z city.

The basement of a villa in the suburbs.

The man with the cyan and stubble face looked gloomy.

Next to him, the woman wearing a suspender skirt looked at the news coming from the phone, her eyes narrowed: "What to do, he is determined to make us die."

The man smiled gloomily and said, "What are you afraid of, I said, I and him have long been either he died or I died."

"But..." The woman took a step forward and hesitated, "Now there are police and Qi family nets everywhere, how do we go?"

In the struggle between the two, women are unconditionally on the side of men.

But during this period of time, facing the trap that the other party was pushing hard to set, the woman had to admit that it seemed that her man had indeed lost.

"Who said I am leaving?"

"Then you plan to..."

"I heard that he has fallen in love recently." The man twitched his mouth, seeming to be laughing, but also seeming to be just snorting. But there is no doubt that he is very confident about his escape from this disaster.

The woman looked at him in horror, subconsciously trying to escape, but after taking a half step back, she realized that she had no escape.


"2030" crew.

The desert, which had been hot for a whole week, finally became cool in a timely rain.

Wen Xin wore a neat and strong outfit, and under the guidance of Wu Zhi, she completed her action heroically. Then, just listening to the director's suit, her expression changed instantly and she ran towards the nanny car.

"Walk around! I want to eat hot pot!"

Wen Xin shouted.

Li Jingjing poked out a round face from the nanny car and laughed at her: "Sister Xinxin, your makeup hasn't been removed yet."

Wen Xin waved his hand nonchalantly: "What is unloading, how can the hot pot matter?"

Director Gu Xia also followed up: "Sister-in-law, take me one!"

"I won't take you the devil--" Wen Xin turned her head and made a grimace at him. During this period of time, she tortured her so badly, and she wanted her to take him to a big meal, wanting to be beautiful!

Gu Xia was not angry, and a hippie smile came up again: "Go go go go, my brother Zheng told me to take good care of you, I have to show him, I really did not treat you badly."

Wen Xin: "..."

Never seen such a brazen person!

Gu Xia still cheered up.

Because of the gratifying progress, the crew took a long time to let everyone rest and relax. Many actors choose to go to the nearby city for a nice meal, and director Gu Xia is naturally not far behind.

However, Gu Xia also knew that her recent black face image was not good, so she took the initiative as soon as she got in the car and he paid for the meal.

Suddenly Wen Xin didn't bother to care about him.

How cool is someone paying the bill!

The nanny car drove forward along the highway. After driving for almost 20 minutes, you could already see the high-rise buildings in the city. It was a familiar sight, because during this period of time looking at the desert every day, people felt so kind.

Although everyone in the car did not speak, the expectation in their eyes was already very obvious.

Gu Xia said, "I know that there is a hot pot restaurant that is very authentic. I will take you there!"

The driver hurriedly said, "Then Director Gu will send me the location."

Gu Xia said, "It's okay to drive, I'll leave it for you here, just follow the navigation."


There was a slight panic in the driver's eyes, and soon disappeared.

Wen Xin was so tired that he fell asleep in the car.

She was still holding the furry in her arms, and after falling asleep she was a cub on a natural blanket.

She slept dimly all this time, and when she woke up, her whole mind was dumbfounded. Li Jingjing reminded her several times before she remembered that the filming was over and everyone came to the city to eat hot pot.

She rubbed her eyes that had not been fully opened, and her mouth was vague: "Hot pot hot pot, call Qi Zheng and eat together."

Li Jingjing was amused by her cute look: "Sister Xinxin, Mr. Qi is in N City."

Wen Xin reacted slowly for a while, seeing everyone holding back their smiles, finally realized what he had said in his sleep.

She patted her head in annoyance: "My memory!"

"Are you tired? Miss your husband, right?" Gu Xia half-joked half-seriously.

"Who thinks? I just ignored that pig's hoof!" Wen Xin glanced at the phone from the side of the light, and found that since yesterday, almost two days ago, Qi Zheng hadn't taken the initiative to contact her, and he became very angry. .

Gu Xia winked at her, "Why don't I go and beat you?"

Wen Xin slapped Gu Xia's small body with a slap: "Buy your order!"

Gu Xia: Weeping, I turned out to be just a tool man who paid the bill qwq

During the fight, everyone from the crew entered the hot pot restaurant.

This hot pot restaurant is indeed very famous in Z City. Not to mention that the family occupies such a large site, it also renovated and built four floors, and each floor was overcrowded.

The crew was crowded, and the store arranged a private room on the fourth floor.

The environment on the fourth floor is quiet and the decoration is exquisite.

Everyone started to let go as soon as they took their seats, and didn't mean to save Gu Xia any money.

Especially Wen Xin, after suffering for almost a week, although the whole person was not tanned by the violent ultraviolet rays, he actually lost a lot of weight.

Yesterday the body teacher also said that Wen Xin is a bit too thin now and needs to eat more meat.

As soon as Wen Xin heard this, he immediately felt as if he had obtained the imperial edict.

