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My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

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“You bought me back, didn’t you just want me to sleep with me? I will!” The cold noodle king of the mall, playing rogues, no one can match it!

“You-this liar!” She was so angry that she had been trapped by him to deceive her into the game, relying on her, seducing her, taking her pajamas as her duty, and keeping improving, all kinds of tricks.

Unbearable, she filed for divorce.

“Okay.” Wife favoring is boundless. He follows everything: “The group belongs to you, the house belongs to you, the car belongs to you, and I also belong to you.”

Who is Ye Lanchen? Unprecedented business hegemony in shopping malls.

Who is Ye Lanchen? The cold face Yan Wang who turned his hand over the cloud and his hand over the rain.

Who is Ye Lanchen? She spoiled her to the lawless spoiled wife.

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Short Title:100-Day
Alternate Title:试婚100天:帝少,别太坏
Author:A Fox's Red Dress
Weekly Rank:#6144
Monthly Rank:#2835
All Time Rank:#350
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Devoted Love Interests, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Abilities, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Secret Identity, Strong Love Interests,
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  1. My fav webnovel I have ever read 2nd fav novel 😎😎and there is eng translation in boxnovel.com n I cant help waiting for 2 chaptera per day it really so long n I found it in MTL Thankiee for complete chapters.

  2. my first completed novel I LOVE ALL Characters writer created not only MC n FL but also supportive characters n villians all are fixed into this novel and never feel bored reading till the ends. Good Job Writernim!!!

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