My 24-year-old Beautiful Boss

In the beginning, he was a security guard, Xiao Xu, Later, he became the CEO’s personal bodyguard, After that, he became the personal secretary that all the female presidents of the world competed for. In the end, everyone called him Mr. Xu. As for him, he was the uncrowned.... Read more

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Chapter 588 Finger Fighting Chapter 587 Do you think Chapter 586 Who do you think you are

Chapter 585 No one can marry Chapter 584 Beheaded apology Chapter 583 Uproar Chapter 582 Mystery man Chapter 581 Song Nude Chapter 580 Brilliant Chapter 579 Changeable Chapter 578 Starved to death Chapter 577 A Glimpse of the Hugu Team

Chapter 576 Bai Su Jian Chu Chapter 575 Attentive to nothing Chapter 574 Seem to know

Chapter 573 Aoki Nagai Chapter 572 Count marriage Chapter 571 Meet Mr. Xiao Chapter 570 Why need to explain to you Chapter 569 Sword name white pigment Chapter 568 Liang Shao Yao Song Zixuan Chapter 567 Kill with one sword Chapter 567 Sword sword Chapter 565 Cloud Kill Fog Formation

Chapter 564 Dragon Sword Chapter 563 Challenge Hua Yunfeng Chapter 562 Two small fishes Chapter 561 Full of surprises Chapter 560 I am a gentleman Chapter 559 Mr. Little Chapter 558 FISHING Xinghe Chapter 557 Fishing for eight thousand miles Chapter 556 Grand Master's Power Chapter 555 The Second Battle of the Nu River Chapter 554 Escape Chapter 553 Master Xuanyue

Chapter 552 Jasper Crying and Laughing Mask Chapter 551 Siege Master Chapter 550 Click to return Chapter 549 You do not deserve Chapter 548 Song Zilian's Apology Chapter 547 Zeng Zimo's Apology Chapter 546 He is my most distinguished guest Chapter 545 Take out your invitation Chapter 544 Zeng Zimo's Birthday Party Chapter 543 Valkyrie demon sword Chapter 542 Shoot you two pots of tea Chapter 541 Tsing Yi Thug

Chapter 540 Mountain river Chapter 539 Fingertip flying sword Chapter 538 Sakura Slash Chapter 537 Islander Chapter 536 Contain Chapter 535 You are not qualified Chapter 534 Can you afford it? Chapter 533 Sister Yun's plea Chapter 532 White Swan Ugly Duckling Chapter 531 How do you fix it Chapter 530 You can't mess with Chapter 529 Most admired

Chapter 528 Nu River Barrier Chapter 527 Little Mr. Prestige Chapter 526 About the full moon Chapter 525 Eternal Life Chapter 524 Reunion Chapter 523 Mr. Little Chapter 522 One fright Chapter 521 Blue water Chapter 520 If I were the emperor Chapter 519 Second rider Chapter 518 The last martial age Chapter 517 Space storm

Chapter 516 Betrayal of the Excalibur Chapter 515 Ascension Gate Chapter 514 Lin Ruochu's previous life Chapter 513 seaquake Chapter 512 Fall from the sky Chapter 511 Qiong Yulou Chapter 510 Homicide card Chapter 509 Soul tree Chapter 508 Jade Koi Chapter 507 Backswing Chapter 506 Who loves to sit Chapter 505 Most admired

Chapter 504 Xu Qingmo's calm Chapter 502 Lin Xifeng's Fangs Chapter 501 The start of the bidding conference Chapter 500 President Xu from security Chapter 499 President Xu's Three Fires Chapter 498 President Xu Chapter 497 Fist through time Chapter 496 Bathe the patient Chapter 495 Legendary illness Chapter 494 Bowl Chapter 493 Hundred years ago mask man Chapter 493 appointment

Chapter 492 Show you the world Chapter 491 Dialogue between two worlds Chapter 490 Willow lettering Chapter 489 Hard in elevator Chapter 488 Uses of Amethyst Chapter 487 The building will tip Chapter 486 Optimus Chapter 485 Soothe three daughters Chapter 484 Other woman Chapter 483 Hundreds of amethysts Chapter 482 Man dirty Chapter 481 Man or woman

