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Dropped 1164 ch 3.1
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#1. Rebirth 70: The Fat Wife is Turning Over
1.9M views this month 971 Readers 34 reviews Apr 30, 2022 at 09:57

What should I do if I cross the body of a black, ugly and fat unruly village woman? What should I do when I travel to a time when it is "hard for a strong man"? If I win the lottery once and become a mother immediately, what should I do? ...... Thinking about the memory of the original owner, the twin babies in the future are really cute and pitiful, and the child.... Show more »

Ongoing 366 ch 4.4
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#2. Lord of the People: My Troops Have Mutated
1.7M views this month 2102 Readers 89 reviews May 05, 2022 at 12:56
Action Fantasy Game

Ten thousand worlds collapsed and returned to one world. All the people came to the primitive continent, became lords, and fought for survival. At the beginning of the advent, everyone will get an initial territory, recruit troops, and a powerful territory. "It's over, I randomly went to the territory of the beast department and can only recruit wolf cubs!" "I'm a.... Show more »

Ongoing 944 ch 3.2
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#3. Resurrection: Sacrifice: Hundreds of Millions of Critical Strikes
1.5M views this month 1369 Readers 50 reviews May 20, 2022 at 18:57
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Traveling through the world of aura recovery, fortunately there is a sacrificial crit system! ... Chu Feng looked at the corpse of a dragon in purple armor, and said silently, "Sacrifice!" In an instant, the system space sounded a series of beeps! "Congratulations on triggering a million times the critical strike!" "Get 10 billion energy stones!" "Get 50 billion.... Show more »

Ongoing 1260 ch 2.5
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#4. Global Reincarnation: Knowing The Plot From the Start
1.4M views this month 1271 Readers 51 reviews May 14, 2022 at 00:57
Fantasy Sci-fi

7 billion people in the world have tried their best to pass the dungeon, even at the cost of their lives! But when Chu Tian woke up, he was pleasantly surprised to find that these so-called copies were all movies and TV dramas he had seen before! Chu Tian, ​​who knows the plot well, is like a hang-up, making great progress! What copies of "Death is Coming", "Midni.... Show more »

Ongoing 804 ch 2.9
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#5. Douluo: Capture the Goddess Zhu Zhuqing at the Beginning
1.1M views this month 1187 Readers 52 reviews Apr 29, 2022 at 06:57
Fan-Fiction Harem

Lu Feng traveled through the world of Douluo, and began to think that he was bound to the wrong system, that he could not become a soul master, and could only increase his wealth. But after obtaining the ultimate rewards such as the second awakening, the Dragon God Soul Bone suit, etc., he awakened the super god-level martial arts and inherited the Dragon God bloodli.... Show more »

Ongoing 531 ch 3.1
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#6. Lord of the People: My Talent is 100 Million Points Strong
1M views this month 1612 Readers 60 reviews May 15, 2022 at 00:56
Adventure Fantasy Game

When he woke up, one billion people from Blue Star traveled through another world. Own your own territory and become a lord. You need to struggle to survive in a strange world and conquer cities. Lei Xiao has obtained the god-level talent "Golden Finger", which can turn stones into gold and upgrade items. [Congratulations, your "Tier 1 Recruitment Order" has been .... Show more »

Completed 3269 ch 4.1
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#7. The Allure of the City: His Royal Highness is Too Provocative
873.1K views this month 726 Readers 21 reviews Apr 19, 2022 at 09:56
Fantasy Romance Xuanhuan

She is the power queen of the end of the world, and she perishes with the zombie king, and her soul traverses the continent of another world. The cruel mother abandoned her husband and daughter, and the beautiful father was low-key and mysterious. Difficulty opening powers? Don't be afraid, we have that sick prince with poison all over his body that can be sucked en.... Show more »

Ongoing 508 ch 3.2
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#8. People Are Pirates, Build the Strongest Naval Branch
864.4K views this month 704 Readers 37 reviews May 10, 2022 at 18:57
Action Adventure Fan-Fiction Fantasy

The 18th branch of the East China Sea... This is the most bizarre branch of the navy, built in the East China Sea with the title of the weakest sea, but it is more majestic than the headquarters. The top war was actually carried out in a branch? A branch prison instead of advancing into? The East China Sea has entered the era of no pirates? ...... Soon everyone .... Show more »

Completed 1314 ch 4.2
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#9. After the Rebirth, She Became Mr. Song’s Little Ancestor
856.1K views this month 752 Readers 13 reviews Apr 29, 2022 at 09:58

She declared in public, "I, Tang Li, either don't marry, or marry the most powerful man!" Song Boyan, a powerful man, has been entangled with a little girl for the rest of his life. Before her rebirth, she lived in a lie and ended tragically. After being reborn, she vowed not to take the road of no return in her previous life, but ended up provoking a man in a high.... Show more »

Completed 643 ch 1.9
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#10. Top 10 Anime Famous Scenes: Start with Might Guy
793.3K views this month 528 Readers 29 reviews May 15, 2022 at 06:57

Chu Ge has obtained a super comic video editing system. As long as the video is edited and released, it will force the characters in the anime world to watch it. Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Saint Seiya, Digimon, Spirited Baby, Dragon Ball, Magic Card Sakura all have. The higher the surprise value of the viewers, the richer the rewards. [Inventory of the ten famous .... Show more »