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Yi Qiaoqiao boldly confessed.

Ou Yanyan is about to vomit. This easy and clever thing is too brazen. No matter how good Lu Fan is, he is also a married person. Does she take her genuine Mrs. Lu as air?

"You worship me. That's your business. It has nothing to do with me. I'm married and have no plans to divorce. I will have only one wife in my life." Lu Fan said coldly.

Ou Yanyan's heart jumped, what was he ... talking about?

Only her wife in her life?

"So, you better give me a break. If you provoke any moth to our husband and wife, even Master Yi can't protect you, that's all, let's go first."

Lu Fan left Ou Yanyan's hand.


As she walked out of the office door, Ou Yanyan heard a "wow" crying from inside, sad and desperate, Yi Qiaoqiao was crying, and Master Yi was in a hurry. He was not interested in her parents at all. .

She followed the man. The man held her little hand tightly and did not let go. She stared at the back of his head, where the hair was trimmed fresh and clean, and somehow revealed the sharpness of the soldiers.

Ou Yanyan feels sweet in her heart, isn't it that he is the same soldier as the soldier? He is just right, without any crooked thoughts, which makes people feel at ease.

Ou Yanyan quietly raised her lips.

The two returned to the room, and Ou Yanyan quickly withdrew her little hand. She ran into the kitchen with her head down, "I'll cook for you."

Lu Fan looked at her exquisite back, the tough features were very soft.

Ou Yanyan was in trouble in the kitchen. She looked at the bullwhip in the basin. Thinking of Mrs. Hai, she could hardly look directly at the bullwhip. She would n’t make it. She could n’t cook it. Bloody, she dared not start.

She's thinking about how to deal with this bullwhip. It can't be wasted in the army, or given to Mrs. Hai?

But if it was given to Mrs. Hai, it is estimated that Mrs. Hai would have to laugh at her again. She really couldn't stop Mrs. Hai's gossip and ridicule.

"what are you thinking about?"

At this moment, a low voice suddenly sounded in her ear, and Ou Yanyan was startled. She turned and looked at the man in a panic, but banged and hit the man's arms directly.

He was close to her. Two people ran into her as soon as she turned around. She was petite and he was so tall that she seemed to be directly in his arms.

"I'm sorry ..." She stepped back a little in a panic, but then there was the kitchen counter at the back, and she was about to run into it.

"Be careful!" A healthy arm stretched out to clasp her waist and pulled her into his arms.

The two were still attached together, Ou Yanyan raised her small head and looked at his handsome face in panic. The small face flushed, "I, I, I ..."

Lu Fan looked at her improper look, and raised her eyebrows unhappyly, "Stutter?"

Ou Yanyan, ...

Then she realized that she was abnormal. Why did she make herself into this messy look and see how stable he was? She moistened her red lips immediately, "Why are you standing silently? Behind me, scared me! "

"I don't think you have the guts, otherwise how dare you lose Yi Qiaoqiao's pebbles." Lu Fan narrowed his eyes.

Speaking of this topic, Ou Yanyan immediately raised Liu Yemei, "Do you feel bad?"

Lu Fan said nothing.

Ou Yanyan felt uncomfortable again. "People confessed to you boldly just now. Why don't you accept her? You refused her like a stubborn woman. I see her crying very sad."

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