Chapter 480 Saw it Chapter 479 A look at the millennium Chapter 478 Closed eyes Chapter 477 I am a bad person Chapter 476 You like me right Chapter 475 Lin Xifeng's obsession Chapter 474 Who was last night Chapter 473 Tremor Chapter 472 Four women in the night Chapter 471 Ignored Chapter 470 Hug behind Chapter 469 Flying sword

Chapter 468 Qingyan soil Chapter 467 Met for the first time Chapter 466 Xiaochu President Chapter 465 Night Rain Thunder Chapter 464 phone Chapter 463 Lin Ruochu passed out Chapter 462 Masami Tsing Yi Chapter 461 Tsing Yi Women Chapter 460 Talk about Tsing Yi on paper Chapter 459 Warm and happy Chapter 458 Eight thousand books Chapter 457 Babysitter

Chapter 456 Death of Lin Baye Chapter 455 Queen Lin's domineering return Chapter 454 Different people sharing the same bed Chapter 453 Dark night Chapter 452 Retribution Chapter 451 Forest family parasite Chapter 450 Return to Lin Chapter 449 Mask Tsing Yi Chapter 448 Stunned Chapter 447 Open heart Chapter 446 Harassment Chapter 445 Lin Ruochu's disease

Chapter 444 I'm here to kick the ball Chapter 443 Huaxia Guardianship and Homeland Security Investigation Bureau Chapter 442 Xiao Chu Ruo Chu Chapter 441 Join Excalibur Chapter 440 Xiaochu returns Chapter 439 Sorry to start heavy Chapter 438 Snatch the bride Chapter 437 I want her Chapter 436 Jian Ruo Jing Hong Chapter 435 Apple VII and headphones Chapter 434 Nine swords Chapter 433 Stone surface Tsing Yi

Chapter 432 I'm in a hurry Chapter 431 Shoulder beauty Chapter 430 Big Beauty Park and Sister Xuehua Chapter 429 Blood Hand Slaughter Chapter 428 The hardest part of the body Chapter 427 Shot Chapter 426 Hotel Chapter 425 Sky Guard Chapter 424 mask Chapter 423 Downhill Chapter 422 Ecstasy Chapter 421 Master has more flavor

Chapter 420 Marriage book Chapter 419 Meat cart Chapter 418 Unseal Chapter 417 Lick me clean Chapter 416 Overhearing two girls under the bed Chapter 415 Sick beauty Chapter 414 I do not like you Chapter 413 My boyfriend is like you Chapter 412 Cornice Chapter 411 True and false snake Chapter 410 Woman's intuition Chapter 409 Live Goddess

Chapter 408 With the agent in the alley Chapter 407 Tolerance is a virtue Chapter 406 Drive me crazy Chapter 405 You believe in su Chapter 404 Flower Picking Friends Chapter 403 thief Chapter 402 Mother tenderness Chapter 401 Force Fei Hui to remarry Chapter 400 ride Chapter 399 Pool mermaid Chapter 398 Kiss no farewell Chapter 397 I want you

Chapter 396 Bamboo shoots and buns Chapter 395 The Golden House, the Treasure House, the Tibetan Mastiff Chapter 394 Take me home Chapter 393 Wear couple outfit Chapter 392 Yan Huowu's past Chapter 391 Be universal Chapter 390 I said go Chapter 389 Are you ready to die Chapter 387 Kyoto Sake Party Chapter 384 Weak Jade Slave Chapter 383 Happy Buddha Chapter 382 Hang than primary school

Chapter 379 Breathable Chapter 378 Lin Ruochu Chapter 377 Ex-husband of female driver Chapter 376 I am going to save my woman Chapter 375 Lin Ruochu Chapter 374 Rescue and escape Chapter 373 No matter how high the martial arts, you are afraid of kitchen knives Chapter 372 Scraped skin Chapter 371 Jade slave Chapter 370 Three Women Crisis Chapter 369 Lord Buddha Chapter 368 Avatar

