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We are at the helm of the earth’s 2,500-year wandering voyage;

We drive mechs in a world where monsters invade;

We save mankind in a virus-ridden world;

We recreate a pure land in the city where the zombies are diseased;

We have found civilization in the wild after the natural disasters raged…

Above the vast ocean, Zhang Tianyuan obtained an island, and since then became one of the players in the lord game.

He looked at his own base that could open the portal to the movie world, and couldn’t help but fell into thought.

If he can bring 7 billion people from “2012” and 3.5 billion people from “Wandering Earth”, will he win the game?

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:MS
Alternate Title:电影救世主
Author:Tenth Trumpet
Weekly Rank:#4357
Monthly Rank:#3835
All Time Rank:#5646
Tags:Abandoned Children, Based on a Movie, Game Elements, Male Protagonist, Racism, Survival, World Hopping, World Travel,
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20 Comments on “Movie Savior
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  1. Mc is transmigrated to a "GAME" in a lone island in the ocean and given some building like Clone Producer(damaged can't work due to a tsunami) a Wish Center(spend a point to create things) and given the ability to move through space-time to another world(movies world). The first movie is 2012 where the MC contacts the government and makes a deal with them and creates Parallel Time and Space Mutual Rescue. The second world is I AM A LEGEND where the MC with the Government of 2012 helps them in exchange for them allowing people from 2012 to migrate during their disaster. Of course, the world is always Chinese people and he doesn't care much about people from other countries. Low level of nationalism , good translation , nice writing - so it won't lower our IQ.

  2. Why is racism and nationalism increasing every day? More and more potentially good books are ruined with "yellow monkey", or racist fat bully white people, or stupid cruel black people, or cruel and evil Japanese. The list goes on. Can we all just stop with the racism?

  3. Well because if you make a novel with the background of the modern world which is the same as history, then everyone must be concerned with their own country and that is a natural thing in my opinion.

  4. Writing novel maybe not only hobby for author maybe for money too, if you making other country so much good than their country will he got reader there?

  5. It can never stop because ether we like it or not we are not the same and we will never be the same maybe if we get invaded by aliens and the entire human population was at risk can we what am I saying it will still not change go to your history books and you will know why this is the world we live in and it dose not revolve along whatbanyone believe it is what it is

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