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My Girlfriend is Long Aotian

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According to legend, the most powerful man in the world is named Long Aotian, I always thought he was a man

In fact, she is a beauty! Long Aotian is just a pseudonym when she disguised herself as a man

She can make people feel unclear with a cold smile!

She can make people fall down and worship when she shakes her body!

She can fly mountains and rivers with a single flick!

She can break through the sky with a single finger!

She is invincible in the world, she is unparalleled in the world!

By the way, she is my girlfriend and listens to me everything!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MGLA
Alternate Title:我的女友是龙傲天
Author:Endless changes
Weekly Rank:#3443
Monthly Rank:#2721
All Time Rank:#5186
Tags:Adapted to Manhua, Aliens, Comedic Undertone, Cultivation, Early Romance, Elves, Harem, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Parody, Rape, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, Sexual Cultivation Technique, Superpowers, Sword And Magic, Unlucky Protagonist,
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  1. Udah bos👍 Tapi aku cuman baca 14 chapter terus ganti lain🤣 Ceritanya lumayan lah 🤔 Menurutku komedinya lumayan terutama bagian suruh motong itunya biar punya kekuatan😂🤣

  2. Yeah it's like the title is for one girl only but then it's harem wtf title it so that it's visible that it's an harem and the synopsis too just one girl and all but the genre has harem why do they have to make it so dumb

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