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Chapter 587 You Think


Everyone ran into the Lingtang and saw that the place where the spiritual position of Song Zixuan's mother was originally placed was empty!


The members of the Song family suddenly sank. They looked at Xu Qingmo with some fear. They were not afraid of Song Zixuan, but they were worried that Xu Qingmo was angry and shot. That was not what they could afford. Even Ren Jia was beaten away. Pinshu


"It's impossible. I saw it here last night, here." Song Tianmin explained to Song Zixuan for the first time, but his eyes were on Xu Qingmo, worried that he would make a shot.


Xu Qingmo frowned slightly, and did not immediately express his attitude, just watching Song Zixuan.


Song Zixuan was so anxious that she wanted to find it but could not find it.


"Someone must have taken it!" Song Tianmin calmed down quickly and glanced at all the Song families. "Who hid it and gave it to me quickly."


Song Zixuan was unpopular in the Song family, and someone must have tried to humiliate him, but now, Xu Qingmo's strength and background, beyond the expectations of the Song family, are so annoying that he is trying to die!


"Please wait for a while, I must come up with a statement on this matter." Song Tianmin hurried to Xu Qingmo.


"I just want to pick up my mother." Song Zixuan shed tears. "As long as I get my mother's spiritual bit, my horse will go."


"Isn't it possible that such a small wish cannot be achieved?"


Song Zixuan's face had tears on her face, and she looked pitifully to the people around Song family.


Song Tianmin was more and more anxious. He knew which Song family had been hidden from the scene, but he refused to stand up.


Eyes swept across everyone's face, and Song Tianmin suddenly found something wrong. His most beloved grandson, Song Zongming, was dodging his eyes at this moment. He kept backing away from the crowd, and there was something bulging under his clothes.


It's him!


Song Tianmin instantly understood that using Song Zongming to break away from his naughty temperament, he would indeed do such a thing.


But should you call him right away? Song Tianmin hesitated.


He glanced at Xu Qingmo secretly, and saw Xu Qingmo's brows frown even deeper, and he seemed to be angry.


If Song Zongming were asked to come out at this time, would this Xu Qingmo be furious and shoot at Song Zongming?


Song Tianmin was worried that Song Zongming was his beloved grandson and he didn't want to let him be harmed in any way.


With such a hesitation, Song Zongming had already retreated to the door, and after a few blinks, he could slip away.


Song Tianmin made a decision. Do n’t know, as long as Xu Qingmo can't catch someone on the spot, he has no excuse to counter anger.


Song Tianmin knew that Song Zongming was naughty, but at this time, he had to cover him and let his granddaughter Song Zixuan stand alone and cry.


However, at the moment Song Zongming was about to leave the yard, Xu Qingmo shot suddenly.




Xu Qingmo's figure disappeared in the hall instantly, came behind Song Zongming, grabbed his neck, and carried him back to the center of the hall like holding a chicken.


"Let me go, let me go!" Song Zongming cried, waving his limbs wildly.


Looking at the eyes, Song Tianmin was anxious, and said, "Sir, this is ..."


"Let me go!" Song Zongming continued to struggle and wanted to kick Xu Qingmo, but a woodcut spirit bit fell out of his clothes.




The spirit position fell to the ground, and a crack suddenly broke out, and the entire spirit position almost broke apart.




Song Zixuan exclaimed, and flew over, the whole person kneeled on the ground, holding up the spiritual position with both hands.


However, the crack of the spiritual position cannot be repaired, and it is ugly, like a scar.


Song Zixuan's tears burst into tears, more turbulent.


Xu Qingmo threw Song Zongming to the ground, but he climbed up with a bone, saw Song Zixuan crying holding the spirit bit, and scratched his head and said.


"Sister Zi Xuan, I'm just joking with you, nothing else."


"I was going to secretly hand her over to you. I thought you couldn't get it. You see I'm right for you."


Song Zixuan ignored him at all, but just kept crying and holding the spirit in his arms.


"Oh, isn't it a broken wooden sign? If you want, I will spend two eldest sons and let the carpenters on the street carve you a yes."


Song Zixuan closed her eyes, tears rolled down her cheeks, dripped on her clothes, and soaked.


"Shut up!" Song Tianmin exasperated.


But it was too late, Xu Qingmo had already shot it, and a card owner Song Zongming's neck lifted him up.


"Woohoo ..."


Song Zongming grabbed Xu Qingmo's arm with both hands and kicked his legs straight, but he was powerless.


"Please let Zong Ming go." Song Tianmin couldn't help it.


Xu Qingmo didn't bother, and he had more strength. Song Zongming's face turned pale, and he was about to suffocate.


"Let him go!"


At this time, a cold shouting sounded, a figure flew quickly, and slapped Xu Qingmo's back with one palm.


This palm is very tricky, and the power cannot be underestimated. Xu Qingmo had to let go of his hand, avoid it, and then turned around.


Song Zongming fell to the ground, covering his neck, breathing hard.


Song naked jade stood in front of him, watching Xu Qingmo vigilantly.


"You can't kill him." Song naked jade said.


"I have to kill him." Xu Qingmo said.


"He is my brother."


"I care who he is!"


