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Chapter 585: No One Can Marry


"Do you like this guy?" Ren Changfeng froze, looking at Xu Qingmo.


Song Zixuan's face suddenly turned red, like a ripe red apple, cute and people could not wait to hold it and take a bite.


Seeing Song Zixuan's expression, Ren Changfeng naturally understood. When he looked at Xu Qingmo again, his eyes almost burst into anger.


Xu Qingmo was already light and light, standing there, not moving.


Song Zixuan secretly raised his head and glanced at Xu Qingmo. Seeing his calm expression, he felt a little flustered for a while, not knowing whether he was happy or unhappy.


Wood ... don't you like me?


"What a Song family!"


Ren Changfeng did not directly find Xu Qingmo to settle accounts, but looked up at the Song family.


"It was you who told me that Zi Xuan died in a foreign country, so I had to accept another woman in your family, but now?"


Ren Changfeng stretched his fingers to Song Zixuan. "Zi Xuan is standing in front of me alive now! Have you said anything to the dog?"


"Cheat me to marry another Song daughter? You are cheating me!"


"The cost of deceiving me is great!" Ren Changfeng stared straight at Song Tianmin, speaking like a knife.


At this moment, the Song family panicked.


An uncle from Song Zixuan hurriedly said, "Don't be angry, how can we dare to cheat you? Isn't that the reason why this little girl wasn't dead? If you knew it earlier, I'd let her marry you."


"Yes, it's not too late to know now," said another woman. "Anyway, you and naked jade haven't gotten married yet, let this little girl marry you now."


"Yes, this is the best!"


"What the wind says less is what."


Everyone reunited, fearing that Ren Changfeng would be angry and blame it.


Song Zixuan listened to these people and discussed them as if they were goods. Suddenly she was a little scared, and her body trembled.


Xu Qingmo reached out her hand, held her hand, and squeezed it hard to make her feel at ease.


Song Zixuan immediately felt relieved, feeling the temperature coming from her palms, and she was not at ease.


With wood around, don't be afraid.


"Oh, did you decide this way?" Xu Qingmo interrupted as soon as I discussed with everyone in the Song family how to arrange the marriage of Song Zixuan and Ren Changfeng.


The audience was quiet and everyone looked at Xu Qingmo.


"Do you take Zi Xuan as your Song family for granted?"


"Yesterday I whispered that she would be kicked out, but forgot today?"


"Still I remind you?"


The entire Song family, everyone down, seemed to be choking his throat with an invisible hand, making no sound.


"Zixuan ..." Finally, Song Baohua spoke first. "You are my daughter and you are from the Song family."


"Yes, you are from the Song family, my niece?"


"Zixuan, you are the pearl of my Song family." The unscrupulous uncles and uncles also changed their faces.


"If you marry less wind, you won't suffer. The wind is less severe and so good to you. Your previous life is much stronger." Song Baohua thought for a while and said.


"Tian is shameless." Xu Qingmo laughed.


"I don't want to!" Song Zixuan also said firmly.


"I'm me, I won't marry someone I don't like."


"Moreover, I was not from the Song family yesterday. I just came to take away my mother's spirit."


Song Zixuan's voice was crisp, ringing the entire Song family hall, striking everyone's face before.


Song Tianmin held the seat armrest tightly with both hands, looked at Xu Qingmo and Song Zixuan, and slowly said, "As long as you go home, I am willing to bow to you to admit your mistakes, and they will leave it to you."


The family owner apologized for this, which Song Tianmin couldn't give up. He even asked Song Zixuan to promise to return to the Song family. The second return to the Song family meant that he would marry Ren Changfeng for his family.


This is difficult for strong men!


Xu Qingmo didn't speak, Song Zixuan had shook her head, her heart was completely dead yesterday, even though the Song family still has Song Nuyu and a kind aunt, she is a relative to her, but for the entire family, she has no more feeling.


This time, the entire Song family collapsed.


"Dare to refuse!" A man stood up immediately.


"There is less wind, you can rest assured that today is tied, I will also give you Song Zixuan tied."


Then, the man shouted "Where is the swordman!"




A total of eighty people suddenly came in from the outside, each holding a knife and axe, fiercely evil, and surrounded Xu Qingmo and Song Zixuan.


"Now you have two choices, one is that you marry Feng Shao, I let him leave, and one I hacked him, you still have to marry Feng Shao." The man fiercely said.


"Not good!" Song Baohua shouted!


Song Tianmin closed his eyes and sighed heavily.


Everyone knew that he was a guru, and he even shouted the swordman ...


Xu Qingmo sneered, holding Song Zixuan, leaping forward, and fell in front of the man before everyone responded.


"I choose the third one. We are both fine. You are fine!"


Xu Qingmo said, kicking his foot on the man's waist, he directly lifted it and flew to the room surrounded by the 80 axemen.




