Title: The big guys are all my cats [wear book]

Author: White Night unknown


Wen Xinchuan became the female partner of the female protagonist in an entertainment industry blessing koi book.

The female protagonist relies on the koi lineage in the entertainment circle to go smoothly. The female partner has no blood but no good luck as the sister, and gradually becomes jealous of the female protagonist and becomes a vicious female second setting.

However, as a reader from the perspective of God, Wen Xin knows that the female partner is not without good luck, but her good luck lies in her cat. The female partner raised five cats. The five cats seem to be ordinary, but in fact they were all crossed by big men from all walks of life——

Gangster 1: Heir to the richest family, in control of the lifeline of the global economy

Gangster 2: The goddess of entertainment, film and television songs

Gangster 3: F1 top racer, world champion

Gangster 4: 14-year-old mathematics genius was robbed by top prestigious schools

Big Brother 5: The top traffic little meat that bursts red overnight, fans can connect around the earth

As long as she raises these five bosses well, waiting for her life is to lie down and win! But Wen Xin in the book didn’t know anything about it. She, who only wanted to be popular, sterilized Big Brother No. 1 and disliked Big Brother No. 2 to eat too much and threw the newborn No. 4 into the trash. ...

Later, the big guys regained their true identity and pulled the reunion, Wen Xin went bankrupt overnight, and became the black body of the entire network.

After wearing the book, Wen Xin said that although she supports neutering cats, it does not mean that she wants to lose her reputation in the future! So Wen Xin decided to save herself, first of all, from the cancellation of the sterilization operation for the boss...


After dressing as a cat, Qi Zheng, the son of the richest man who had to bear the burden of humiliation, thought he would lose his love, and stay away from his man's dignity in this life, but when he opened his eyes again, he found that his sterilization operation had been cancelled.

The vicious woman also smiled and said to him: "Cub, after careful consideration, Ma Ma decided to keep your pussy, and in the future, be obedient and strive to have a kitten~"

Qi Zheng:...

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Brief review of works: vip pushes the medal

Wen Xinchuan became a vicious female partner with the same name and surname in an entertainment koi novel. The female partner raised five cats, and each of the five cats was crossed by industry leaders. The female partner was ruined because she was jealous of the original heroine and offended the cat. In order to change her destiny, she became a conscientious shoveling officer after hearing her heart. She cooks and shovels the feces for the big cats every day and is recognized by the cats. Finally, with the help of the cat bosses, Wen Xin's entertainment industry began to flourish, from a little-known 18-line actress to a well-known actress.

The style of this article is humorous and humorous, and the language is concise and clear. Through the warm and daily description of the heroine and five cats, readers can not help but gain a heartwarming touch. At the same time, the emotional lines of the male and female protagonists in this essay range from tit-for-tat to attachment to each other. The supporting role cats also have bright personalities and a beautiful ending. It is a work worth reading. c


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