Chapter 286 Unexpected New World

   "2012", "I Am Legend", "The Wandering Earth", "Pacific Rim", "Finch", and the latest "The Day After Tomorrow".

   That's all the world channels I've searched before.

   is now seven.

   That means you found a new world?

   Zhang Tianyuan was a little surprised.

   The time and space of the day after tomorrow has only appeared for more than two months, and the new world has come again.

  He thought it wasn't so fast.

   Open the system panel and click Details.

   A list of all worlds appeared in front of him. Zhang Tianyuan slid directly to the bottom and saw four big characters——


   The moment he saw the name, he almost didn't react.

   "It's actually this time and space?"

   In this film, an inexplicable blight brings the world to the brink of extinction.

  This blight does not kill, but kills plants, especially crops.

   As of the beginning of the plot, the only crops that can be planted on the earth are corn, and as long as other crops are planted, they will all die from fusarium wilt.

   And crop infection with fusarium wilt is an infection of a whole variety…

  Simply put, Fusarium wilt initially only affected individual crops, but every once in a while, the effects of Fusarium Wilt will spread to other types of crops.

  What barley, wheat, rice, sweet potatoes are all like this, and suddenly the whole species is affected by fusarium wilt, and then large areas die or fail to harvest.

  Because of this, there has been a large-scale famine in the world of this movie, and even because of the outbreak of violent conflict and even a great war.

   The chain reaction brought about by this is a great retrogression of human society.

  Although the overall society in the movie looks quite modern, the concepts and technologies of the whole society are seriously regressing.

   For example, in medical care, there is not even a single MRI machine in the hospital. It is for this reason that the doctors in the hospital did not find the tumor in the male owner's wife's brain in advance, which led to her death.

   And the teachers in the school have never even heard of this kind of machine.

   It can be seen how far society has regressed.

   In terms of social concept, it is extremely focused on agriculture, and I wish everyone would become farmers...

   It is against this background that forty-eight years ago, a wormhole was placed next to the current Saturn by humans who have evolved into high-dimensional creatures in the future.

   This is obviously a dedicated escape route.

   It’s just limited by many realistic constraints such as war, ideas, public opinion, etc., human beings did not really take the step to explore wormholes until ten years before the beginning of the plot...

   After thinking about the plot of the movie, Zhang Tianyuan first felt a headache. He stood outside Ke Jinjun's office, his eyes fixed on the mech land under construction, but he was thinking about the difficulty of this time and space.

   First of all, what he is most worried about is the future human beings who have evolved to a higher dimension that have never appeared in the movie.

   They already have the ability to place wormholes in three-dimensional space-time, which is enough to prove that they have a certain ability to interfere with movie space-time.

   What is the attitude of these people towards Mutual Aid?

   Secondly, Zhang Tianyuan also had a doubt in his heart.

   Does his plug-in really have such a great ability to connect a time and space that is watched by high-dimensional creatures, or simply reproduce high-dimensional creatures for real?

   So in interstellar space-time, will there really be high-dimensional humans?

   Zhang Tianyuan was very interested in this.


   This is a world swept away by famine.

  Although the people in the wandering time and space are eating dried earthworms, the people in the interstellar space and time can at least eat corn, which seems to be much better than the wandering time and space.

   But this does not change the fact that there is a famine in this time and space.

   In other words, mutual rescue will enter this time and space, and the top priority is to help solve the problem of food.

   But what about food...

   It is estimated that if he asks Elder Zhou or Ning Jihua now, the other party can only reply to him that he is planting.

   Now no matter what time and space it is, it is difficult to coordinate a large amount of food.

   So this time and space is really a bit worse for the Mutual Rescue Association, which is already on the verge of a food shortage.

   Of course, he can also choose to temporarily put this space-time on hold. According to the previous speculation, he entered the movie space-time at a random point in time.

   But this is just speculation after all.

  Before he entered the time and space of the movie, maybe the timeline over there was moving fast at a ratio of one to one hundred or even one to ten thousand?

  If this is the case, during the time he waited, the movie time and space did not know how many people would starve to death.

   It is to avoid this situation, he entered the space-time as soon as possible after searching.

  Wandering Time and Space may even have arrived more than ten years earlier for this reason.

