a long time. Why do you distrust me so much? Actually, after you were arrested, I have already contacted and protected your family. They are now in a very safe place. I originally thought I told you about this tonight." Xu Fan did not lie to Wei Jiangdu. He had already instructed Jiang Pengcheng to move all Wei Jiangdu's family to a safe place in the afternoon.

No one knows where it is, and no one breaks in because it is heavily guarded.

After Wei Jiang heard Xu Fan's words, the whole person was stupid. He didn't expect Xu Fan to think so comprehensively and protect all his family before he was threatened.

This is why the leaders of the bureau madly threatened Wei Jiangdu, even if he was afraid that Wei Jiang knew that his family was protected, and he was not so afraid, so they were eager to convict Wei Jiangdu and let him confess.

After that, we can get rid of him as soon as possible.

"Brother Wei, stop making trouble, and quickly return to the police station. I will find a way to rescue you. You are innocent in this matter. I can't let Zeng Qingfa wrong you." Xu Fan finished speaking and gradually relaxed. After driving Wei Jiangdu, who was captured on the ground, he believed that Wei Jiang was a gentle person and could not make any resistance. Moreover, his actions tonight were because he had to obey Zeng Qingfa's orders, so Xu Fan took his worries into consideration. After the settlement, it is impossible for Wei Jiang to do anything hurtful.

Hearing Xu Fan protecting his family in this way, Wei Jiang trusted Xu Fan a little more. He did not resist Xu Fan, but obediently planned to follow Xu Fan back to the police station to surrender.

Now all the customers in the ballroom have been evacuated. There is only a group of security guards with weapons standing there and watching Wei Jiangdu carefully. Once Wei Jiang takes any action, they will immediately rush to subdue Wei Jiangdu.

Under the attention of the security guards, Xu Fan took Wei Jiangdu out of the night bar.

However, when he first arrived at the door, Xu Fan noticed the anomaly. There were many customers in the night bar standing outside the door, all of them looked very flustered and yelled outside.

And the police officers who should have come in to increase Xu Fan to arrest Wei Jiangdu are busy outside at the moment.

"Crap." Xu Fan murmured. He let go of Wei Jiang and rushed into the chaotic crowd.

"A homicide occurred in the night bar, resulting in 15 deaths, 36 injuries, and the death of a police officer.

This news was seen by Xu Fan this morning. He thought it was over, but because of the hunt for Wei Jiangdu, he completely forgot about this news. Now this news is happening as usual, but the scene is different. The night bar has become the entrance of the night bar.

Four of them swung their swords at the innocent crowd.

Although the police officers were all at the scene, the other side was standing in the crowd, and the crowd fled around, which caused great difficulty in the arrest.

Xu Fan pulled away from the crowd and wanted to rush in, but there were too many people who had no choice but to escape. Several of them almost knocked him down. He couldn't go directly to the murderer, who was moving quickly.

Just when he felt upset, he saw a figure!

Officer Huang took the lead and rushed in!

"It's not good." Xu Fan knew what would happen next. Officer Huang would be stabbed to death by these four people directly, so he had no other choice but to turn on the time pause function, and then walked quickly to Officer Huang. Of course, there is still a certain distance from Officer Huang.

The reason for keeping a distance is that he doesn't want Officer Huang to think his appearance is abrupt. My headset can connect to the latest chapters in the future. Address: headset can connect to the future. Read the full text address: headset can connect to the future. txt download address: headset can connect to future mobile phones. Reading: the convenience of reading next time, you can click "Favorites" below to record the reading record of this time (Chapter 543: Unnoticed riots), and you can read it next time when you open the bookshelf To! If you like "My Headphone Can Connect to the Future", please recommend this book to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.), Thank you for your support! (