This is not the first time Qi Zheng mentioned marriage to her.

But last time, there was a bit of sincerity in the joke, but this time, it was 100% true.

In Wen Xin's previous cognition, getting married after a few months of falling in love is completely a fantasy. But today, for some reason, looking at Qi Zheng's seriousness, somewhere deep in his heart collapsed.

She pretended to be relaxed, and asked mischievously: "But getting married so early, aren't you afraid that I'm just plotting your money?"

Qi Zheng smiled and said, "I'm not afraid, I believe you."

Wen Xin defended herself: "Who said that, I'm telling you I'm the kind of cute money, the kind who loves money like life."

Qi Zheng stretched out his hand and pulled her face gently: "That's better, I will be the richest person in the world, so you will definitely not fall in love with others."

Wen Xin: "...There is still this kind of operation?"

Qi Zheng said: "How about it, think about it? Since you love money like life, then I will give you half of the shares in my name as a bride price."

Wen Xin was speechless: "I was kidding, you really gave it!"

Qi Zheng is a shareholder of the Qi family. Even one percent is an astronomical figure for ordinary people.

Give half of it to her, she can't even think about it, he dare to say.

Qi Zheng said again: "Actually, it doesn't matter if I give you all of it, but I'm afraid you won't want me after you take my shares, so I will keep half of it and keep you."

Wen Xin shook her head like a rattle: "No, no, I was joking just now, I don't want your money."

"Then what do you want?"

"I want……"

Wen Xin blinked her beautiful and smart eyes, and suddenly, with a tick at the corner of her mouth, she stretched out her right hand.

Qi Zheng: "?"

"Qi Zheng—" Wen Xin's expression was not very good: "Don't tell me, you are not even preparing for a diamond ring when you propose?"

Qi Zheng: "..."

I really forgot.


He came out in a hurry this time, and his main task was to arrest Qi Yang.

Proposing to Wen Xin was actually a temporary intention.

It wasn't until Wen Xin mentioned the word diamond ring that he thought that the romantic marriage proposal scene on TV is indispensable for that shiny diamond ring.

Qi Zheng is an activist.

Knowing that it would be useless to apologize at this moment, he took Wen Xin's handcart and immediately took her to the jewelry store in Z City to pick a diamond ring.

Wen Xin said, how can a girl choose a diamond ring for marriage? Not willing to go.

No way, Qi Zheng dragged the person to his residence in Z City, and even coaxed him to fall asleep. Seeing that it was one hour away from the waking time limit, Qi Zheng called Tang Rui from the balcony.

After half an hour, someone rang the doorbell.

Qi Zheng went out and took in the things he ordered.

The big bed in the bedroom, smelling my heart and sleeping soundly.

She is really tired, listen carefully and there is a slight snoring.

Qi Zheng sat beside her and listened for a while, only to find that the sound was more pleasing to the ear than any elegant tune. If he could, he really didn't want to wake her up, so he let her sleep so peacefully in his arms until the next day.

But after all, the time limit still exists, and he will soon become a cat.

Although the appearance of a cat can also accompany Wen Xin, it is different from the human shape after all.

So when it was about ten minutes away, Qi Zheng gently squeezed Wen Xin's nose and said, "Little pig, it's time to get up."

"What? Pig? Where is the pig?"

Wen Xin slept in a daze and sat upright.

Qi Zheng couldn't help but kissed her: "It's in the room, the one who is still sleeping."

Wen Xin woke up, because she had just woke up, her cheeks were still flushed: "You are! Men are all big pigs' hoofs!"

Qi Zheng didn't fight with her either, he reached out and took over the things he had prepared.

Wen Xin was taken aback: "What is this?"

Qi Zheng said: "Open it and take a look, you'll know."

Wen Xin hesitated for half a second. She thought Qi Zheng would use this gap to buy a diamond ring, but the box in front of her was so big, it obviously didn't look like a place to put the diamond ring.

That would be...


Wen Xin opened the box and almost missed her eyes.

It is indeed a diamond ring, and it is still very flashy.

However, there are seven!

"Do you want me to gather seven and summon Shenlong?" Wen Xin was stunned.

"Is it not good?"

Qi Zheng picked one out of the box and put it on Wen Xin's ring finger, "There are seven days a week, and you can change a style belt every day for seven days."

Wen Xin: "..."

This is indeed a straight man, ah no, the logic of the local tyrant.

Qi Zheng raised her hand, and the dazzling diamond glowed dazzlingly under the light.

He turned his face and looked at her without speaking.

Just when Wen Xin thought he really didn't know what to say, he took Wen Xin's whole person up and put them on the sofa in the living room.

Then he knelt on one knee: "Marry me, okay?"

At that moment, Wen Xin heard herself say: "Okay."


One month later.

The shooting of the desert scene was finally completed.

There were also some scenes in the studio. Gu Xia said that he would wait until next month to officially start filming. So including Wen Xin, everyone on the crew got a precious two week holiday.

As soon as the holiday was off, Wen Xin immediately flew back to city n.

She really didn't think her villa was so good before, and now she can't wait to stay in the villa 24 hours a day.

There are air conditioning, heating, and cats.

What bike do you want!

However, it wasn't until I heard my heart that I got home.

