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My Darling Is Pampered and Wild

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[Leng Yan female president vs hidden boss disguised as a little milk dog~]

In the previous life, Lu Qingqiao, a legend in the business world, was plotted and died in disrepute, and hundreds of millions of properties were robbed.

After she came back from the rebirth, she made a sick and pitiful boyfriend: made a break with the scumbag fiancé, and kicked out the wolf’s ambitious cousin’s family…

Everyone thought that she was blown away by her little boyfriend, waiting for her to wake up and abandon her little boyfriend, but what she waited for was a handful of dog food.

Until one day, someone said that he was nothing but a face and was not worthy to stand with Lu Qingqiao. He sneered, and he decided not to pretend to be good today!

In the big family in the capital, there is no first family Qin family that does not know the rich heritage, but I heard that the current family of the Qin family is weak and sickly, with a surly and tyrannical personality, and a sturdy appearance…

Now, the mysterious head of the family, who was recovering from illness, finally returned to Beijing. When everyone was looking forward to the Qin family banquet, they saw a familiar handsome man smiling surly: “Everyone, we meet again.”

Under the shock and fear of everyone, they said tremblingly: The rumors are really unbelievable!

The male protagonist Qin Xun:

Everyone thinks that Qin Xun is for Lu Qingqiao’s family property, only he knows that he is from a candy, a bunch of roses, a firework… a little bit of heartbeat.

When he met Lu Qingqiao, he was willing to sink.

The heroine Lu Qingqiao:

When I first met Mr. Qin, I thought it was a “little milk dog”, but it turned out to be a small milk dog during the day and a big bad wolf at night, Mr. Qin, you really are “on the outside (smelly) (no), not (want), one (face)” “!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MDPW
Alternate Title:恣爷的心尖宠又飒又野
Author:forest eleven
Weekly Rank:#5119
Monthly Rank:#2444
All Time Rank:#2673
Tags:Female Protagonist,
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  1. Very recommend, mc is alpha woman in this era too all man become tool or slave simp to woman and gonna like to become cuck too, and his male pride no have anymore, right now or in future all woman become leader and the man change time by time become fmnm and wman bcome bit masculn

  2. just after being, reborn she should have already cut ties and schemed to put the bitches to death, she is true power holder and it should have been easy for her. but first few chapters she is just silent. ml character is young feminine boy going to school and fl is the cold and dominant like a man. ml looks more like a gigolo than a ml.

  3. Why novels that he thought might be good to read are always on going, makes me curious. I hope the author is always updated.

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