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My Beloved Concubine Only Wants to Eat Melons

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Three years after entering the palace, Yongning Palace’s Yan Shu meiren, has still never met the Emperor.

The palace full of concubines tried to win his favour, only she, immersed in a melon eating system, has no time to spare for him.

How would she know that one day, she actually ate a shockingly big melon——

Yan Shu, “!!! No wonder he never enters the harem!”


There seems to be something wrong somewhere… then what did she enter the palace for?!!

The new Emperor, Yu Wen Lan, has two secrets.

Since his ascension to the throne, he has gradually lost his male functions; yet at the same time, he can read minds.

Getting used to seeing their false words and hypocritical faces every day, he grew all the more unfeeling.

That was, until one day, he heard a special heart’s voice——

Yu Wen Lan paused, narrowing his eyes to look in the direction of a delicately pretty and pure looking girl.

Until she ascended to the position of Empress, Yan Shu also didn’t know how she had jumped unreasonably on the Emperor’s bottom line repeatedly, yet had jumped straight in, becoming the first person to be in his heart.

Perhaps, it was just her good luck.

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Short Title:MBCOWEM
Alternate Title:朕的爱妃只想吃瓜
Weekly Rank:#66
Monthly Rank:#79
All Time Rank:#5364
Tags:Ancient Times, Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Imperial Harem, Lazy Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, System Administrator, Time Travel,
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9 Comments on “My Beloved Concubine Only Wants to Eat Melons
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  1. I do not like harem novels, and I do not like "system" novels, but this is fun and humourous. Still don't like harem or system novels but i do like this. The FL is delightful.

  2. The second half starts to get tiresome though. The typical CNovel tropes appear. Every female in love with the ML (he is a young emperor after all) turns out to be stupid, delusional and evil. Every ethnicity not Chinese, is evil. The Japanese are presented as evil (stupid) hermaphrodites.

  3. Yeah there are some very problematic elements in the later stages of the book. A fake daughter is discovered and then pretty much abandoned because she is not a real daughter and it is presented as a noble thing because only biological children are real children. And worst of all, a rape victim falls in love with her rapist and of course the woman turns out to be evil. I still like the FL, do not like author and will not read her/his work again.

  4. I think you may have confused two of the characters. The evil woman and the rape victims are two separate characters. The rape victim did not fall in love with her rapist and chose to go home to her parents after the rapist was arrested. The evil woman was the rapist's wife, Mrs.Wei. She caused her cousin to have an allergic reaction and spread rumors that the cousin was pockfaced which gave her a chance to marry the Qi family. Mrs. Wei did a lot of bad things, and was punished as well.

  5. Nope. You are talking about a different woman. The Queen Mother's closest and oldest maid was raped by the Queen Mother's brother then fell in love with him. And that is said t be "why" she is evil. The FL even stupidly refers to her having "stockholm syndrome". In fact that reminds me, i hated how ALL the people closest to the Queen Mother turned out to be evil that needed the FL to reveal and get rid off. The Queen Mother, had decades of experience of harem politics but everyone she had a good impression of turned out to be an antagonist. EVERYONE. It makes you wonder how she survived in the first place. The author made the Queen Mother look stupid and incompetent in order to boost the FL.

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