The youngest Leopard cat is gone. Huokang said the other day that he was going to take him away. Wen Xin knew that he was actually going to participate in the World Racing World. The fourth cutie also slipped away. Wen Xin received news that he was busy with something Major scientific research projects have achieved breakthrough results and require full attention to overcome.

Even the fifth little milk tea is not there.

In fact, it is not difficult to understand, after all, she has been away for more than a month.

The house is empty, and the cats have their own careers, so naturally they can't help but want to go out.

Except for the less ambitious sister, there is also the black cat who has not fully recovered. There are no other cats beside Wen Xin. Wen Xin sits in an empty home with a very lonely expression.

However, this lonely mood did not last long.

Soon, the agent He Li arrived in the dust. He Li didn't stay in Z City for too long. He came back earlier than Wen Xin, and concentrated on handling other affairs of Wen Xin.

She was so energetic that she smiled when she saw Wen Xin: "Xinxin, there is a celebration banquet tonight, shall we prepare?"

Wen Xin was stunned: "What kind of celebration?" Why didn't she remember what she could celebrate.

He Li smiled and said: "You may not have paid attention to "Abandoned Concubine" when filming. Now it is called "Harem Scheming" and the ratings have exploded. Director Xu Tianhe specifically said that you must be invited to the scene."

Only then did Wen Xin realize that the first scene she filmed after wearing the book had already been broadcast.

Originally, the crew suffered a lot of negative attacks because of Fu Lingxuan's.

However, Xu Tianhe and the creators put together and deleted all Fu Lingxuan's scenes, and made a big wave of public relations to turn the tide.

On the contrary, the negative public opinion ignited the drama in advance.

After careful editing, "Harem Scheming" became popular as soon as it was broadcast, and both Taiwan and the Internet became popular.

In Wenxin's retreat and filming for more than a month, it has become the most popular TV series on the entire network.

And Wen Xin, as the second female number in the play, has a bright personality that dares to love and hate, and it makes the national audience firmly remember her.

The most important thing is that Wen Xin's bad acting skills were completely removed.

In the latest "My Favorite Actress" poll, Wen Xin ranked first with high votes, and even the goddess Chu Xi was suppressed by her.

Everyone is looking forward to the harem concubine's reintegration, but it is a pity that Wen Xin has not been there.

This time she finally came back, just in time for the celebration banquet. He Li said that she didn't want to miss anything, and she had to let her celebrities show up gracefully.

Wen Xin is of course also very happy.

Immediately let the styling team start arranging the red carpet styling tonight, and make sure that the beauty appears in front of the public.

When doing hair, He Li took the opportunity to bring a few more notebooks:

"Xinxin, here are a few good movie books handed over recently. The team is strong and the lineup is also very luxurious. If you finish filming "2030" next month, you may consider choosing one to join the group."

Who knows, Wen Xin, who has always been serious and responsible for his work, shook his head: "Next, I want to vacate the schedule for the time being."

He Li was surprised: "Do you have any personal matters to deal with?"

Wen Xin smiled stupidly: "Yes, I am getting married."

He Li: "..."

Makeup artist: "..."

assistant Manager:"……"

What they just heard, what Wen Xin said, did Wen Xin say that she is getting married!

After a long while, Wen Xin reacted: "Ah, this news has not been announced yet, so please don't spread it out."

Everyone: "..."

Soon, within the entertainment industry, a secret gossip began to spread quickly.

The beginning of everyone is: "I tell you a secret, don't tell anyone, absolutely fidelity, the popular Xiaohua Wenxin is about to marry her boyfriend!"

The magical power of the Internet.

In just one afternoon, the news spread throughout the entertainment industry.


I heard this outrageous rumor.

The various parties reacted differently.

First of all, the fans of Wenxin, they immediately started to go through the rumor dispelling program.

What the hell! Our sister is very ambitious!

How can it be possible to get married at a prime age? It must be fake news.

The CP fans of Wen Xin and Qi Zheng are nervous: Xin Xin is married? with who? Isn't it wrong with Mr. Qi? Right, right?

Mr. Qi, don't you like official announcements the most? Come out and say something quickly.

Then there were a few friends in Wenxin’s circle, everyone started to eat melons in the WeChat group:

Wen Xin is getting married? Any of you received the invitation?

Well, no one received it, then when I didn't ask, everyone seemed to be the same, Wen Xin's little girl had a tight mouth.

The Qi family is also panic.

After all, anyone with eyes could see the relationship between Wen Xin and Qi Zheng last time at the grandfather's birthday banquet. Now that Wen Xin is rumored to get married, isn't it because Qi Zheng is also getting married.

Qi Zheng was originally the heir appointed by the father, but now that he gets married early, he will definitely be more favored by the father.

At that time, the Qi family's rights center will undoubtedly undergo a great change...

After all, there is no official announcement, and everyone can only guess.

Some bold people even asked Qi Zheng, but Qi Zheng didn't reply a word.

Just when everyone thought that the relationship between the two might have changed.

At night, "Harem Scheming" celebrates the red carpet.

Wen Xin was wearing a slim red dress, noble and elegant, with a high-profile and flamboyant diamond ring on the ring finger of her right hand, and beside her, Qi Zheng took her arm and walked slowly into the sight of everyone.

The two chose to use the action official announcement.

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