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A story of a young Musashi who is fused with memories from other worlds and slowly grows up.

Musashi: Aber-snake, swing slowly, you are a lucky snake, not an electric fan, eh, why doesn’t it move anymore, continuity, uninterrupted, you know.

Just like this, meow~o( =∩ω∩= )m.

Aber Snake ( ̄□ ̄||): Bars (isn’t it good for you to catch meows directly)

Musashi: Isn’t this in the start-up period without excess funds to raise a cat. Do you want to deduct your ration?

Aber Snake: Buzz (I’ll do it)

Musashi: Shaking his head, it’s apt~

Guest: Musashi is teasing Abai Snake again, but it looks really interesting. Let’s have a bowl of chicken soup and char siu noodles.

Musashi: Okay, please sit down, mom~ a bowl of char siu noodles in chicken broth~!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MOTE
Alternate Title:小精灵之武藏
Author:Yuanxin the Little Person
Weekly Rank:#17060
Monthly Rank:#6478
All Time Rank:#6866
Tags:Calm Protagonist, Eidetic Memory, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fast Learner, Female Protagonist, Game Elements, Male to Female, Pokemon, System, System Administrator,
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11 Comments on “Musashi of the Elves
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  1. Entreno a su ekans durante más de 3 años y todavía no evolucionó en árbok, y casi muere peleando con un Pikachu salvaje de nivel 30, encima eran 2 vs 1 ya que también tenía un oddish de compañero el cual tampoco evolucionó después de años de entrenamiento.

  2. Gender bender , mary sue. Snake bloodline, bad background story for Jesse. Pokemon in a pokeball attack his trainer, chopstick sized arbok, waste of time.

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