"Beef rolls, lamb, luncheon meat, prawns...I will serve all the meat!" Looking at the dazzling array of meats on the menu, he swallowed his saliva.

Li Jingjing didn't stop it when she watched it, because not only she heard her heart, but everyone was greedy.

There were a total of six people at this table, and a total of almost 20 dishes of meat were ordered. That's it, Gu Xia still shouted that it was not enough, and I will add more in a while.

Finish ordering.

Wen Xin ran to the bathroom while she was still in the pot and the dishes.

The bathroom on the fourth floor is at the end of the corridor, divided into men and women, and looks very clean. Wen Xin was anxious to go back to eat hot pot, so she trot over all the way, naturally she didn't bring sunglasses or masks.

Seeing that he was about to walk, suddenly, he was patted on the shoulder.

"why you?"

She turned her head, her eyes surprised.


The empty highway is out of sight on both sides

The desert at the end, and the tall and tall Populus grove.

The gray van galloped on the highway.

Inside the car, Qi Yang tightly controlled the steering wheel with bloodshot eyes.

The last escape route is gone. He didn't expect that Qi Zheng could really be so cruel, and he would not leave him with his former brother.

Fortunately, he also retained the last hole card:

A piece of Wang Fried enough to make Qi Zheng kneel down.

The woman in the passenger seat looked back, and the woman in the sack seemed to be struggling in pain.

Qi Yang tied her mouth with tape, and her whole body was rudely stuffed into a sack, her facial expression was painful and hideous, but even so, it was not difficult to see her good features and features.

Xu is sympathetic to each other, the woman gives birth to a trace of pity:

"Or, let's let her go? Just handcuffed her. She is just a weak woman and can't afford any storms."

Qi Yang didn't look back, "Then you must have never seen her practicing martial arts."

Woman raised her eyebrows in surprise.

Qi Yang sneered: "I've seen her audition video, the action is quite neat."

The woman pursed her lips and dared not speak.

Hearing her painful moan from the back seat vaguely, the woman forced herself to ignore it. Before long, a checkpoint appeared in front of him, and Qi Yang's bloodshot eyes suddenly began to glow: "It's almost here!"

After passing this checkpoint and driving forward for an hour, you can reach the meeting point between him and the Burmese drug dealer Jin Er.

Jin Er promised him that as long as he had the ability to drive the car there, he would send him abroad.

Having been suppressed for several days, Qi Yang's instinct was almost crazy in this kind of depression. He relied on constantly brainwashing himself, and after he went abroad, he could make a comeback to get this far.

Now, the dawn was right in front of him, and he hurriedly arrived, his crazy instinct was about to be overwhelmed.

"Qi Zheng, Qi family...I remember this account, and I will report it later."

He stepped on the accelerator so hard that he was completely blindfolded by hatred.

At this time, a sharp whistle sounded--

"Get off the car for inspection!"

Before the words fell, there was a bang, and the lines of defense at the checkpoint fell instantly, blocking Qi Yang's path.

Because it is near the national border, this part of the road has special treatment, no cars can speed, and the line of defense in front is known as an insurmountable wall.

Qi Yang looked at the policeman approaching him with dark eyes, took out his mobile phone, and dialed a call.

After three beeps, the call was connected.

Qi Yang smiled: "Qi Zheng, don't hide, I know you are here."

Qi Zheng was silent.

Qi Yang continued: "Don't you wonder why I dare to appear openly?"

Qi Zheng said coldly: "You'd better get out of the car and give up resistance."

Qi Yang laughed loudly: "Hahahaha, why should I give up resistance? You are so confident that you can catch me? Even if—"

"Your woman is in my hands, do you think so too?"

He paused, and the smile on his face became more obvious.

At this time, several policemen had already walked near the gray van.

Qi Yangli

Engraved gave the woman a wink, and the next second, the seat of the modified van suddenly changed position. The ‘sack’ behind the carriage appeared within the visible range of the surveillance.

Qi Yang knew very well that with Qi Zheng's character, if he knew he was going to escape, he would definitely gather all his strength to stop him. Although the checkpoint seemed calm, the traffic policemen who approached him were bulging in their pants pockets. Obviously, they were carrying guns.

He couldn't help feeling a little afraid.

If he hadn't left for himself, he tied the woman Wen Xin.

I'm afraid this time, I really want to plant.

But now he is not afraid. Because he knew that Qi Zheng, who was like a copper wall and iron wall, had only one short board, and that was the woman behind his carriage.

Qi Yang said with no fear: "Qi Zheng, you see, your dear baby is in my hands, if you don't want to see her die, just let me go."

Qi Zheng appeared calmer than Qi Yang thought. He said, "Even if I let you go, the police won't."

Seeing the policemen getting closer and closer, Qi Yang suddenly took action and caught the person in the sack by his hand: "Don't force me to do it, I know you have this ability!"

Qi Zheng remained silent on the other end of the phone.

Just two seconds, as long as a whole year has passed.

Finally, Qi Zheng said: "Qi Yang."

Qi Yang raised his eyebrows arrogantly.

"Before the next kidnapping, remember to recognize the person before doing it."