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My 24-year-old Beautiful Boss

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Novel Summary

In the beginning, he was a security guard, Xiao Xu,

Later, he became the CEO’s personal bodyguard,

After that, he became the personal secretary that all the female presidents of the world competed for.

In the end, everyone called him Mr. Xu.

As for him, he was the uncrowned king of the mercenary world.

Xu Qingmo, the King of Mercenaries, had intended to come back to break off the engagement, but he ended up finding a lovely CEO who lost her memory. He ended up protecting the beauty all the way, suffering from the stories of the CEO of Icemountain, the unruly student, the gentle white-collar worker, the mature young woman, and the beautiful star “ravaged”.

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Short Title:M24BB
Original Title:我的24岁美女总裁
Author:Qing Tong Yin
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Romance, Urban Fiction
Weekly Rank:#1361
Monthly Rank:#1164
All Time Rank:#1669

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