Mrs. Lian's steps are hurried, and the grace and calmness in the weekdays is only half.

In front of the elevator, she stopped a man.

"Mr. Qi, you have done something unnatural." Madam Lian's tone was mixed with anger.

The man called to be President Qi turned around and caught a glimpse of Mrs. Lian's angry face, and smiled instead: "Mr. Lian, what you said, I am recognized as authentic in business."

"You know I'm teaching my son."

Madam Lian gritted her teeth with anger.

"I said Mr. Lian, I don't like to listen to your words. When a child grows up, shouldn't he have his own business to support him?" Mr. Qi's small but energetic eyes bloomed with brilliance, "I'm still quite If you like Wen Bai, if you don’t help, it’s okay if I am an uncle’s help, right?"

"Speaking of which, I would also like to thank you. If you hadn't taken the initiative to block Wen Bai, Wen Bai would not be able to play songs on our new platform."

As he said, President Qi laughed loudly, and the assistants around him also covered their mouths and laughed.

Madam Lian's face changed, and she sneered: "Do you think there is a Lian Wenbo who can fight us?"

President Qi shrugged unconcernedly: "I didn't want to simply defeat you in this way. However, Wen Bai is really amazing. After he decided to cooperate with our platform, our app downloads broke the record in an instant. It is still the first single, and I will continue to work with him for a long time to try to sign all his songs and make them exclusive."

Qi Taiheng's triumphant appearance really stabbed Madam Lian.

Not only because Qi Taiheng dared to openly challenge himself, but also because his son Lian Wenbai had actually become the opponent's weapon.

"I will let you know that choosing him is your biggest mistake."

Mrs. Lian put down a harsh word, turned and left.

But soon, when she got into the luxury car, she turned on the phone.

A piece of news jumped out.

"Lian Wenbo's new song debuted with Fengyin, and the Fengyin app officially exceeded one million downloads."

Madam Lian's eyelids twitched. Although she had known this news from Qi Taiheng a long time ago, she could actually see it, but it was in a different mood.

She has also downloaded Fengyin.

Fengyin is a very mature music app, no matter the interface or sound quality, it is no less than several old-brand apps under Lianshi.

What's even more surprising is that Fengyin has only been on the shelves for one day, and there is actually a popular song with a million comments.

You know that Lian’s app has been in operation for so many years, and there are only a few hundred thousand commented songs. This is what Lian’s was proud of, but now, in front of Lian Wenbo’s new phenomenal single surface, Everything seems trivial.

And this should belong to her.

For some reason, I looked at my son's familiar face on the screen of the phone, and looked at the fans who were sincere and crazy in the comments.

Mrs. Lian suddenly felt a fainting attack.

She finally began to realize how outrageous the route she had chosen was...


The good news that Lian Wenbai signed Fengyin soon spread to the hot search.


The dishes are so happy, they all said that they will go wherever Lian Wenbo goes. As for the apps under Lian's, let them go to hell!

The Feiyuan company behind Fengyin took the opportunity to buy a wave of marketing belt rhythms:

#听音乐我只用风音##Uninstall Lianlian now and give you a pure music world#

Feiyuan was originally Lian’s old rival, and the two Internet companies secretly competed in various fields. Feiyuan himself was already a late entry on the music app, but with a Lian Wenbai, he rushed out of his way.

The CEO of Feiyuan Group, Qi Taiheng, even publicly stated that he wants to have Wenbai as the spokesperson for his own app, and then have a more in-depth cooperation with Lien Wenbai.

With Feiyuan as the endorsement, those merchants who were still waiting and watching immediately put down their guard and threw their olive branches to Lian Wenbo again.

After this battle, Lian Wenbo's top status has not disappeared, but has become more stable.

So it was night.

Wen Xin received a call from Gu Xia, director of "2030".

Gu Xia exchanged a few words with her before saying: "In fact, my sister-in-law, I want to tell you two things during this call today."

"Which two?" Wen Xin asked.

Gu Xia chuckled on the other side of the phone: "Well, the last time my sister-in-law, did you tell me to recommend Lian Wenbo to sing the theme song? The headquarters agreed. You tell him. We will be here in two days. Maybe go find him."

Wen Xin immediately became happy when she heard this: "Great! I'll send him a WeChat message in a while."

"there's one more thing."


"The preliminary work of the crew has been completed, and we plan to officially start it in three days."


Wen Xin was shocked and didn't recover for a long time.

She just started rushing! How long will the boy be back here! I thought it would take at least one month for "2030" to start, and she could take a few days to rest.

It's all right now, and the amusement park plan agreed with Qi Zheng, I'm afraid it will be too late.

"Ahhhhh! I don't want to work anymore, I just want to be a salted fish that eats and waits to die!"

She picked up the best-behaved milk tea cat in the house, and howled on the bed.

Several cats were attracted by her cry and ran in one after another.

The puppet cat asked: "What's wrong with Xinxin?"

Little milk tea's eyes were full of sympathy: "My heart is so miserable. I just finished working and I'm going to join the group again."

"Fun, aren't all female stars so busy?"

The ocelot didn't think there was anything, so he swept his tail and said.

The puppet cat retorted him: "Is that someone else, is it the same as the heart?"

Little milk tea nodded vigorously: "Yes! That's it!"

The ocelot blinked his round eyes, "Why don't you tell the black cub and tell him to walk through the back door?"

The puppet cat walked to Wen Xin, caught a glimpse of the faint strawberry print on Wen Xin's neck, and vomited: "I don't need to say, he is definitely not willing to go with ease."


At this point, the cats are surprisingly unified.


"What? Go out as soon as you come up?"

After hearing the news that work was about to start, Wen Xin was stunned by another news the next day.

He Li nodded helplessly: "I can't help it, it was made by Director Gu."

"What else can you tell me all at once." Wen Xin looked unlovable.

He Li paused, and carefully looked at Wen Xin: "If I said, don't cry."

"Am I such a vulnerable person? Just say it."

Wen Xin bitter haha ​​authentic.

"Then I said..." He Li looked at her sympathetically, "The location will be shot for a month, and the location is in the desert."

Wen Xin: "..."

She wanted to take back her words, she found that she was indeed such a vulnerable person.

She wants to cry...

The desert is a real desert, and the plot is very clear.

But based on Wen Xin's previous experience, this kind of green screen is usually used for shooting, and then added later.

She never expected that the crew of "2030" was so hard-core that they moved the entire crew to the edge of the real desert to shoot. Although Gu Xia repeatedly assured in the group that the shooting location was not in the center of the desert, there was a city in front of him.

But that is also a desert!

When Wen Xin thought of the big sun and the endless sand dunes, she felt like she was going to be roasted.

What makes Wen Xin sad even more is that because the desert is far away, and several cats are a little afraid of heat, when Wen Xin said that he would take the cats and go with him, the cats smeared the soles of their feet and slipped away. All fast.

Only cubs are left.

But, firstly, black **** heat, secondly, the cub is still a long-haired cat. She, the ‘caring’ owner, really couldn’t find any excuses to lure Zai Zai over to accompany her.

Until Wen Xin saw the real desert pictures taken by Gu Xia, her mind flashed:

"Look at it, cub! Is it all yours for such a big litter box?"

Black Cat: "???"