   "Forget it, anyway, let's get in touch as soon as possible, understand the situation first, and then think about these things..."

  The sky in the distance has gradually turned into night, and the starry sky in the game world appears above the dark sky.

   Zhang Tianyuan raised his head and glanced at it, knowing that the stars could not be touched at all, at least not with their current abilities.

  Ke started a relationship before he entered the army. He pulled a rocket with the longest range from the wandering time and space. Until the rocket's range was exhausted, he was still 108,000 kilometers away from those stars.

   Of course, maybe the rocket range has been greatly reduced in this world is also an important reason.

   After all, there is no vacuum in the game world, and there is no first cosmic speed. Spacecraft and rockets are always under the action of air resistance and gravity, and they can't fly very far at all.

   But that experiment found that in the upper space of the game world, the atmosphere will also become thinner...

   Putting away his divergent thoughts, Zhang Tianyuan turned around and stepped into the space-time tunnel.

The other side of    is "2012" time and space.

   He appeared in Elder Zhou's office.

  Old Zhou was already quite familiar with this kind of sudden situation. The old man was very calm and not surprised at all. He put down the document in his hand, picked up the water glass and took a sip of water, and then said slowly:

   "Looks like something big happened?"

   Zhang Tianyuan nodded, and said neatly: "I have to trouble Mr. Zhou to arrange a conference room. Now a new round of time and space conferences will be held. I have just sent a notice to the other branch presidents."

  Old Zhou's eyelids jumped, he picked up the phone and ordered to go on. After doing all this, he asked aloud:

   "A new time and space appeared?"

   The time and space just met each other a few days ago, and suddenly there is a time-space conference. I am afraid this is the only reason.

   Zhang Tianyuan nodded calmly, and then Elder Zhou slowly got up, took him out of the office, and walked towards the meeting room that was arranged.

On the way   , Zhou Lao couldn't hold back, "Is the new time and space troublesome?"

   Zhang Tianyuan smiled: "Old Zhou thinks what kind of situation is troublesome, and what kind is not troublesome?"

   Zhou Lao laughed: "Of course, the situation on President Ning's side is the best."

  Ning Jihua's space and time around the space is small and profitable. Not only does it not occupy the resources of other time and space, but it can also feed back to each time and space, making it the strongest nurse in the Mutual Rescue Association.

   Therefore, Rim Space Time is the most popular in today's Mutual Rescue Association, and its status is about equal to that of the big dog in the Middle East.

   Zhang Tianyuan shook his head and pierced Old Zhou's expectations with the most straightforward words: "The situation in the new time and space is very troublesome."

   Zhou Lao heard the words and sighed.

   "That seems to be busy again..."

   The two entered the conference room, Zhang Tianyuan opened the passages of each time and space, and the branch presidents who were ready soon walked over.

  Tong Wenshi, Ning Jihua, and Sun Deyi are three seniors who are not surprised by this situation. Only Tan Mingda and Zhong Ruijin are calm and a little novel. These two are the first time to come to No. 1 time and space.

The decision-making level of    Mutual Rescue Club reunited again.

   Zhang Tianyuan watched everyone take their seats and said, "Just now, a new time and space was discovered."

   As soon as these words came out, everyone's faces suddenly became serious.

   But this is not the limit.

   "The situation in the new time and space may be very bad," Zhang Tianyuan quickly continued without giving everyone time to breathe: "There may be widespread famine there."

   Everyone invariably recalled the current situation of food shortage in the Mutual Rescue Association, and they all looked at Zhang Tianyuan with bated breath, wanting to know more about the situation.

   "In the 7th plane, a blight that has arisen for no reason may have ravaged the world, and every once in a while, a crop will be affected by it, withering rapidly around the world, and can no longer be planted."

   "And this situation may have been going on for decades, over there now..."

   "Maybe there's only corn left to grow."

   Everyone frowned: "Blight with no cause? And it affects a new crop every once in a while?"

   That sounds too weird too.

  Ning Jihua doubted this: "Can you really find the reason?"

  Tong Aragonite thought on the premise of the real existence of Fusarium Wilt, and soon had a concern: "This Fusarium Wilt will not spread to our time and space along the time-space tunnel, right?"