Chapter 367 Thousand Faces Girl Chapter 366 Beauty illustration Chapter 362 Chase Little Red Chapter 361 Red Light Guantang Chapter 360 in the dark Chapter 359 My boyfriend is here Chapter 358 Public massage Chapter 357 Sorry i was wrong Chapter 356 You will need me Chapter 355 Xu Qing Mo plays rogue Chapter 354 Beauty nest Chapter 353 Hi you are sick

Chapter 348 farewell Chapter 347 Jade feeling Chapter 346 Nine Gates Touching Golden Horn Chapter 345 Big dream Chapter 344 Time backtracking Chapter 343 Mural story Chapter 341 Grave robber Chapter 340 If missed Chapter 339 Recalling Xiao Rushi Chapter 338 Dan Cheng Chapter 335 Huanglong Chapter 334 Red sister atonement

Chapter 333 Four big beauties Chapter 332 Alone Chapter 331 Wind dust Chapter 330 Burned to death Chapter 329 Hate to meet when not married Chapter 327 Late at night Chapter 326 hide Chapter 325 sisters Chapter 324 Elevator encounter Chapter 322 Drunk Lin Youxi Chapter 321 Please accept me Chapter 320 Blind date

Chapter 319 Thief Chapter 318 Two people in one bathtub Chapter 316 Dumping angle Chapter 315 Battle of Dragon Python Chapter 314 Shenlong appears Chapter 313 Demon who knows the future Chapter 312 Dialogues spanning decades Chapter 311 Human Rohan Chapter 310 Clothes burned Chapter 309 Fish and water Chapter 308 Lonely and widow isolated Chapter 307 Plunged into a deep pool

Chapter 306 Weird black snake Chapter 305 Target Shenlong Chapter 304 Moon Lingsu confused Chapter 303 Moon Lingsu's Secret Chapter 302 Missing Chapter 301 overnight Chapter 300 You are the mercenary king Chapter 299 break Chapter 298 Rounds Chapter 297 Mother and daughter Chapter 296 Song Qingyin Chapter 295 Be my girlfriend

Chapter 294 Love is not lost Chapter 293 Unfinished painting Chapter 292 Bumps in the car Chapter 291 Vacuum on the street Chapter 290 Xia Xiaotong's shame Chapter 289 Ziqing Dandao Chapter 288 Moon Lingsu Chapter 287 Female bus Chapter 286 Terminal illness Chapter 285 Married Woman Chapter 283 Xie Hongli's pain Chapter 282 Uncomfortable

Chapter 281 Xia Xiaotong saves Xu Qingmo Chapter 280 Overthrow Song Yin Chapter 279 Song Yin Chapter 278 anger Chapter 277 Hotel grabs Chapter 276 Song Yin Chapter 275 Attack of the Iron Ghost Chapter 274 Cheongsam female feet Chapter 273 Grass mud horse for Tingting Chapter 272 The incident was overturned Chapter 271 Two people save time in the bath Chapter 269 Wet clothes

Chapter 268 Trapped in water Chapter 267 Couple games Chapter 266 Family photo Chapter 265 interlocking fingers Chapter 264 Happy family Chapter 263 Shot Chapter 262 Winning tricks Chapter 261 Trick Chapter 260 teach Chapter 259 Mercy Pavilion Four Chapter 258 Try to break Chapter 257 Wushu Communication Conference

Chapter 256 Martial arts person Chapter 255 Jumping beam clown Chapter 254 Xia Xiaotong's old classmate Chapter 253 Send you a car Chapter 252 Squat on the subway Chapter 251 Lovely Lin Ruochu Chapter 250 Nine Dragons Chapter 249 Dusty notebook Chapter 248 Flower and snake Chapter 247 Mysterious base Chapter 246 Jump Chapter 245 Entanglement breakthrough

Chapter 244 Forefinger Chapter 243 Doo Giant Monkey Chapter 242 Wash Song Qingyin's face Chapter 241 Great Ape White Python Chapter 240 White dragon Chapter 239 Killed Chapter 238 Fire Blue Sword Python Chapter 237 Down the cliff Chapter 236 Yunshu mutation Chapter 235 Song Yin Chapter 234 Car God is there Chapter 233 The conflict at the foot of Akina

