Carrying four bear paws, Chen Ling and Lao Ba returned to the livestock station.

Stationmaster Li has already prepared the medicine for him.

 He also heard about someone shooting a bear.

I was just waiting for Chen Ling to come back and visit the chicken farm.

As a result, Chen Ling came back with four bear paws, and his eyes widened in surprise: "Good guy, Fugui, you are really good. I haven't seen what that big bear looks like yet. What are you doing?" I bought all the bear paws."

 Chen Ling smiled, and before he could speak, Lao Ba said to his son-in-law: "Guess how much Fugui spent on these four bear hooves?"

 “Huh? Let me guess?”

 “Yes, guess the bigger one!”

“Well, well, I guess one hundred yuan!”

Stationmaster Li also knew Chen Ling's temper. At that time, his father-in-law went to Erwazi's chicken farm to buy a sheep with a big belly. Erwazi refused to sell it and directly gave him an extra hundred yuan.

You must know that the monthly salary of teachers in rural middle schools is just over one hundred yuan.

This guy, give each sheep an extra 100 yuan...

  Spending money is a great thing.

"Come on, you still dare not let go and guess... Just these four bear paws, each worth 200 yuan, a total of 800 yuan. Fugui also told the young people of Lao Niu's family in the west of the village that these bear paws have arrived in the market. Let them ask again, maybe they can still sell it for 400 yuan?

 It is said that a bear paw costs between 200 yuan and 400 yuan.

Just do the math, these four cost at least 800 yuan. For 800 yuan, you can buy a calf with a good head!

Fugui also said that he would ask people to go to the city to inquire. If the money given to them was less, he would also make up for the shortfall for the children. "

 Lao Ba started to read these words again, and almost scolded Chen Ling for being a prodigal.

 That’s not how you spend your money.

 “Hey, it’s so expensive, why buy four at once??”

Stationmaster Li was also shocked. Their family couldn't spend so much during the Chinese New Year.

 With this much money, I bought four bear hooves. If I add more, I can get a wife.

“With your ability, Fugui, if you want to eat this thing, you can’t just go to the mountains to fight. Why spend this money?”

 Come on, Station Master Li said the same thing, which made Chen Ling very depressed.

 You do have great confidence in me.

"I was lucky to catch the leopard. This blind bear is very fierce. I'm not that capable. I can catch it easily."

After hearing this, stationmaster Li looked at the four bear paws that Chen Ling hung on the motorcycle.

"Yes, the claws of this thing are so long, and the slap is so thick and thick. No one can bear it if it is slapped on the body. I have heard before that the people here who were bitten to death by the blind bear, met Pandora. Can’t run away.”

"No one can say otherwise. Things in the mountains are not simple. Over there, a leopard ran down the North Mountain. It lay in the ditch next to the cemetery at night. The hunter in our village heard about it and went to shoot it with a gun. He didn't get close, and without paying much attention, the leopard fell to the ground and sat directly on him.

That guy weighs one hundred and thirty pounds. That leopard is far worse than a bear, and he can knock someone over with just one blow. "

Chen Ling talked about what his fourth grandfather Chen Gannian told him.

"Okay, Dad, Fugui asked you to find a baby buffalo. Is there one on the market?" Stationmaster Li asked.

“No, it’s hard to find buffaloes. If you can get one or two in two months and sell them at the market, it will be good...”

The old man shook his head: "If you are looking for donkeys, mules, horses, or oxen, they are all easy to find. In recent years, there have been fewer buffaloes brought out for sale. This thing is different from other things. If you have paddy fields, you can raise them." It was just that for several years, I was reluctant to sell.

If you are not in a hurry, I will ask around for you. If nothing works, ask your guys in the city to look for it for you. The livestock market in the city is big and there are more livestock in it than here. "

 Chen Ling's eyes lit up when he heard this: "Hey, that's right, I'm going to pick up Tiger in the city in just two days, so we can take a look then."

“Hahaha, you guy, no wonder people make up stories for you and raise tigers... Speaking of which, I haven’t seen a tiger at your house yet.”

Stationmaster Li smiled.

Lao Ba knocked on his cigarette pot and said slowly: "I saw Fugui's two tigers once, they were very obedient, there was no evil in their eyes, and they even let the baby ride on them."