   Having experienced something like KV virus, he is now very vigilant about the existence of all suspected viruses.

  Sun Deyi also expressed his opinion: "Based on the current situation, I think it is more likely that there is some kind of change in the land of that time and space or in the interior of the earth."

   Watching everyone's discussion, Zhang Tianyuan calmly threw a big bomb.

   "The situation in the No. 7 space-time is a bit special. There may be high-dimensional creatures there, and the blight may be their handwriting. At the same time, they also placed a wormhole near Saturn for human beings on Earth to perform interstellar migration."

  The scene was completely quiet for a while, the wormhole was nothing, but——

   "High-dimensional creatures?"

   Zhou Lao felt unbelievable.

   "Yes," Zhang Tianyuan said solemnly: "But whether they really exist can only be confirmed after we enter."

"Including the cause of the blight, whether it is really not found or false, I can't tell the difference with the information I know now, and this information can only be obtained when we enter that time and space and communicate with the people there. clear."

  Although this answer can’t solve everyone’s doubts, it also lets everyone know that they can only temporarily put aside this unanswerable question.

   Everyone's attention quickly turned to the case of higher-dimensional creatures.

   Zhang Tianyuan did not hide it, most of the information was open and transparent to each time and space.

   "According to the information I know so far, if those high-dimensional creatures exist, there is a high probability that they will be future humans in that time and space."

"The blight prompted the human beings in the 7th time and space to go into space and gradually transformed into an interstellar civilization. Then, after an unknown number of years, they successfully entered a higher dimension and began to interfere with the previous earth, forcing human society to occur with blight. The drastic changes prompted the people at that time to leave the earth and become the original 'them', thus completing the closed loop of cause and effect..."

   This kind of thing is destined to be unclear, no matter who comes.

   With the current internal level of the Mutual Rescue Association, even the wandering time and space that has gone the farthest in the interstellar civilization is still an infinite non-recurring decimal from the high-dimensional civilization, and it is impossible to calculate the difference.

  Zhang Tianyuan can only roughly state his conjecture.

   And he also made it clear to other branch presidents that this is just one of the conjectures.

   It is also possible that when they arrive in interstellar space-time, they will find that there are no high-dimensional humans there.

   Zhang Tianyuan didn't understand, but Zhou Lao and others understood.

  Everyone was silent, thinking quietly at the same time.

   After a long time, Sun Deyi spoke again:

   "From this perspective, those high-dimensional humans are not the same as us..."

   "Well, they want to push human beings out of the earth, and even destroy the earth, and our purpose has always been to save people and save the world."

   So don't look at the high-dimensional human beings who put a wormhole on the earth as an escape route, thinking that they also want to save human beings just like the Mutual Rescue Association.

   In fact, there are fundamental differences in the routes of the two sides.

   is about equal to a mortal heresy.

   Not to mention, once the route of the Mutual Rescue Society succeeds, the causal lines will be changed, and even the root of their existence may disappear.

   This is the enemy of life and death!

The    Mutual Rescue Society simply wanted the lives of those high-dimensional human beings in the past!

  From the perspective of "three-dimensional human beings", high-dimensional humans are probably the ones who don't feel bad about betraying their sons. Anyway, they are not the ones who died, and even from their perspective, they may no longer have the concept of "death".

   Mutual rescue will enter the causal obliteration that occurs afterward, and may be the only way to make them disappear.

   In short, human beings who have risen to higher dimensions cannot empathize with three-dimensional humans.

   The difference between the two is greater than the difference between humans and gorillas, at least there are humans who will grieve over the death of gorillas.

  The meeting scene was full of anxiety.

   The people present have been hostile to many people, and even experienced severe wars.

   But it is the first time for anyone to fight against invisible and intangible high-dimensional creatures.

   Nobody knows what to do in this situation.

   After being silent for a long time, Zhou Lao, who had been thinking for a long time, said: "I don't think this time and space cannot be entered, but we must do a good job of theoretical research before this..."

   The pain of filling the tooth is dead, and even the anesthetic is painful... I lay in the clinic holding the mirror for almost four hours, and the handle of the mirror was almost crushed by me...



   (end of this chapter)

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