Chapter 232 Qiu Mingshan old driver Chapter 231 Bowl Chapter 230 Sign a couple contract again Chapter 229 Sisters quarrel Chapter 228 Master Master Chapter 227 Go for a drive Chapter 226 I like you have nothing to do with you Chapter 225 Xu Qing Mo Interview Chapter 224 Hookups for job seekers Chapter 223 Press on the ground Chapter 222 Oolong misunderstanding Chapter 221 Hard enough not to be beaten

Chapter 220 Fast Tai Chi Chapter 219 Give a lecture Chapter 218 Origin of the Green Emblem Chapter 217 I am chairman Chapter 216 success Chapter 215 Go to my house Chapter 214 Stars drive Chapter 213 Rob marriage Chapter 212 Who is the thief Chapter 211 Celebrity Chapter 210 Business suit Chapter 209 Engage

Chapter 208 Funny Cat Live Palin Sauce Chapter 207 failure Chapter 206 Mercy Pavilion Chapter 205 Conquering Jiu-Jitsu Woman Chapter 204 Tingting's three homes Chapter 203 I just love that little security guard Chapter 202 Fengfei Group divestment Chapter 201 Resignation storm Chapter 200 Close up Chapter 199 Mysterious funds Chapter 198 Lin Ruochu resigned Chapter 197 You are ugly

Chapter 196 What i owe you Chapter 195 Scary woman Chapter 194 a slap Chapter 193 And my mother Chapter 192 Block the arrows for Dong Yan Chapter 191 掰 wrist Chapter 190 Officer Xie Chapter 189 Familiar breath Chapter 188 Let me stay Chapter 187 Join me for a banquet Chapter 186 expose Chapter 185 Get into trouble

Chapter 184 Uncle i like you Chapter 183 I caught you Chapter 182 Hand in hand Chapter 181 Question Chapter 180 I am a security consultant Chapter 179 Stain Chapter 178 Beasts are not as good Chapter 177 Arrogant Chapter 176 Conflicts start Chapter 175 Respective story Chapter 174 Hot spring trip Chapter 173 Block the road

Chapter 172 Wonderful combination Chapter 171 Is your surname Yang Chapter 170 Take you fly Chapter 169 Shen Wanqing's confession Chapter 168 Shen Wanqing drunk and hit someone Chapter 167 Dr. Shen Wanqing Chapter 166 Ning Ningyun's smile Chapter 165 Lin Youxi's anger Chapter 164 Sister Dream Chapter 163 Was found Chapter 162 Yang Zihan's Bizarre Symptoms Chapter 161 Aunt's big suit

Chapter 160 Black Phoenix's stomach hurts Chapter 159 one strike Chapter 158 discipline Chapter 157 Confessions of Liu Biting Chapter 156 Break Chapter 155 Zhang Changshu Jumping Over the Wall Chapter 154 Got drunk Chapter 153 Yang Zihan's Home Chapter 152 See you again Chapter 151 The origins of stunning women Chapter 150 Gorgeous Counterattack Chapter 149 Renew

Chapter 148 Should you be responsible Chapter 147 Sauna treatment Chapter 146 Alchemy Wuqing Pill Chapter 145 Live angrily Chapter 144 Three million changed hands Chapter 143 Xu Qingmo Jumping God Chapter 142 To the yin body Chapter 141 One million small ads Chapter 140 Strange locust tree Chapter 139 Pierce Chapter 138 Impersonator Chapter 137 First practice in water

Chapter 136 Magnetic field change Chapter 135 Knot on the rope Chapter 134 Reappearance of cornices Chapter 133 Coincides with its grove Chapter 132 Bus yield event Chapter 131 Double repair Chapter 130 Ning Ningyun Chapter 129 subtle Chapter 128 Cast a river to save people Chapter 127 Crying beauty Chapter 126 Xia Xiaotong's Home Chapter 125 Fox fake tiger

Chapter 124 Beer bottle popping Chapter 123 Follow the vine Chapter 122 ktv awkward event Chapter 121 Hanging street lights Chapter 120 Disobey Chapter 119 Lin Youxi's help Chapter 118 Farewell to Miyoshi Chapter 117 Drunk Women Chapter 116 Drunk Chapter 115 Lou Mei Chapter 114 The female thief is really Shu Qingge Chapter 113 Office treatment

