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It's all because of this woman, it's so comfortable to hold her to sleep, and they all said that the heroic grave of gentle hometown, he is no exception.

"Okay, don't hesitate." Lu Fan said impatiently, then went into the bathroom to wash.

Who the **** is this man?

Ou Yanyan was too angry, but couldn't get angry, she had to get up and opened the door of the room.

The sun was bright outside, especially the rainy and sunny weather was full of the smell of new flowers and grass, she stretched a comfortable waist, and then went out.

"Mrs. Lu, have you got up?" At this moment, the neighbor Mrs. Hai came over.

"Well, yes, Mrs. Hai, early." Ou Yanyan greeted her.

Mrs. Hai came over with a smile on her face, she glanced into the room quietly, and then said to Ou Yanyan ambiguous, "Why, Chief Lu hasn't woke up yet?"

"Well ... just woke up, he was washing." Ou Yanyan smiled awkwardly.

"Understandably, you newlyweds will inevitably oversleep."

Ou Yanyan was shocked and explained immediately, "No, it's because he has a fever ..."

Before the words were over, grapes came over with a basket. "Sister, I'll give you some order. Today the chef in the team went out to buy, and we asked him to bring something to the boss."

"What?" Ou Yanyan gave a curious look.

"This, bullwhip." Grape took out a bunch of **** things.

Ou Yanyan immediately took a few steps back, scared, "You put it in quickly, you put the basket in the kitchen, and wait until I have time ... Burn again."

Actually, she doesn't cook, she just has egg fried rice.

"Oh, bitch." Grapes put the basket in.

"How does that guy like to eat ... what bullwhip, it looks so disgusting." Ou Yanyan muttered to herself.

Mrs. Hai stepped forward quickly, she whispered, "Mrs. Lu, do you know what a bullwhip is?"

"I don't know, is it ... a kind of meat?" Ou Yanyan looked at Mrs. Hai ignorantly.

"Well," Mrs. Hai hid her mouth and laughed. "Mrs. Lu, you are so simple, you don't even know what a bullwhip is. I tell you, a bullwhip is a bull ..."

Mrs. Hai said something to Ou Yanyan's ear.

Ou Yanyan's exquisite little face burst into red instantly. She looked at Mrs. Hai in shock and panic, and her gaze was-what are you talking about?

Mrs. Hai felt more and more cute, "Mrs. Lu, do you know what the bullwhip makes up for?"

Ou Yanyan shook her head.

"It's a strong man."

Ou Yanyan, ...

"Mrs. Lu, Chief Lu got up so late today, it must have been spread in the army. You must know that before Chief Lu did not marry you, it was just a model worker, 365 days a year regardless of wind and rain. I haven't slept for a day, but since you have, Chief Lu has made an exception. The following people are watching. No, everyone has bought a bullwhip to supplement Chief Lu's body. "

Ou Yanyan, ...

"Mrs. Lu, let me tell you, now you and Chief Lu are a newly married Yaner, honey in the oil, you might as well have a child now, young people are playful now, think about a couple of years I want to have children again, but at that time women are all thirty and old, it is better to give birth now, to have a good recovery, and to enjoy it in the future. "

Ou Yanyan is neither walking nor walking. The less red her face is, the more red she feels. She has no room for self-confidence. She never thought about these things.