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My Body Can Infinitely Awaken Skills

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In the interstellar era, the starry sky group came, and human beings stepped into the starry sky, opened the door of psionic energy, and stepped into practice.

Jiang Chen pushed open the door of psionic energy, but he felt that there was something wrong with pushing it open…

Your body has awakened the [Toughness] skill, which is strong and resilient.

Your bones awakened [hard], the opponent stabbed your body with a sword, and the long sword was broken by the bones.

Your hair has awakened [fork], and the sword qi has been divided into thousands, and the net is spread.

Your stomach digested a panacea, awakening [digestion], endless spiritual energy, and instant digestion.

Until one day…you awakened the [Perpetual Motion Machine], the heart kept going, and the power kept going.

Years later, you realize in a trance that your body is already on par with gods.

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Short Title:MBCIAS
Alternate Title:我的身体能无限觉醒技能
Author:you and me back then
Weekly Rank:#2841
Monthly Rank:#2800
All Time Rank:#4037
Tags:Antihero Protagonist, Cheats, Cunning Protagonist, Fast Cultivation, Magical Technology, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, System, System Administrator,
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  1. Well it is quite good ( for free to read ) start. Mc has goldenfinger strong but not to the point can beat anyone and need to train not instant click. But later it is become confusing and more confusing like human city on earth like hanging on straw can collapse with little force, so many traitor but mc goes to moon map without clearing earth map,

  2. Imagine, a medal of a martyr can be snatch and exchange for resources lol, ain't medals are recorded? Only in China, where CCP encourages this immoral thing.

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