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In the last life, Chu Yu escaped a marriage granted by an imperial edict for the sake of Gu Chu Sheng, and traveled thousands of miles, but still ended up dying of illness in a foreign country. When she was reborn at age of fifteen years old, Chu Yu was on her way to escape from marriage. She resolutely turned around and married into the gate of the Wei family.

She knew that the Wei family was about to die in battle, leaving only a fourteen-year-old son, Wei Yun. She also knew that Wei Yun would support the Wei family, would become the one ruling over everyone the prince of Zhenbei who was known as “Living Yama”. However, this part of the road would be like hell, and the Wei family had walked too tragically, with too much suffering.

She secretly vowed that she would not repeat the same mistakes and waste away a lifetime. She would be no one else than the first lady of the Wei family, and accompany Wei Yun through these difficult times, so that that the Wei family’s hundred years old loyalty would no longer be insulted.

Unexpectedly, Chu Yu actually became the “eldest lady” of the Wei family.

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Short Title:MRP
Alternate Title:山河枕
Author:Mo Shu Bai
Weekly Rank:#2702
Monthly Rank:#2488
All Time Rank:#6519
Tags:Ancient Times, Female Protagonist, Marriage, Reincarnation, Second Chance,
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3 Comments on “Mountain and River Pillow
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  1. Long rebirth novel where all reborn characters learn that knowledge may equal power but it doesn’t always change things. Expect a lot of battles (MC is from a military family and marries into one), a fair amount of court politics and a whole lot of people that the MC or ML should have just killed to begin with. Romance arc is long but good and it was nice to see side characters also get some snuggles!

  2. Not bad. BUT I am all for character redemption arcs, and the sister's redemption was done well; but the 2nd male lead was horrendous to the female lead in the last life and the author wants to still push him as a "legitimate" love interest in a love triangle where both him and the female lead remember their past lives? Nah mate. Even the fact he does not get the girl in the end it still makes the female lead come across as weak that she even accepted the possibility of remarrying him.

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