"So good, then when you bring it back this time, I have to go and see it... Oh, it's already past ten o'clock, I'd better go see the blind bear first, and you can chat with my dad some more... "

Stationmaster Li glanced at the time on the watch and hurriedly went out to see the black bear.

Chen Ling followed Lao Ba, picked up some commonly used veterinary drugs, and put them in the medicine box.

Seeing Ruirui getting sleepy in Chen Ling's arms, Lao Ba even gave Ruirui a small syringe with the needle pulled out for him to play with.

 “Hey, doll, look what this is.”

Ruirui rested her head on Chen Ling's shoulder, glanced at it, then stretched out a small hand listlessly, held the syringe in her hand, then retracted it, and buried her little head in her father's arms.

The old man looked at Chen Ling and grinned: "Come on, he is really sleepy. Let him sleep here for a while. There is a bed inside, and you can eat here at noon."

"No, I told my family that I have to rush back at noon."

 Chen Ling smiled: "I'll ride slower on the road and let him sleep."

"Okay, then you go slower on the road... I still like little babies like this. The babies in my family are all grown up, and they are all very skinny, so it's not easy to worry about."

 Lao Ba straightened Ruirui's clothes with a smile and sighed.

As Chen Ling walked out, he also responded: "This little thing seems to be good now. When he regains his energy, he will play endlessly."

 While talking, he walked outside, took off a strap from the motorcycle, and tied the brat in front of him.

 Then he slowly set out on the road.

“Go to sleep, Dad, ride slowly. When you wake up when you get home, it’s time to eat.”

Unexpectedly, walking all the way to Yangtougou, I met Zhao Yubao and Mr. Zhong, holding their bicycles on the side of the road and watching the excitement.

 The two donkey carts pulling wild fruits and mountain products refused to give way to anyone, and they both overturned into the ditch.

The two sides, an old man and a young man, were wrestling with each other by the side of the ditch, holding each other covered in mud.

 The two old men watched it with great interest, and even commented a few words from time to time.

Hearing the sound of the motorcycle, he turned around and saw that it was Chen Ling, and then turned around.

Zhao Yubao stared directly and said: "Okay, Fugui, you boy, we heard about it when we went to see the big bear. You rounded up all the bear's paws..."

Old man Zhong also said: "We thought you had left long ago, but we didn't expect you were still behind."

Chen Ling said: "I went to the animal husbandry station to get some medicine for Ermao Donkey's cattle."

“I heard that his house was busy when we came here.”

The two old men nodded together, then one looked at the bear's paw, and the other bent down to tease Ruirui: "Ruirui, why don't you talk to grandpa today?"

“Well, he was having fun at Xuecheng’s house yesterday, so he went to bed late and was not energetic when he got up in the morning.”

“Oh, let me speak softly... let’s go back together quickly. It’s uncomfortable to fall asleep on the road.”

 The two old men immediately lost their intention to continue watching the excitement here.

"It's okay. He can fall asleep anywhere. He sleeps deeply and is not afraid of noise."

 Then we hurried back together.

Since the two old men moved to the village, they often go to the county and village fairs whenever there are fairs.

  Chen Xiaoer, who moved in behind, was also like this.

 All three of them like the atmosphere of going to the market.

 Prefer to eat at large gatherings.

Visit various food stalls.

This time I also rode a big bike with a snakeskin bag on the back seat and went to the countryside.

   I didn’t say what I wanted to buy, it was just a stroll.

On the way, they talked about bears in the mountains and Chen Ling spending money to buy bear paws.

 The two old men were very curious.

 The two of them had also been to the chicken farm just now and saw the black bear.

 I know how Chen Ling bought bear paws.

 I also know what Chen Ling said.

He asked in confusion: "I don't think there is a medicine store in the county. It is said that it is a century-old store. It should be able to collect bear bile, right?"

"Yes, although bear bile is more expensive than gold, aren't there some gold jewelry stores in the county? I heard someone in the village say that the jewelry stores in Tobacco City are bigger, and every winter the leather collectors are also from Tobashi City. Do you still need to go to the city?"

“This is not that simple. Century-old stores can also cheat people. There are more century-old stores in Fenglei Town, and the houses are all from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. They should cheat you anyway.”

Chen Ling shook his head.

  Although the mountains on their side are closed, there are many old things and objects with a certain age.

 Forget about the medicine store.