The man screamed and fell to the ground, still motionless and not even struggling.


Not that he didn't want to struggle, but that his entire spine was broken by Xu Qingmo, and he was paralyzed and unable to move.


From the man shouting a knife and axe to Chen Qingying breaking his cervical spine, it all happened in a short moment. When the man's painful cry sounded, everyone in the Song family reacted and took a step back, watching Xu Qingmo looked like a monster.


Yesterday, the fear of being dominated by Xu Qingmo alone re-emerged.


"Give me ... kill him!" The man in the ground held back the pain and shouted.


The eighty sword and axe shook the sword and axe of the handshake, and they turned to Xu Qingmo to get their hands on it.


But none of them dared to take that first step. They were all masters of the Song family. They had experienced slaughter and had vision to know the depth of their opponents.


The one Xu Qingmo just showed must be the means of the Grand Master!


Which dares to be the first to bear the wrath of the Grand Master?


Even if eighty people are added together, they may not be a master's opponent!


"That's enough, you back down."


Finally, Song Tianmin, who had been sitting here, finally stood up with a cane, his voice was quite old.


Eighty swordsman, like amnesty, retired.


Song Tianmin first looked at Xu Qingmo and Song Zixuan, and said, "I am the Song family. I'm sorry for you. I can't blame you like this. You don't want to be the Song family anymore, and I don't force you."


Then Song Tianmin looked at Ren Changfeng again and solemnly said, "The wind is low. This time, it is my confusion. Now things are like this. If you want to marry my Song family daughter, Song Nude will marry you. If you want to marry Song Zixuan , I ... we Song family, I'm afraid we can't decide. "


Ren Changfeng frowned, and his voice was cold. "Also, your Song family, did you deceive me?"


"So, are you ready for my anger?"


Everyone in the Song family exclaimed.


"Wood ..." Song Zixuan dragged Xu Qingmo's hand and wanted him to save the Song family.


Xu Qingmo looked up at the roof. "Don't worry, I don't have to take a shot."


As soon as the words fell, a beautiful shadow fluttered down from the roof and landed on the scene. It was really naked Song Yu.


"Nude Jade Sister!" Song Zixuan's eyes brightened and she whispered out.


"I am Song Nude, are you going to marry me?" Song Nude looked at Ren Changfeng.


Ren Changfeng stared blankly at Song Nuyu, and had to say that Song Nuyu was not ugly, even in terms of appearance and temperament. Song Zixuan still had a good line, and from the sky, it added a lot of charm.


"Oh, are you Song Nude?" Ren Changfeng raised his lips and looked up. "Nice."


"Okay, I want you." Ren Changfeng suddenly changed his face and said loudly, "Ready to get married, I'm going to dig with you tonight."


The entire Song family was relieved.


"You want to marry me, did I agree?" Song Nuyu suddenly said.


"Ah?" Everyone in the Song family was in an uproar. Just now Song Zixuan was unwilling, so why was Song Nude suddenly unwilling?


"I won't marry him, but you don't have to worry about how he will treat the Song family." Song Nuyu glanced lightly, his voice cold.


All the Song families were shocked, as if this was the first time they had known Song Nade.


Remember that she is not a very good little girl. When will she martial arts, she is still so domineering.


"Oh? Where do you have the courage to dare to say such things?" Ren Changfeng laughed at Song Nayu's words, and he was not polite.


Song Nude turned her head, looked at him, and said lightly, "Don't you know? Then I let you know."


After speaking, Song Nude's figure suddenly disappeared, then suddenly appeared beside Ren Changfeng, raised his hand and pressed it on his shoulder.


At the next moment, Song Nude's figure disappeared again, but returned to the previous position.


If it weren't for Song Nuoyu's skirt horns floating, she seemed to have not moved at all.


Another master like Xu Qingmo!


"Guru ..." Song Baohua exclaimed in a low voice, "When did the naked jade become a master?"


The whole process of Song Nude was as fast as lightning. From beginning to end, Ren Changfeng didn't even react.


When he reacted, his face changed drastically, and he quickly reached out and covered his shoulders, and then looked at Song Nuyu's eyes, which was completely different.


"Well, I won't marry you." For a long time, Ren Changfeng uttered such a word that surprised everyone.


Heaven is not afraid of the ground, the entire Shangdong Ren Changfeng is so high that he actually bowed his head! Looking down at Song Nude!


The Song family only felt that everything that happened today could not bear their own heart, and the fluttering flutters all jumped out of their throats.


Xu Qingmo's eyes fell on the naked jade body in Song, and it really had a mysterious background, and Ren Changfeng could only willingly bow his head.


Ren Changfeng took a deep breath and turned to look at Song Zixuan.


"I want to marry you!"


"I don't agree." Xu Qingmo said lightly.


"Then I killed you!" Ren Changfeng roared!


"Oh, right?" Chen Qing smiled.




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