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Chapter 588: Fierce Fighting Finger Mystery


Xu Qingmo and Song Zixuan walked out of the Song family, all the way north, no longer attached.品 书 网


After Song Zixuan cried for a long time, she finally stopped her tears and wrapped her mother's spiritual position carefully with a piece of cloth.


"Chen Muzi, where are we going?" Song Zixuan looked up and asked Xu Qingmo.


"Beijing." Xu Qingmo's eyes stared into the distance, his tone hidden with a hint of excitement.


He was going to find Zeng Chujian and wake up Lin Ruochu.


When I came to this era, I realized that the world is huge, and there are many masters. There are only 100 masters, and there are over a hundred. His top ten master list is even more powerful. In it, there are more powerful characters. With the strength of Xu Qingmo at that time, Can't be carefree.


After these days of hardening, Xu Qingmo's strength has risen to a new level, enough to go through the capital.


And the thought of Lin Ruochu made Xu Qingmo unable to wait any longer.


So once the Song Zixuan family had dealt with things, he hurried to Beijing.


Song Zixuan nodded, looking at Xu Qingmo looking out of his way, his heart faintly lost.


Chen Muzi seems to have a very important person in his heart, himself ... in his eyes, it is just a little girl ...


It was getting dark, and Xu Qingmo and Song Zixuan found someone on the roadside and wanted to stay, but they found no one inside.


This year, soldiers and horses are in chaos, and many civilians have fled their hometowns.


The two simply packed up and were able to move in.


Song Zixuan went to the kitchen to find the last bit of broken rice, cooked it, and no vegetables. He dug some wild vegetables outside to deal with it.


After eating, the two went to sleep in different rooms.


At midnight, Yuesheng, Xu Qingmo stepped out of the house and came to the open space outside.


At this moment, the moonlight flowed, as if silver yarn, falling from the sky.


"Come out, you already followed in the evening, when will you wait?" Xu Qingmo said.


A distant treetop, a figure gradually emerged.


Song naked jade, she was calm at the moment, seeing no sadness, standing high, looking down at Xu Qingmo.


"You killed my brother." Song naked jade said.


"He should kill." Xu Qing Mo said.


Song Nayu took a deep breath: "After all, he is my brother."


"I kill, don't look at the background." Xu Qingmo said lightly.


Song Nuoyu was speechless, and then said again after a while, "I said that night and asked you to leave immediately, but you did not have to make a big noise and leave the next day, now it is late."


"Oh, what about the character I can't afford?" Xu Qingmo said, "Can it be you?"


Song Nude didn't speak, and turned slightly, bending over to the full moon in the sky.


Xu Qingmo was suddenly close to the enemy, and his muscles were tightened.


I saw the moonlight in the night sky like water, a figure emerged from scratch, slowly emerged, without wings, but able to take control of the moonlight in the air, and waved down.


Xu Qingmo looked up, because he was facing the moonlight, he could not see the specific appearance of the person coming, but he could only see that the other party was a woman, wearing white clothes, as if fused with the moonlight of the sky.


"You are the one who is absolutely cold and cold." The moonlight's figure spoke, his voice was faint and indistinct, as if all moonlight was in the same place, it was his voice.


Cold moon order!


Hearing these three words, Xu Qingmo brow suddenly, remembered.


At the time at the Sky Guard, he received a cold moon order and was eventually thrown away by him on the spot.


At that time, Shi Zhaoxue said that he would be in trouble, and then asked Wei Wuyan back and forth, and said that Leng Yueling was the master of the moon, but a master in the realm of mystery!


Xu Qingmo's eyes narrowed slightly, looking at the figure of Moonlight, and the corners of his mouth gradually widened: "Oh, are you the Lord of the Moon?"


"Give you another chance to become my messenger of the cold moon, you will be my most dependent man." Moon Lord in Moonlight Road.


Xu Qingmo smiled suddenly: "You think too much."


Then he looked at Song Nude again: "You are also a messenger of Lengyue? No wonder you hide in a small Song family, but you can have a master's situation, right, then she is ..."


Xu Qingmo remembered it again. A few days ago, when he was tracking Song Nude himself, he chased a small bamboo forest, and there he met a very mysterious person, who did not meet, but felt the horror of the other party, and even could fall leaves. For the sword, forced himself back.


That person is the Lord of the Moon, but when did she not make a shot, but wait till now?


"You are the first person to refuse my cold moon order three or five times." Yuezhu said lightly, "OK, good."


"Unfortunately, good people, bad lives."


At the next moment, the main figure of the moon suddenly disappeared, completely integrated into the moonlight.


Xu Qingmo's whole body was cold at first. At this time, the danger he felt was just greater, and all the moonlight around him repeatedly became the enemy's sword, and he could swarm himself at any time.


Song naked jade shook her head, and in her eyes Xu Qingmo was already dead and no longer cared, but jumped down from the treetops and walked towards the quiet houses.


Xu Qingmo was like a thorn in his back, he didn't dare to move in one step, but he couldn't hold it that long.


"Yi Xuan ... Is this Xuan Xuan?" Xu Qingmo said slowly, then his eyes flashed, "Let me see, what power does Xuan Xuan have!"