This mountain is originally produced in this kind of food, so it makes sense that there is a century-old store.

Even the dumpling shop has a century-old history.

 Although there is definitely moisture in this century.

 But I heard from Fourth Grandpa that that store existed in the Republic of China.

There was a little Japanese chicken thief who even stole the dumpling recipe from the first generation boss.

"Oh, that's right. There are more old things over there in Fenglei Town, and the old house is really beautiful." "Yes, it was demolished too hard, and now everyone is fighting for it. We have to demolish it and build a small foreign-style building." Chen Ling used to feel sorry for this, but then he thought about the same situation in his own village. People's ideas in their minds have not changed yet. Let's wait until there is a suitable time in the future.

Chatting along the way.

 Ruirui fell asleep in his arms.

He is not very fast on a motorcycle, so two old men can ride with him on bicycles.

 Back in the village, the most lively place was the open space in front of the brigade.

There were donkey carts and mule carts from various villages parked, as well as tractors coming from the cannery to collect wild fruits.

Chen Ling passed by the village and went to have a look there. He asked Han Chuang about the situation there and learned that everything was normal and the expansion of the factory was going smoothly.

His neighbor who runs a biscuit factory has never bothered the Han Chuang brothers since he was scolded by Chen Ling.

 After paying proper attention to the situation, Chen Ling sent Ruirui home and let the brat have a solid sleep first.

Liang Hongyu and Qin Qiumei were also at home, but he didn't say a few words.

 He rode his motorcycle to Ermao Donkey’s house to give the cow an injection.

By this time, the scalper had woken up, but he was still lying helplessly in the hay. When he saw Chen Ling approaching, he even stuck out his tongue and slowly licked the back of his hand.

The second donkey smacked his lips when he saw it: "No wonder people say that dogs and cows are the most familiar with each other. This cow has been willing to be around rich people since he was a child."

“Ha, there’s nothing we can do about it. We have a lot of animals at home, so when we go outside, we’ll do this.”

 Chen Ling looked at the formerly cheerful little ox, which now looked sickly, and couldn't help but reach out and pat its head: "Remember, don't eat randomly in the future."

 The old yellow dog from Ermao Donkey’s family is very understanding of human nature.

No one said anything about it. It turned its ears behind its back and swung its tail wildly while licking its mouth with its tongue. The sullen look on its face made it look like a Japanese Shiba Inu.

 Obviously he knew he had done something wrong.

"This dog...has done bad things with good intentions..."

 Chen Ling smiled when he saw this, stretched out his hand and touched its head: "Other than this, he is still a good dog."

 “Hey, this dog of mine is Renyi.”

  With the praise of Chen Ling, the best dog owner in the village, the two donkeys barked proudly and beamed with joy.

 Then he called his son and daughter-in-law to get the money.

 Chen Ling basically only charges a fee for treating the animals of acquaintances in the village.

 Most of the people from the village help me.

 When I have trouble at home, others come back to lend a helping hand.

 After giving the cow an injection, there was nothing to do, so Chen Ling didn't stay long.

As a result, as soon as I went out and rode my motorcycle, I didn’t go very far when I was stopped by Er Donkey.

"By the way, Fugui, I forgot to tell you. Little Sheep, the third son-in-law of the Lixian family, heard that you were learning to eat geese as a family, so he got another one for you and said he wanted to drink with you.

As a result, I was chased by a wild dog halfway through the journey. I was frightened and panicked so much that I couldn't breathe. I took medicine for the cow and went to deliver money to Brother Guoping. Lixian was accompanying Nawa and letting Xiufen My sister-in-law is here to see a doctor. "

“Good guy, what happened today? It’s both a cow and a human. Why are so many sick people gathered together?”

When Chen Linggang sent Ruirui home, she heard that Qin Qiumei was sending her niece to see a doctor. The baby's tonsillitis was severe, so she probably had to see Sister-in-law Xiufen.

 Compared to Sister Xiufen, Wang Susu is still not as good as the old man in these difficult and complicated diseases.

 But when it comes to reducing fevers, especially high fevers, Sister-in-law Xiufen is powerless.

 It’s still Wang Susu who came.

 It’s just a little sheep…

This boy is most afraid of dogs. When he first came to the village, he had to be accompanied by Liu Nier before he dared to walk around the village.

  Basically every household in mountain villages keeps dogs, and there are many dogs running around outside.

