With this day-to-day suffering, coupled with a wind and cold, I can't eat the food, but it will completely collapse.

Although Jin Lan knows these things, it is impossible for him to accept them.

He grabbed Ouyang's official uniform: "Ouyang, you must cure her for me!"

"My grandfather, I understand your feelings, but you still let me go first." Ouyang was a little helpless, "I am a doctor, don't I try my best to treat my patients? Why don't you stay with your wife and comfort her more. We A doctor can heal the body but not the heart."

Jin Lan knew that he was right.

Hong Luan is a year of fatigue and pain, which has caused her body to be empty.

Coupled with the restoration of memory, it leads to mental aggravation and decreased diet.

Can this body get better?

With a heavy heart, when Jin Lan came to Hongluan, she still tried to squeeze a smile on her face.

However, looking at the thin and pale Hong Luan, Jin Lan still felt sad.

"Did Doctor Ouyang go back?" She asked softly.

"Go back." Jin Lan sat down on the bed and took her cool hand. "Ouyang said, you don't matter, but I don't know how to take care of it, and I don't want to eat it. How can I get better soon? Man, go and prepare some bird's nest porridge."

Jin Lan took the bird’s nest porridge and fed it to Hongluan.

Hongluan barely took two bites, then stopped.

Jin Lan coaxed softly: "Take another bite."

Hong Luan shook his head: "I really can't eat it anymore."

"You only ate half a bowl of porridge this day. How should it be better?" Jin Lan was a little anxious. "You can eat more, okay?"

Hong Luan was also sad when he saw him like this: "I always feel that my heart is blocked, and everything I eat is choking here..."

She raised her finger to her heart, "Uncomfortable."

Jin Lan sighed, "It's all because of your serious thoughts, but if you want to get it a little bit, the disease will heal early, and it won't be so bad. You don't look at yourself, you have to look at Cai Cai, look at me. If you have any shortcomings, tell us what to do."

Hong Luan smiled and said, "Cai Cai is the mother of several children. You have your own servants to serve you. In the future, if I leave, you can still marry again."

"I won't want anyone anymore."

"This mansion is so big that it can't be taken care of by no one."

"You take good care of your body and get well. Let's live and die together. I can't control the future."

"Don't say such a thing, my body understands it myself."

"What do you understand? Don't you understand better than the doctor?" Jin Lan brought the bird's nest porridge to her mouth, "Eat more and eat more to get better."

Hongluan had no choice but to open her mouth.

However, after the third mouthful of porridge, she couldn't bear it and vomited it out.

Even with the food I ate before, I vomited it out together.

Jin Lan stared at her in a daze, put down the bowl, and smiled reluctantly: "Don't eat if you don't want to eat, drink some water, and sleep. Maybe you will have an appetite when you wake up."

Before Hong Luan could speak, he hurriedly walked outside, and his eyes were red uncontrollably.

Hongluan's body is getting worse every day.

But the spirit is always good.

When Cai Cai came back to see her, she only felt that she had lost a lot of weight, but there was nothing unusual about the rest.

A few months passed, until the root of the year, although Hongluan's disease has never recovered, it has not become more serious.

Slowly, you can also eat half a bowl of rice.

Jin Lan was very happy, thinking about getting through this winter, and when the weather warms up, Hong Luan's disease will be cured.