Xu Qingmo stood upright, staring directly at the moon in the night sky, still ubiquitous moonlight, and then raised his arms diagonally like a fishing rod.


Fishing for eight thousand miles in a single pole!


Refers to the pressure that Xuanyue Lord put on Xu Qingmo so much that when he shot it, it was such a magnificent move.


I saw that Xu Qingmo's arm was not moving like a mountain, as if the halberd of the sky, pierced into the night sky.


The moonlight was softer, softer, but also colder, and slowly approached Xu Qingmo. The moonlight around him grew unknowingly thick, as if the moonlight around him was attracted, gathered around him and gathered.




Suddenly, Xu Qingmo's arm rose suddenly, and he picked it up like a fishing rod for a big fish.


Pick up!


Around the whole place, the moonlight was disturbed, and it spread like a thick fog, but it was caught by Xu Qingmo and shot into the sky.


The thick moonlight dissipated in an instant, Xu Qingmo stood in place, his clothes hunting and making a noise.


However, the figure of the Lord of the Moon is still integrated into the Moonlight.


Xu Qingmo smiled suddenly: "I see you."


In the next moment, a white rainbow and a green mansion spun out of Xu Qingmo's sleeves. When empty walking, the virtual room was shocked!


Qingmang was alive, like a dragon, twisted in the moonlight twist, and the void gave birth to a blue wave.


Bai Hong is clear, straight forward, and mighty, as if thousands of sprints and sprints, killing all around!


Blue Horn, Bai Sujian!


The fishing of Xinghe just now is just Xu Qingmo's bait. His real killing trick is these two green and white rainbows!


"Hey!" A cracked sound of the cloth rang softly, like a whisper between lovers.


Qingmang returned to his sleeve, Bai Hong was in the sheath.


Everything goes quiet.


Xu Qingmo's mouth overflowed with bloodshot blood.


And a figure appeared in front of him three feet.


The white shirt had long sleeves and was sloppy, with his back to this side, as if it were unharmed, except that the sleeve on the right had a crack.


"Xuanxuan, this means Xuan." Xu Qingmo grinned.


Yuezhu didn't speak, and he waved his left hand gently, and the moonlight around him condensed again, this time it was no longer empty, but instead condensed directly into a silver blade, stabbing towards Xu Qingmo.


Xu Qingmo looked at her eyes, and her pupils suddenly narrowed.


This is ... Putting inside and out, Shengsheng attracts the surrounding moonlight together to form a substantial blade!


This level of internal control is really amazing!


Xu Qingmo couldn't do it himself, this is the gap between him and Zhixuan.


Xu Qingmo stepped back, Bai Hong flashed across his waist, Bai Sujian attacked again.


Bai Hong was brave and rushed towards the Moonlight Blade.


The moonlight blade is just the formation of moonlight inside. There will be no tough soldier Bai Sujian tough and sharp. If it collides, it must be Bai Sujian winning.


Unfortunately, when the two white rays are about to collide with each other, the sharp moonlight blade suddenly drifts away and re-spreads into moonlight!


Bai Sujian stabbed in the air, stabbed in from a cloud of drifting moonlight, and stabbed straight to the main moon.


However, Yuezhu's figure faded and disappeared.


Bai Sujian completely failed.


On this side, the scattered moonlight, after avoiding Bai Sujian, condensed again and became a moonlight blade again, and this time it was sharper, tougher, and faster. It was against Xu Qingmo's chest, and instantly to.


At the very moment when Xu Qingmo was thinking, Qing Mang shot from his sleeve and blocked his chest.


The moonlight sharp blade stabbed at the corner of the blue, spreading out suddenly, drifting into the moonlight.


But the strength didn't disappear, hitting the blue angle steeply and then retreating, and hitting Xu Qingmo's chest again.


Xu Qingmo was knocked out and flew out.


The dissipated moonlight, although it did not continue to condense, seemed to have life, chased away silently, attached to Xu Qingmo's chest ...


"you're awake."


Song Nude walked into the room and looked at Song Zixuan at the door.


Song Zixuan looked nervously. Although she could not see the outside battle with her eyesight, she just felt blurry, but she could feel that Chen Mu was fighting outside, and she could only watch from a distance and couldn't get close to help.


"He offended Yuezhu, it's difficult ..." Song Nuyu said.


"No, it won't, Chen Mucheng won't. He said he would take me to the capital and he would definitely take me." Song Zixuan firmly said.


Song Nude shook her head, but did not refute Song Zixuan on the spot.


"Are you going to catch me back?" Song Zixuan looked at Song Yude.


Song naked jade shook his head again: "I have nothing to do with the Song family."




"They did not consider you as the Song family, nor did they regard me as the Song family. They never asked me for their opinions. They would marry me to a stranger, hum, such a family, don't bother."


Song Zixuan silently, she felt this feeling.


"I'll accompany you to the capital." Song Nuyu suddenly said.


"Ah?" Song Zixuan was surprised.


Song naked jade did not explain in detail, but said: "If you want to wait for that person, you can stay here for three days. He hasn't come to you for three days. You go to Beijing with me."


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