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2333 is a system. It recently brought in a world line restorer named Wen Qianshu.
Wen Qianshu wrote in the column for her specialties that she was nothing but beauty control.
2333: “…”
2333: “I think you misunderstood ‘specialty’ a bit.”
2333: “It’s okay, you lie down, I’ll take you to win.”
After three worlds, 2333 found out that it was actually him lying down, and Wen Qianshu was the one who led the way.
2333: “…”
2333: “Are you a little misunderstood about ‘no good’?”
————————————————– ————
The author is verbose:
0. Kuai Chuanwen, 1v1, the heroine design: I don’t know who the heroine is, maybe it’s a face dog.
1. Because my last book was too sad to slow down, I started a light-hearted essay and wrote Tu Yile. There is no serious plot, just wear books, spit out, and watch beautiful women talk about love.
2. The cover is from @bald old monster

Content tags: Strong Unlimited Streaming System Fast Pass
Search keywords: Protagonist: Wen Qianshu ┃ Supporting role: Jiang Mingyue, Cloud, Lou Wine, Mu Lian ┃ Others:
One-sentence introduction: all lie down, I will win.
Purpose: Self-reliance, self-improvement.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:M
Alternate Title:虫二[快穿]
Author:unknown traveller
Weekly Rank:#6600
Monthly Rank:#6663
All Time Rank:#7804
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, System, Transmigration, World Hopping,
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  1. When i read the first few chapters I got a feeling that I've read this already not sure if this was on MTL site even the name I think it's not the same. Lmao but I can't remember I guess maybe I'm wrong or something

  2. Now i get it why it was so familiar, I already read this but the title was not Mushiji [Pleasure] it was Insect Two [Quick Pass]

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