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Reborn as a tiger, in despair, built a home, a wife, two tiger cubs, but this wife seems to be something wrong, isn’t it the reincarnation of the great god? But it doesn’t matter, she can’t beat me.

“You can’t beat me, you have to listen to me!”


- Description from Unknown


Short Title:MFTW
Alternate Title:我的母老虎
Author:Stellar Rain
Weekly Rank:#269
Monthly Rank:#42
All Time Rank:#1687
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Childcare, Cold Love Interests, Cultivation, Cute Children, Doting Love Interests, Doting Parents, Early Romance, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Kingdom Building, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Politics, Power Couple, Rape, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, Reincarnated as a Monster, Tsundere,
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48 Comments on “My Fierce Tigress Wife
  1. By the time I'm writing this, I've read up to chapter 234 so I'll tell my impression and clarify things other readers are disatisfied about. First, the case of raping his wife. It's been heavily clarified that in his previous life, he was an orphan and was starving for familial love. To be a fully qualified family man, he focused all his energy to achieve some success in his career that when he finally achieved some success, he's already a thirty something old virgin. And just when he decided to start a family, he died. The next life, at the start of the story, he's already become a 10 years old wild tiger. The average life span of a wild tiger is 8-10 years. Even with mc's strength,he only has a few more years to live. As the only intelligent tiger, he depended on the familial bonds of his tiger family to keep himself together when loneliness consumed him a few years after his mother tigress died. He's even showing sucidal thoughts. That's when he met the beautiful and intelligent tigress. The two lives worth of desires all poured out at that moment and he did the deed forcefully. And lets not forget that as a tiger, he's already thinking with the jungle mindset. He tries to make amends for it all the time in later chapters. As for deciving her, honestly, I think most boyfriends and husbands who have the ablity to do it also do it too. Second, about nationalism. Honestly, this is a cultivation novel,if you don't give China some quirks, who are you going to give it to. This is just a cliche. As for other countries? Author just put the bad stereotypes he knows for the story. Actually, what china did to japan there is also a show of bad chinese stereotype. From what I've read, mc(or author) thinks all of humanity is the same. All selfish and greedy, including china. The reason mc gets along with chinese government is only because of the geographical reason and china's mysterious backer ancestors. Mc's still vigilant towards China as he knows they'll show their fangs to him too if the situation allows it. Also, in the last few chapters mc thought about China like this," I know how they think the best. For them, as long as they have ability,as long as there's profit, they'll do anything. For their motto is 'everything I want is mine. Only what I don't want is yours'. ". And then, author is gone for a month now. Honestly, I'm wondering if the chinese government took him to reeducation camp. Anyways, author is not as racist as many of readers are thinking.

  2. This is the shitty thing about China you cannot express your thoughts freely. Lets be honest all Urban novel MC should have China always at an arms length. If anyone of their country has great power they are most likely to threaten and manipulate them to grow their own power. These Urban novel MCs are basically of low class and poor families. The country did not help them shit even there is no helping law present there, it is only when MC gains system or power he gains strength to stand in the upper circle of society, somehow the MC forgets the hellish shit he and his family had to go through before and loves his country like it helped him since he was born. Authors usually are outspoken in politics criticize their governments in some way, but Chinese authors do not do that at all. It is always Chinese government is great and nothing is wrong with the country. The upper class has all the power in the novels but the MC instead of changing the status quo for the country does jack shit but instead turns his power and unfounded nationalism to other countries who have it as shitty. Specially this hate to USA, like Chinese authors think USA is great but forget that the US low class or middle class is in debt. Humanity in general is shit and government everywhere is corrupt and shit, Chinese authors forget or are forced to say everyone else is shit but China is great.

  3. Lol, look at RI (Reverend Insanity). It's a prime example of what happens when you want express a different opinion. I still hope that one day maybe they can unban it (which is aproximently 0%). 🤧🤧🤧

  4. Guys if you guys don’t mind all the racism and stuff, it actually an great novel worth reading.... even I thought it an good novel...I’m an really picky reader....