Chapter 112 Lesson Shu Qingge Chapter 111 Shu Qingge's Provocation Chapter 110 Burst Entertainment Chapter 109 The two newcomers who will be booming Chapter 108 I come to be the master Chapter 107 Younger brother Chapter 106 Protagonist Chapter 105 Small role Chapter 104 play a small role Chapter 103 Dai people Chapter 102 Big star drill mahjong table Chapter 101 Play majiang

Chapter 100 Pointing Ning Ningyun Chapter 99 because of love Chapter 98 Ning Ningyun like a robot Chapter 97 Looking at the phone Chapter 96 From lower abdomen to thigh Chapter 95 Wash your face Chapter 94 Aunt rubbing Chapter 93 Female thief is a big star Chapter 92 Borrow aunt's towel Chapter 91 Shu Qingge's Bodyguard Chapter 90 Treatment for Shen Wanqing Chapter 89 Women are afraid of men

Chapter 88 Queen scandal Chapter 87 Turn a maid home for housework Chapter 86 Take me home Chapter 85 What a thief Chapter 84 Qing Benjia Chapter 83 Parting service of big stars Chapter 82 National Art and Massage Chapter 81 No scar Chapter 80 Was seated Chapter 79 Behind the scenes Chapter 78 Thunder Chapter 77 Why is the maple leaf so red

Chapter 76 Five hundred funeral expenses Chapter 75 I'm wrong Chapter 74 Changing clothes in the quilt Chapter 73 Hug and back Chapter 72 Carry one on your back Chapter 71 Car accident Chapter 70 Eye-catching under the skirt Chapter 69 Long drought meets Gan Lin Chapter 68 Diamond ticket Chapter 67 Six bucks Chapter 66 My old queen Chapter 65 Brother and sister photo

Chapter 64 Almost fall Chapter 63 Dating in private with Shen Wanqing Chapter 62 Three girls together Chapter 61 Sorry not to find you Chapter 60 Join forces to save people Chapter 59 Undress me Chapter 58 You all are mine Chapter 57 Black hand posting task Chapter 56 Toilet talk Chapter 55 Bartender Zhou Shan Chapter 54 Lin Youxi is jealous Chapter 53 Cable car incident

Chapter 52 Feed the herb yourself Chapter 51 Storm Wet Skirt Chapter 50 Fire blue snake and snake kiss flower Chapter 49 Poisonous Yang Lazi Chapter 48 Good mountain climbing Chapter 47 Speeding car Chapter 46 Smash Porsche in one punch Chapter 45 Shocked the audience Chapter 44 Accompany my sister-in-law to the autumn tour Chapter 43 Qing Yuelou Leng Qiutong Chapter 42 Practice on the CD cover Chapter 41 Bath storm

Chapter 40 A view of the subway Chapter 39 Was found Chapter 38 Leave a legend Chapter 37 The car **** of the past was challenged Chapter 36 Take the lesson Chapter 35 Great wolf dog bites Chapter 34 He is not nice Chapter 33 go home with me Chapter 32 Tapping secrets Chapter 31 Diner storm Chapter 30 Go out with Dong Youyou Chapter 29 Have you worn

Chapter 28 Lift escape Chapter 27 Your things are missing Chapter 26 Assaulted for no reason Chapter 25 Fake boyfriend sees real parents Chapter 24 I bet on this hand Chapter 23 Big sea big fish Chapter 22 Lin Ruochu ~ 21st floor massage Chapter 20 Arguing with auntie Chapter 19 Bowstruck Bird Chapter 18 Than arrows Chapter 17 Archery shield

Chapter 16 Be my boyfriend Chapter 15 Fake boyfriend Chapter 14 Was found Chapter 13 Wrong person Chapter 12 Poppy Female Thief Chapter 11 Desert Island Night Chapter 10 Attacked halfway Chapter 9 Shen Wanqing's little boyfriend Chapter 8 Minister under the skirt Chapter 7 Shen Wanqing Chapter 6 Zero Strike King Chapter 5 Interview security

Chapter 4 Beauty wakes up Chapter 3 Locker room event Chapter 2 I won't retire this marriage Chapter 1 Pick up a beauty and go home

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