"what did you say?"

Qi Yang opened his eyes wide.

He couldn't believe that he had gone wrong at this critical juncture.

But there was another voice in his heart that told him: Qi Zheng was right...With Qi Zheng's character, if he hadn't been completely sure, how could he...


A shock came.

The woman next to Qi Yang had already untied the sack first, revealing half of the face of the woman in the sack.

Although half of her face was tightly covered by tape, you can look carefully, and the exposed eyebrows, although indeed somewhat similar to Wen Xin, are not Wen Xin at all.

Qi Zheng was right, he tied the wrong person!

"How, how..." Qi Yang couldn't believe what he saw before his eyes.

Without Wen Xin, the most important bargaining chip, even if the hostages in his hand can still count for the police, will it be effective for Qi Zheng?

Qi Yang's back was sweating cold.

The brain, which has always been calm, is also in a panic at the moment.

At the critical moment, the woman next to him said: "Qi Yang, don't care if you smell your heart, we have hostages in our hands and rushed over!"

Qi Yang was pulled back to the real world by the woman's cry.

He also calmed down: "You are right. In front of the police, Qi Zheng did not dare to act lightly..."


Before the words fell, a bullet passed through the car glass and shot straight in.

The bullet didn't hit Qi Yang, but it hit the woman in front of Qi Yang.

There was even a smile on the woman's face. In the next second, a large amount of blood poured out from the back of the shot head, and her body fell straight down.


Bang bang--

There are two more sounds.

Qi Yang has yet to wake up from the huge blow of the woman's death.

The second and third bullets followed.

Since the car window glass had been shattered by the first bullet and there were no obstacles, the last two were centered between Qi Yang's eyebrows.


The two suspects were successfully hit by snipers.

The policemen in ambush all jumped out to clean up the mess.

Qi Zheng also walked out of the second floor of the checkpoint and bowed deeply to the female special police officer who replaced Wen Xin in the car: "Thank you, Officer Zhang."

Zhang Rui was completely unbound at this moment. She rubbed her sore wrist and said bravely, "Thank you, this is what I should do."

"Anyway, thank you police officers this time."

Qi Zheng bowed again to all the police officers involved in the operation.

"President Qi is polite. We have to thank you for the righteousness and extermination." At this time, the leader of the detachment stood up and saluted Qi Zheng seriously: "We have been investigating this international drug trafficking case for almost two years, because the criminals are too much. Cunning, never been able to crack it, this time, thanks to your important clues."

"This is what I should do." Qi Zheng lowered his eyes, his eyes dimmed.

"However, I have a question, how do you know Qi Yang must go back to kidnap the hostages?"

The captain asked curiously.

Qi Zheng glanced at the direction of the van: "Wen Xin is my lover."

The leader of the detachment suddenly realized: "So it is."

Qi Zheng pursed his lips. He and Qi Yangming had fought secretly for so many years, and they knew each other's style and weaknesses very well.

Qi Yang swears to achieve his goal, and he doesn't even care about his life. When he is desperate, he will definitely think of using Qi Zheng's weakness to blackmail him.

For Qi Zheng, his only weakness in the past was the fragile life of mankind.

Now, there is something more precious than life.

Qi Zheng anticipated that Qi Yang would do it, and he also expected that he would buy people around Wenxin as a response. He simply used the tricks to get Qi Yang out of the cave, and secretly used the method of transferring flowers and trees, cooperating with the police, and replacing Wen with a substitute. heart.

Nevertheless, when he saw "Wen Xin" being stunned and put into a sack with a towel, he still inevitably trembled.

If so, where is the real Xinxin today.

What will he do?

Qi Zheng didn't dare to think about this ending, nor could he think about it.

The only thing he wants to do now is to see her as soon as possible, and then, by her side, never leave.


Hot pot restaurant.

Wen Xin didn't expect to encounter Wen Yi here.

And by coincidence, they all eat hot pot in the private room on the fourth floor.

After hearing the opinion, my sister was very happy: "Sister, sister, did you come to film in Z City? How about it, the crew is not hard, I heard that you are filming in the desert, it sounds so fun."

Wen Xin smiled: "It's okay if you adapt, but you, why are you here?"

Wen Yi hehe smirked twice.

At this moment, a tall man walked out of the men's bathroom next door, standing beside Wen Yi with a cold expression.

Wenyi said openly: "Sister, this is my husband Wei Ting. We only got our marriage certificate in secret yesterday, and took advantage of this time to take a break and go out for a honeymoon trip."

Wen Xin: "..."

I was caught off guard by a mouthful of dog food.

She used to stuff other people's dog food, but she didn't expect to be stuffed one day by others.

Moreover, she is her twin sister.

Wen Xin was in a complicated mood: "I didn't expect you to be married, so envy you."

Although the two sisters are twin sisters, they didn't grow up together because of their divorced parents. In fact, their relationship is very indifferent.

But it may be a special connection between the twins, and Wen Yi has always been very fond of Wen Xin.

If it wasn't for the original author's malicious setting that Wen Xin was jealous of Wen Yi, and the fate of the two were very different, perhaps this pair of sisters would also become a good story in the entertainment industry?

Wen Xin thought with emotion.

