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Mr. Zhan’s Little Demon is All Grown up

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Shi Qian opened her eyes and looked at the man’s handsome face.

“You have to be responsible to me.”

The thin lips of a certain black-bellied evildoer slightly hooked, with a smile that was not a smile.

From then on, there was an extra goblin in the house of Lord Zhan, the great demon king of the imperial capital! The big devil turned into a faint king and spoiled the little goblin to the sky!

Some people: “It’s useless except for that face, it’s just a vase! I’ll be dumped by Master Zhan sooner or later!”

Not long after… the legendary god turned out to be that little goblin!

Why does the boss of the hacker army look a bit like that little goblin!

The founder of the popular game on the Internet is more like that little goblin.

The woman who defeated the number one expert in the ancient martial arts is also a bit like… a boss! Kneel down!

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Short Title:MZLDAGU
Alternate Title:湛爷的小妖精长大了
Author:Shui Qianmo
Weekly Rank:#536
Monthly Rank:#267
All Time Rank:#381
Tags:Abusive Characters, Beautiful Female Lead, College/University, Complex Family Relationships, Hackers, Male Protagonist, Mysterious Past, Power Couple, Sexual Abuse,
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  1. Can someone tell me if we're to find the title of this novel where the ML and FL meet at a kidnapping site, ml's granny and FL were kidnapped with others. ML comes to rescue but FL( who is now transmigrated/ reborn) was in the middle of saving herself by the time ML arrives. Granny tries to bring them together. Later somehow ML gets called to FL's school as guardian. Ml's surname was Ji I think. I only remember this much, I'd been reading other novels along with it and now I can't remember. I also know it's in my library but I can't recognize it.

  2. Can anyone tell me the name of the novel where female lead marries man who is dying in place of her sister? I think she is transmigrated. She is a metaphysicsist I think. He has 3 brothers and 1 sister who is friends with her sister and hates her and blames her for taking sister's place. I think his last name is Gu

  3. Disgusting male lead. Treats her like a child. Basically rapes her as "punishment" then looks at her with "doting" eyes barf.

  4. Can anyone tell me the name of this novel where Fl get to rescue by Ml and fall in love at first sight and work to hard to be strong as him. Also Ml get cripple by doing mission.

  5. Can anyone tell me the name of the novel where Fl was rescued by Ml when she was young and after that she devoted towards him she like to be strong as him and love him like crazy. Also ML get disabled on doing mission. I watched this novel somewhere but i didn't get the name of this novel

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