 Very sensitive to outside strangers.

  It will bark when it sees it, and if it has a bad temper, it will chase and bite it, which is not scary.

“Okay, I’m going to visit Sister-in-law Xiufen.”

 Chen Ling turned the motorcycle around and rode into the village again.

 This boy treats himself as a master and respects him no matter what.

 Give yourself wild geese and let the wild dogs chase them away.

  Even if I know it, I have to take a look.

At the same time, he was also quite puzzled. How could the little sheep be chased by wild dogs? He had seen the wild dogs in the city. Those dogs were not very ferocious, and they were different from the wild dogs that ran into the mountains.

The wild dogs that ran into the mountains gathered together with wolves, and their severity was almost as bad as that of the stray dog ​​gangs in India.

And the wild dogs running around the city don’t have any gangs.

 In addition to barking and shaking people when fighting, and getting together to fight in groups.

 Normally, they are like beggars in a gang of beggars, looking for food on their own, and will not easily provoke others.

 Can’t even walk towards people.

 Then when he arrived at Sister Xiufen's side and saw the little sheep, Chen Ling knew what was going on.

 I couldn’t laugh or cry immediately.

It turns out that the little sheep came back from the car two days ago and saw two little puppies in the grass over there. They were so plump and cute.

At that time, the two little puppies were barking miserably, as if they couldn't find the big dog.

The little sheep looked around, then stopped the car and walked over to take a look.

 He is not afraid of this little dog.

Furthermore, under the influence of Chen Ling, the master, it feels good to hold two puppies and raise him. In addition, there is a wonderful feeling like Chen Ling picking up Heiwa Xiaojin.

 He happily carried the puppy and walked to the car.

As a result, before I even got in the car, a wild dog barked in the distance and ran over. It made a sharp and fierce bark and had a scary expression.

Unlike the dogs, the wild dogs are unlike the family dog, with the wildness of the wild, while holding the teeth, but also holding the tail, red eyes, like a wolf, more scary than the dogs in the village.

The little sheep was so frightened that he quickly put down the puppy, turned around and ran to the car.

The dog didn’t chase me at that time.

Little Sheep didn't take it seriously. He just felt pity in his heart. He thought he could pick up two good puppies like Chen Ling. It seemed that he didn't have that luck.

 Then the matter was over.

Unexpectedly, when he almost forgot about it, as soon as he left the county town today, he was attacked by a group of wild dogs that suddenly emerged from the grass.

That guy, there are more than ten dogs in a group.

 Nearly scared his soul out of his wits.

 Hurrying on the motorcycle on the mountain road.

The dogs chased him for two miles.

Later, I was frightened by the old man driving the donkey cart with his whip, so I stopped.

 But the little sheep was obviously frightened after such an experience. At that time, his heart beat rapidly and he felt like vomiting. When he returned to the village, he started to feel dizzy.

I was really scared to death.

It turns out that the little sheep has also developed into a man this year, but when he was frightened by those wild dogs, he became that little melon again.

After Wang Lixian finished telling what happened, he sat on the bench next to Wang Lixian and looked at Chen Ling. He said pitifully: "Uncle Fugui, the wild goose was torn off by those wild dogs. I didn't dare to go back and pick it up..."

“It’s okay, there are so many wild geese. On a sunny day, no matter day or night, there are more wild geese every day. I will shoot a few more geese another day, and we can drink and eat wild geese.”

Chen Ling comforted him.

 Actually, I feel like laughing.

 What is this boy doing...

Trying to take away someone else’s child in front of a **** is not a sign of resentment.

 A vindictive wild dog, especially a female dog when she is most protective of her calves, is very scary.

In addition, dogs are born with the ability to shake people.

 One call makes a group.

A dog is afraid of people, but if a group of dogs get together, there is nothing to be afraid of.

This baby is also unlucky.

 Just make some jokes.

Sister-in-law Xiufen and brother Guoping next to me had finished laughing just now. Now they see this baby is pitiful. This year, the little sheep has a good reputation in the village, except for his soft temper...

Looking at his appearance, the old couple couldn't bear to laugh at him anymore, so they comforted him: "You don't have to be afraid of those dogs, your rich uncle is here.

Let Hei Wa and the two go there and make sure that none of the dogs dares to squeak and they will not dare to chase you away again. End of chapter)

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