Wen Yi said, "Sister, what do you envy? I want to envy you. How about a perfect boyfriend like Mr. Qi? Did Mr. Qi propose to you?"

Speaking of Qi Zheng, Wen Xin thought of the fact that he had not contacted him so far, so he was out of anger at the time: "Don't mention him to me!"

"Puff, have my sister and Mr. Qi have a conflict?"

"Not even..."

Wen Xin felt a little depressed, and was too embarrassed to tell Wen Yi straight.

After all, in the eyes of everyone, she has always been the kind of independent and self-improving personality. How could she be sulking because her boyfriend ignores herself for a day?

This is too bad for people to set up!


She just got angry out of control.

Just look at the phone over and over again uncontrollably.

Wen Xin thought, is she stuck?

Obviously it's just an ordinary black cub! She actually got stuck in it.

The most frightening thing is that there is a tendency to sink deeper and deeper, not wanting to jump out...


After talking with Wenyi, Qi Zheng still didn't send a message to her.

Make hot pot well, it's tasteless.

A group of people ate for two or three hours, until the sun was about to go down, and then they were full and ready to go home.

Unexpectedly, after the checkout, the driver disappeared.

The staff at the same table as the driver said that they were eating, and the driver was suddenly called out for questioning and never came back.

The driver didn't answer the phone, and everyone was anxious.

Just planning to call the police, Gu Xia suddenly received a call from the police station.

Gu Xia looked solemn and kept nodding and saying yes. After hanging up the phone, he said, "The driver was called away by the police for questioning. He said that it was involved in a case, not missing."

He Li said, “It’s not like missing. At that moment, I will drive first. When the driver comes back, we will ask him what happened.”

Gu Xia nodded, then raised her eyes to Wen Xin and smiled:

"I just received a WeChat from my brother Zheng, do you want to know what he said?"

Wen Xin made a chuckle in her heart, but her face was calm as usual: "You can say whatever you want, it's my business."

Gu Xia laughed loudly: "Sister-in-law, are you sure?"

Wen Xin felt angry: "Very sure."

Gu Xia deliberately said: "Then I have to let our brother Zheng go back."

Wen Xin's breathing was stagnant: "What did you say?"

"I said, your husband is waiting for you in the parking lot!"

Wen Xin didn't care about refuting Gu Xia's title this time.

She was confused when she heard Qi Zheng coming over.

Although she did say in the video that Qi Zheng should fly over to see her, she did not say that he would come over without saying a word. Say hello anyhow?

Having said that, Wen Xin still went.

Qi Zheng did not drive his usual Bentley this time, but drove a black off-road Land Rover.

He was standing next to the car door, his tall figure conspicuous.

When Wen Xin saw him, a heart was so fast that it would jump out of his throat, and immediately lost his anger at anything, wishing to rush over.

But when he walked in, he found that Qi Zheng had a rare cigarette in his mouth.

In the dark environment, the smoke enveloped him, making him look extraordinarily lonely.

Wen Xin didn't know what happened to him.

But she was very sure that something must have happened, so Qi Zheng didn't contact her for so long.

So, he didn't mean it, nor was he too busy to forget himself...

Wen Xin felt a sore nose and couldn't help shouting: "Qi Zheng."

Hearing her crying voice, Qi Zheng's hand holding the cigarette trembled, and the next second, a soft body with a bit of hot pot aroma rushed into his arms.

The smoke fell to the ground.

Qi Zheng recovered, stretched out his hand and hugged her tightly.

As if to embed her whole person in his own bone marrow, he sniffed her greedily and kissed her face with his lips.

At this moment, it seemed that nothing was important anymore.

As long as she is still in his arms, as long as she is safe, he will ask for nothing.


I do not know how long it has been.

The two finally recovered from selfless intimacy.

Although Qi Zheng still refused to let go of his arms around Wen Xin, Wen Xin finally had the opportunity to breathe and speak freely in his arms.

She looked up at his slightly tired face, and said, "Is it tired?"

Qi Zheng shook his head: "Not tired."

"Do you want to take a rest in the car?" Wen Xin asked.

"No, I want to hold you for a while." Qi Zheng refused.

"Go~ I am on holiday today, and I can stay with you until tomorrow morning~"

Wen Xin said in a coquettish tone.

Qi Zheng couldn't stand Wen Xin's appearance the most. If it were normal, he would definitely have followed her. But today, before the limit of recovery time came, he wanted to hold her like this all the time.

Qi Zheng said: "If you think it's not good here, I have a house in Z City."

Wen Xin: "..." This color cat!

When Qi Zheng looked at her expression, he knew that she would definitely want to be crooked, so he freed a hand and tapped her cute nose: "Don’t be crooked, just want to hug you, before you agree, I absolutely I won't force you."

Wen Xin's eyelashes flickered and blinked: "Who wants to be crooked, I don't have one!"

Qi Zheng smiled helplessly: "That's because I want to be crooked."

Wen Xin said: "Yes! It's you! You want to be crooked all day long!"

Qi Zheng followed her words and said: "Actually, there is one more thing, I think more crookedly, do you want to listen?"

Wen Xin was stunned: "What?"

Is there anything crooked than that?

Qi Zheng looked at her with serious eyes: "I want to marry you, I think now."

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