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All the rich people in City B know how much Ruan ZhiYin likes Qin Jue. She had blindly followed behind Qin Jue for many years and watched as he matured from a youthful boy to a young man. Eventually, she had finally waited until a grand wedding was planned for them.

The Qin and Ruan families were to be connected by marriage. On the day of the wedding, the groom Qin Jue went missing. Ruan ZhiYin knew that Qin Jue had rushed to City C for his ex-girlfriend who had tried to commit suicide. The guests had completely filled the seats and she, who had been looking forward to this wedding for years, finally completely gave up on Qin Jue.

She was not willing to let the Ruan family become a laughingstock, so she gritted her teeth and dialed the number of her arch-enemy: “Cheng YueLin, come and marry me right now. We will divorce in one year and I will give you the BeiCheng project.”

On the other side, Cheng YueLin stood in front of a floor covered in cigarette butts and held his phone as he raised a brow: “Young miss Ruan’s groom ran away? Okay. Just wait. This Lord will come marry you.

The next day, young master Qin and his good friend returned to B City. The assistant who had come to pick them up looked a bit hesitant.

Good Friend: “Could it be that Ruan ZhiYin wants to terminate the marriage contract?”

Assistant: “No, that is not it. But…”

Qin Jue: “But what?”

Assistant: “Miss Ruan has switched to a new husband.”

Qin Jue: “?”

— Cheng YueLin who had returned home with a beauty: I’ve already received the certificate. You don’t need to call me. Thanks.

After the wedding.

Ruan ZhiYin realised: No matter what I do, I cannot leave this marriage.

Cheng YueLin was secretly overjoyed: This is a pie that I never would have thought would fall down from the heavens.

Qin Jue who was full of regrets: This is a wife that I can never get back even after she is cremated.

“You dare to run away from the wedding. I dare to change the groom.”

“Even after cremation, you will never be able to get this wife back.”

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Short Title:MGRA
Alternate Title:我的新郎逃婚了
Weekly Rank:#40
Monthly Rank:#192
All Time Rank:#4359
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Devoted Love Interests, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, First Love, Glasses-wearing Love Interests, Hard-Working Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Love Triangles, Persistent Love Interests, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Slow Romance, Wealthy Characters,
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  1. uhhhh another glass wearing ML 😞😞😞. Anyway, this story suit my taste and after waiting for 2 days of updates, finally they posted one. thank you MTLN, I hope you will upload more Modern, Drama, romance stories but not Yuri or historical and fantasy. thank you

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