  5. I'm used to the racism so i didnt mind so much but what bothered me was the sexism in forcing his wife to be a housewife and not letting her be fierce and 2 the fact he started "cheating" on her, also all the manipulative bs was annoying as hell

  6. Reasons why im rating this 2 stars -2 Blatant racism pandering to the government/audience, i hope its for the government cause if its the readers that enjoy that racism it sheds such a bad light on them. Russia portrayed as aggressive and greedy, korea weak and stupid tries to give tiger king women and eventually surrenders to him, and japan, sigh, during war where the world is at risk the chinese nuke the japanese emperor and talk about how good it felt and some things need to be repaid. China is the only smart country and the only one to have an amicable relationship with the mc. Yes i know its written to please a chinese audience and not us but if this is what pleases a bunch of readers it just really makes it hard to not think of the entire country poorly, this shit made me question myself so much cause im judging the morals of all the chinese based off this i thought i was being racist and its unreasonable to make that kinda judgement just like i think its unreasonable for them to nuke a bunch of innocent japs along with the emperor. What ever fuck it no longer thinking about that i am not this books intended audience but the race nonsense is too much so minus 2 stars -1 we never get to see the tigress fight or be fierce really. Shes meant to be some awesome tiger from some awesome clan with the best bloodline second only to the king i want to see her take the stage and be fierce and awesome at least once not just home taking care of the kids

  7. Oh and if mc wasnt a tiger he would just be a manipulative rapist racist..... but hes a tiger to hes a racist tiger..... manipulative racist tiger..... never thought i could put those 3 words together

  8. You're reading a chinese novel what do you expect? Have you ever watched American special agent movies? They portray America is great by Killing the bad guys from other countries. Its nationalism. Its natural for a movie to promote it. Its also natural for a novel to promote nationalism in its own country. Although I can't say if the racism is true cause I'm only at ch 85. Although I don't think its fair to base your ratings on that alone. By that regard every movie that promotes nationalism gets less stars because it promotes racism. Its not. Its nationalism.

  9. He's a tiger btw. From the tiger race. And the government is from the human race. Only white people are the people I know of that judge people by their race. Yes you are being racist by judging the morals of all Chinese people based on this alone. You said he's manipulative right? I don't think its that bad of a trait. He's a tiger for fucks sake. He could be killed for his claws fur teeth and everything if he wasn't strong. He's also against a country that has like a billion people in population. He needs to be manipulative to survive. He doesn't trust the government. We as readers know that the government meant no harm but he doesn't know that.

  10. I meant he manipulates his wife.... pretty sure i mentioned he only has a relationship with china but its not that which bugs me, theres a bit after chapter 200 author says and i quote “instinctively rejects” all other races. Like I understand the hate for japan somewhat but what has africa or israel done to china? Isnt that just a nazi mindset but asian?

  11. Besides its a personal review so i judging personally the racism is strong enough for me to remove 2 stars. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, i think my review is reasonable

  12. Dude, keep on reading. In later chapter he mention that he doesn't give a shit about white or black people because he was a chinese in last life. If that not racist, I don't know what is.

  13. I don't know what you read, but the only manipulation that happens is concerning Di Baijun, has nothing to do with China. Especially when he continues said manipulation after they got together and said he wouldn't need to keep manipulating her.

  14. When you get to chapter 209 tell me if you still think its not racist, and like you said i agree i cant judge everyone based on these novels but in the same vein they shouldnt judge every japanese person etc right?

  15. @ all, just chill...(2_2)....since its chinese novel they will have it like racism/nationalism and that nonsense of altering black and white to show it just a little sense making.....just ignore it ... i skip all that you can also do that if there is any discomfort reading that..after all here its free reading so dont get hot tempered on it man...(+._.+)

  16. Based on your comment I asumme there is some five thousand years of history nazy superiority bs so imma pass on this one thx

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