He was a child, but he held the child in one hand and the sword in the other, he killed dozens of monks, and then put the child in blood to entrust the child to others.

Just imagine this scene, Hong Luan shuddered.

Jin Lan said, "I didn't know that Artai could be so calm and decisive at a young age."

"Niang Niang once said that Artest's eyes are like a lone wolf."

"That's what happened after he came back from the exile." Jin Lan smiled. "Perhaps he was born to be a general on the battlefield."

Hong Luan was very guilty.

She was supposed to take care of her younger brother as the older sister, but the younger brother has been forbearing and taking care of her.

And this man in front of him.

This man who has been in love with her since she was young, has been searching for her for three years, and has not dared to tell the truth when he has found him, and has tried his best to marry her.

She had been separated from him for so many years because of a bit of jealousy and resolute separation.

Hong Luan's heart was filled with regret, pain, sadness and touching emotions.

In the end, these emotions turned into tears, drop by drop on the back of Jin Lan's hand.

She thought she was an unfortunate person who experienced great changes in her family when she was young. But in fact, she was so lucky.

She met Jin Lan and Niangniang.

These people always love her and take care of her.

What's not satisfied.

Jin Lan patted her back and whispered: "Cry out if you want to cry."

Hongluan sat up, hugged him, and wept bitterly.


This night, Jin Lan stayed here.

The lost memory made Hongluan regain all the love he had for Jin Lan back then.

She is no longer indifferent to him, no longer deliberately keeping her distance.

She wants to use the remaining time to make up for the lack of these years.

However, her body began to deteriorate rapidly.

At first it was just a wind chill in the autumn, but it has been lingering for more than a month without seeing any better.

Many doctors have been invited, and I don’t know how many medicines I have drunk, but it is always good and bad.

Seeing that she was gradually losing weight, Jin Lan was anxious and distressed, pulling Ouyang not to let him go, so he must give an explanation.

Ouyang was also helpless.

He has used all the methods that should be used.

The medicine was taken, and acupuncture was also used.

But these things like birth, old age, sickness and death, where he can be completely controlled by a doctor.

"Madam's body also suffered too much loss when she was young. Now that she is getting older, once it is lost to maintenance, it...cannot be restored."

Jin Lan was anxious: "What do you mean by this? It's just a mere wind chill!"

Ouyang smiled bitterly: "It's just a wind chill? The master knows how many people die of typhoid fever every year? Not to mention the wind chill, it's just a small wound that can kill a person."

"That's someone else. With you, Ouyang, can't it be cured?"

"My Lord, this is not only due to the wind and cold, but also related to the lady herself. As I said, the lady suffered a lot when she was young, and she suffered a lot of injuries, and her body was already very weak. Food, I am a god, and I can’t do anything about it."

Jin Lan was a little confused.

He knew Hongluan's situation better than anyone else.

When she was young, she had been seriously injured several times, and if it weren't for the guardian of the queen mother, she would have been dead.

These years living alone, people have to be strong, even if they are ill, they have to go to the embroidery shop, do needlework, and teach students.

Since she recovered her memory, although she looked nothing on the surface, she was still sad.

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