Zhen Deqiang and others explored randomly in the Aofeng realm, and they came across Boom Mountain Black Wood, which was just pure coincidence.

"You are Bakuyama Kuroki!"

Zhen Deqiang directly broke the identity of Bakushan Heimu.

"How did you recognize me?"

Bakushan Kuroki looked at Zhen Deqiang and the others. He used the forgetfulness of his divinity and covered his body with a mosaic. He expected that others would not be able to see his face clearly.

Fanfeng knight said: "Apart from you, who has mosaics on them!"

The Fire Sword Saint pointed to the side and said, "Isn't there a little one?"

The person referred to by Ignition Sword Saint is the offspring conceived by Bakushan Kuroki with the "pregnancy of divinity", who inherited his oblivious divinity, and is still just a kid.

"My father." The little kid seemed a little unhappy. "These guys are from the Dragon Slayer Empire, aren't they? We have already taken the task of crusade against the Dragon Empire. Shall we kill some of them first?"

After that, the little guy clenched his fists, looking like he was ready to fight.

"Father? Bakushan Kuroki, you are still bringing your baby in endless world!"

"A boy or a girl, come on, uncle!"

"Punch us, why are we punishing us? We are all good people!"

Zhen Deqiang and the others were surprised when they heard the little kid calling Bakushan Blackwood.

Boshan Kuroki hurriedly stood in front of his first offspring and said loudly, "Everyone, what do you want to do?"

Zhen De forcefully said: "I don't want to do anything, just come over to say hello, I can't think of meeting the fourth master on the authority list in this Aofeng realm!"

Zhen Deqiang squeezed his fist. He was wondering if he could defeat Bakushan Blackwood now.

He is now ranked 49th on the authoritative combat power list, which is a very scumbag. Because of his participation in card games, his level has dropped, but now his level has returned, and he has gained a lot of benefits from card games. , Coupled with the influence of Han Qiang's civilization and perseverance and metaphysical rituals, Zhen Deqiang felt that he might not be qualified to fight this explosive mountain black wood.

Of course, although Zhen Deqiang has the intention to make gestures with Boshan Blackwood, but that is limited to in the arena, blocking the road PK forcibly competing, that is something that can only be done with a single knife.

Fanfeng knight also opened his mouth and said: "We met for the first time, one of the four kings of the Dragon Slaying Empire, Fanfeng knight!"

"I am the Sword Saint of the Fire, the city lord of the Dragon Slaying Empire!"

"My dear Zhen Dejun!"

Lu Youxian and the rise of darkness did not speak.

But Bakushan Kuroki is a bit rough, except for Zhen Deqiang who is familiar with him and knows that he is a player in the second Dragon Slaying Classic.

At this time, the half of the zombies rescued by Bakushan Kuroki were quite panicked, and hurriedly shouted: "Quick porridge, don't race here to fight the silkworms. Maruichi Lei Ha strong brought the pan, and he was going to eat it. ."

He shouted so loudly that everyone was bewildered.

"Ye Normal, what are you talking about? I don't understand at all!" Baoshan Kuromu frowned and said.

"What's the matter with this half-person?"

"What is he talking about? Is this guy an alien?"

"Can you speak human words?"

Zhen Deqiang and the others were also confused. Lu Youxian rubbed his chin and said, "He seems to be saying, hurry up, don't pester them here, if Li Hanqiang brings troops over, you will suffer a big loss!"

"Really, this can be translated?"

"I thought it was a foreign language!"

"I know, he is the Lord of Time, Ye Common, this was cleaned up by the president."

"Hanpan, of course he is Ye Common, didn't Baoshan Heimu just said his name?"

"The authoritative standing second place on the ranking list, the presence of 9999 Jun, he alone can play 9999 Zhen Dejun!"

"Nonsense, who can beat me 9,999? The authoritative battle list is a garbage list, and the rankings are all in a random order..."

Boshan Kuroki also figured out what Ye General meant at this moment. At this moment, it seemed that he should indeed run away.

After all, he had already accepted the crusade mission of the Chaos Temple, and he had a hostile relationship with all the Dragon Slaying Empire. There were six people on the opposite side, and he was alone and brought a child. There must be a lot of inconvenience in fighting.

Looking at Ye General's appearance at the moment, he estimated that he had no combat effectiveness.

The more I wanted to explode the mountain, the more guilty he was, and without saying anything, he made a running gesture to the little mosaic guy behind him, and he ran wildly with Ye Common's feet on his back.

"What are you running?"

"There must be a ghost in my heart, catch up!"

"Chase chase chase……"

Fanfeng knights and Ignition Sword Saints like to make noises the most. After shouting a few slogans, they took the lead in chasing Bakushan Blackwood, chasing them while throwing the flag.

The few of them were a bit boring at first, so they chased Booming Blackwood in the snow.

This place is not far from Li Hanqiang's newly established Aofeng sub-base. Boom Mountain Blackwood panicked and ran to the Aofeng sub-base. Soon he saw a large number of adventurers and towering city walls.

The periphery of the Aofeng sub-base is now quite lively. With this sub-base, Li Hanqiang occupied a ten-mile area around the Aofeng's boundary, and a safe area was created around the sub-base. There was no invasion by wild monsters, and no cold wind and snow.

Boshan Blackwood didn't know at this time that this was a sub-base established by Lingxiao City in the Snow Mountain World. He thought it was a wild city that already existed in Aofeng's realm. He didn't think too much, and ran towards the city gate.

However, the city gate is closed and will not be opened for outsiders at all.

Those expedition players who gathered outside the city gate saw Boshan Blackwood whose bodies were covered by mosaics rushed wildly, but they were attracted and made many comments.

"what's the situation?"

"It's Bakushan Kuroki who is ranked fourth in the authoritative combat power list!"

"Look, everyone, UU reading www.uukanshu.com Bakushan Kuroki is still carrying a half man! Who is that?"

"I recognized it. That was the time lord Ye Common, who was cut in the waist? Who is so strong?"

"Then you need to ask, it must be the people chasing them behind, all of them belong to the Dragon Slayer Empire!"

"The fourth place in the dignified authoritative combat power list was actually chased and beaten by someone, pitiful, pitiful!"

"The people of the Dragon Slaying Empire are really amazing!"

"I really want to know what happened? What will happen to the authority list!"

"Stop and fight, what are you running!"

"come on! Come on……"

Hearing the voices of these players, Bakushan Kuroki felt a little uncomfortable on his face, and suddenly stopped and stopped running.

"Why run? Why don't you just follow the six guys at the front! I'm still imagining them?"

Baoshan Kuroki thought of this and put Ye General on the ground.

Ye General's expression was stiff, and said: "Flashing the black demon, what is the slave doing wrong, the medicine box won't open!"

"Ye ordinary, you still don't want to talk, I am uncomfortable!"

Bakushan Kuroki squinted his eyes, let his "eldest son" stand aside, then looked back at Zhen Deqiang and others, and said: "Everyone, you are chasing after you all the way, just want to fight with me! I Bakushan Kuroki is never afraid to fight, but can we fight fair one-on-one? I can allow you to fight on wheels! If I lose, this thing will be given to you."

While talking, Boshan Kuroki opened the storage space and took out a golden scroll.

"This is a blueprint for the construction of Tianditang. Li Hanqiang should be able to use it. As long as you can beat me, I will give you this blueprint!"

Bakuyama Kuroki regained his image as a master, looking like he was waiting for someone to challenge him.

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