Xu Qingmo's tone sank, and his right hand was slowly raised.


Song naked jade was like an enemy, and his whole body climbed to the top, his hair spread out, and he looked like he was waiting.


When Song Zongming coughed, he fell to the ground and looked at Xu Qingmo with hate.


"Sister, kill him, he wants to kill me, kill me soon!" Song Zongming yelled at Xu Qingmo.


"Shut up!" Song Nude said impatiently.


"I reminded you that you'd better leave quickly and still have time, otherwise ..." Song Nuyu stared at Xu Qingmo, "... you will be in great danger."


"You better take care of yourself first." Xu Qingmo said lightly, then suddenly his eyes were frozen, and his eyes fell on the floor of Song Zongming.


The soles of Song Zongming's soles had clear prints, and Xu Qingmo recognized them at a glance, exactly the same as that of Song Zixuan's window last night.


Therefore, the person who stunned Song Zixuan last night was Song Zongming!


What he wanted Song Zixuan to do?


If Xu Qingmo hadn't returned in time, he would have succeeded!


Song Zongming did exactly what Xu Qingmo didn't know, but he knew that there was absolutely nothing good!


Xu Qingmo's eyes gradually cooled down.


"Do you think I can't kill him?"


As soon as Xu Qingmo's words fell, Song Nuyu's face changed greatly, but she had no time to do anything, and Xu Qingmo in front of her had disappeared.


The next moment, the wind rose and everyone was in front of him. Xu Qingmo had already appeared on the top of Song Nude's head, and Song Zongming stepped on the ground.


Song Zongming did not respond at all, his face was still vicious, his eyes were still staring at Xu Qingmo's position.


Song naked jade whispered, the whole person jumped towards him, crossed his hands across his chest, and collided with Xu Qingmo.


Strangely, she felt Xu Qingmo's softness and lack of strength. Instead, she let her energy-saving grid block the air, like punching into cotton with a punch.


As soon as Xu Qingmo stepped on Song Nuyu's arm, the whole person stepped back and landed next to Song Zixuan.


Song Zixuan cried and cried, holding the spirit position, the whole person was a little stupid.


Xu Qingmo bent down gently and took her hand.


"I'll take you away."


Talking, Xu Qingmo took Song Zixuan's little hand and walked outside, Song Zixuan was taken by him.


Everyone quickly backed away, and quickly gave way, watching Xu Qingmo leave without any daring to stop.


Song Tianmin breathed a sigh of relief. The killing **** finally left, and his grandson was fine.


Song naked jade is also relaxed, and at the same time, a strange glance at Song Zongming behind him.


Xu Qingmo said he was going to kill him, but suddenly gave up. This is not his style.


But that's okay. He's always attacking well. He's really not sure how to deal with him. The feeling he gives himself is really strong.


But no matter how strong he is, he is not his opponent. He will leave a little later, and that man is going to shoot.


Hurry up and go ... Song Naoyu thought.


"Hahaha, coward, don't you want to kill me?"


Song Zongming jumped up, his face was arrogant, and Xu Qingmo's back was taunting.


"I stand here, are you here? Are you here? Are you here?"


"Don't you want to know why I stole her mother's spirit? I want to throw it into that pit and let you find it, hahahaha!"


"The rotten **** is not worthy of standing in the soul hall of my Song family!"


"Do you know I wanted to give her medicine last night?"


"If it wasn't for your blind cat who just came across a dead mouse, I would have dragged her out to reward the street man!"


"At that time, see if she has any face to marry Ren Changfeng, Ren Changfeng will have no time to abandon her!"


Song Zongming kept clamoring, the whole person could not wait to jump up.


"To shut up!"


"Shut up!"


Song Tianmin and Song Nuyu shouted together, they could not wait to sew Song Zongming's mouth immediately.


Xu Qingmo managed to let go of you, and why would you provoke him at this time?


Song Nuoyu was even more frightened. She didn't expect that her brother's mind was so vicious that she was too busy practicing and didn't see it. At this moment, she even had a feeling of not knowing the person in front of her.


Fortunately, at this time, Song Zixuan was crying silly, and did not respond, and Xu Qingmo continued to walk outside as if she had not heard.


Two figures disappeared completely at the door.


Song Nude was completely at ease.


"I don't want to, I want to say! Don't leave!" Song Zongming yelled, and still spoke.


"Shut up for me!" Song Nuoyu was annoyed and raised her hand to fan Zongming's mouth.


But she just raised her hand, and before she fell, she felt a powerful and unstoppable force falling from the air.


This is ... the strength that Xu Qingmo just sent out, but now it just fell down!


No wonder just now his foot was completely powerless.


This powerful invisible force fell on Song Zongming's body in front of Song Nude.


Song Zongming arrogantly opened his face and instantly solidified.


The next moment, a blood-stained crack appeared on his forehead, and then the crack quickly expanded, instantly spreading like a spider, spreading over the tip of his nose, neck, arms, fingers, knees, toes ... all around him.


"No!" Song Nude shouted.


In her shout, Song Zongming exploded, shattered into pieces, mixed with blood and water, and splashed to all the Song families present.


"Do you think I can't kill him?"


Xu Qingmo's previous words seemed to sound again.


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