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Mr Gu’s First Doting Marriage (Mr.Gu,Don't get hooked!)

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This novel is also known as Mr.Gu,Don't get hooked!

“This is my first time, it hurts…ooh, it bleeds…”

The man looked at her finger cut by the kitchen knife, and while applying the medicine distressedly, he aggressively scolded: “I have said that you are not allowed to enter the kitchen. Tell me what you want to eat, and I will make it for you!”

Xia Yangyang’s 20-year-old birthday gift was that her boyfriend and her best friend in bed. She turned around and got married with Gu Qichen, the most precious man in the city.

Since then, Daguai upgrades all the way, invincible.

The scumbag man turned his head, the scumbag calculated, and Mr. Gu became a scumbag.

The stepmother makes things difficult, the younger sister is vicious, and Mr. Gu slaps her face.

Outsiders only say that Mr. Gu has no bottom line for petting his wife, only she knows what the price will be…

When Xia Yangyang was exhausted countless times, she pointed to the man’s face that was upside-down from all living beings, angered like a gossamer: “Gu Qichen, you are a beast in clothing”

The man looked aggrieved: “Wife, you have wronged me, how can I have a dress now?”

[1 vs 1, double C, confirmed the eyes, this is a favorite article]

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Short Title:MGFDM
Alternate Title:顾先生的第一宠婚 / Mr.Gu,Don't get hooked!
Author:Feng Family's Little Seven
Weekly Rank:#1177
Monthly Rank:#2795
All Time Rank:#1692
Tags:Female Protagonist,
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4 Comments on “Mr Gu’s First Doting Marriage
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  1. I just frustrated me how stupid the female lead is. Everytime she encounter problems, its like she become dumb. Cant speak, cant think, cant deny cant everything. So frustrating

  2. Just a warning for those who are interested about reading this novel - it's one of those novels that have the female protagonist pregnant within a few chapters with no build-up with relationships, and in turn makes it feel very abrupt. If this kind of thing is not for you, don't bother reading this.

  3. can some one add these two novel on this site please 大漫画最新章节 重生动漫之父最新章节 both of these two novel already finish long time ago yet no one put it on this site.

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