Transformation, loss of self, essentially all refer to the same thing.

It is precisely because of being one with one's own Dao, and it is difficult to separate each other, so that self-will gradually merged into it and became a part of it.

Of course, it is said that it is Huadao, but in fact it is not without any influence.

The strong man who has lost himself will become a center of the great road he created and become a powerful cosmic phenomenon.

For example, "creation"... the so-called ruins of creation is essentially a part of the remains after the death of the creator of the world, Ulster, a region where he constantly receives many messages from the multiverse and carries out ‘creation’.

If he did not die, but transformed into it, then he would probably become a ‘creative vortex’ that continuously receives information from all over the multiverse and creates many racial dependents, a huge ‘highway entity’.

Even, a pure ‘conceptual god’ may be bred from this avenue, a ‘Tao incarnate’ who is in charge of this series of avenues but has no personality, just the incarnation of pure rules.

It is not that the existence that has turned away cannot be awakened, but it is extremely difficult.

After all, their avenues and selves have been scattered in many worlds, and even in the multiverse. If you want to collect their mental fragments, you must at least be a transcendent who can see the multiverse in a flash.

However, it would be more convenient to resurrect with the "Tao incarnate" than the powerful person who incarnates into the "Dadao Entity".

"Perhaps, the so-called torrent is to transcend this'Robbery of Transformation' and spread the existence of one's Dao indefinitely."

With his eyes down, Su Zhou said lightly to himself: "And my Hedao, from the very beginning, I will face the most fundamental challenge between ‘Hedao’ and ‘torrent’.”

From finite to infinite, the challenge of touching that layer of ‘barrier’.

However, there is no need to talk to Shao Qiming and others about these issues.

At this moment, Su Zhou looked at the earth.

As a result, above the gray fog, in front of Su Zhou and Shao Qiming, a light curtain emerged, showing the scenery of the earth.

The beautiful blue planet is surrounded by a triple ring surrounded by brilliant auras, and above the ring, there are stars flying in the opposite direction straight into the starry sky of the universe and sailing into the distance.

The ultra-large discrete space station [Sky Runner] is essentially a three-wheeled small solar energy harvesting ring, composed of a quarter of the lunar mass of small psychic crystals, which can refract sunlight and spiritual currents, and regulate the earth’s weather and ground. The Moon Element Spiritual Energy Cycle completely controls the'spiritual changes' that should be naturally converted into the hands of human beings.

Speaking of this, I would also like to thank Su Zhou-the building materials of the Futian Wheel originated from a spiritual nebula in the depths of the universe. The porters were Tang Yuan and the nine etheric dragons... Yes, those who yearn for Su Zhou came. The etheric dragon, because they were too fat to eat, so Tang Yuan found a job to let them do weight loss, but he didn't expect that the large amount of spiritual crystals he had accumulated would just be able to use it.

Eat for nothing? How can it be! You have to work when you eat it, and the New World Exploration Department does not raise idle dragons!

With the success of the Sky Runner, a larger, super giant Sky Runner for the sun is also in the planning and manufacturing room, but it is basically impossible to achieve without a **** who is sitting, and even if it is based on the earth’s background, It is estimated that it will take decades for a **** to appear-after all, there is no world-destructive catastrophe to accelerate the persecution, and it is not counted as Su Zhou, the speed is already very outrageous.

"It's so beautiful."

The young man couldn't help sighing.

It has been more than two years since he left the earth, maybe three years.

The time flow rate between each world is not the same, but it can be roughly converted, and it is estimated to be this interval.

As the earth’s civilization gradually moves towards the interstellar, and constantly opens the dust-covered space-time gates located all over the earth, to obtain the legacy of the past fairy gods era, and the universal transcendent system is getting better and better, and the entire earth civilization is gradually moving towards a different one. A new era in the past.

First, it is the fundamental changes in the social structure.

In the past, the vast majority of human beings were engaged in the primary and secondary industries, focusing on obtaining the resources to sustain their own survival. There were very few people who were released from work, not to mention practitioners.

But now, with the opening of gardens, the agricultural world, the discovery of giant ocean worlds and forest worlds, all kinds of forests, animal husbandry and fisheries have extremely rich and stable sources, and with the development of artificial intelligence, spiritual puppets and other technologies Using it, it only takes less than one percent of the population to obtain a wealth of resources that are five times the current population of the earth.

Such a rate of acquisition of terrifying resources almost instantly wiped out all the jobs of basic resource producers, and instantly wiped out all the conflicts caused by resources in the past.

Losing a job is indeed a problem, but it is not just the loss of jobs for people in the primary and secondary industries, and the service industry is not irreplaceable. The service capabilities of most humans are far inferior to artificial intelligence and related smart puppets.

In other words, as human beings gradually move towards the stars, with the exception of a very small number of professional and technical personnel, most human beings have lost their jobs forever.

So, just go to practice.

Full-time practitioners, or in other words, unemployed people, have completely become the profession of more than 90% of human beings. This caused a period of panic and a period of celebration in the early stage.

The panic is due to the departure from the ‘tradition’ and the human being is moving from the known to the unknown.

And to celebrate is to celebrate that mankind finally escaped from the predicament of survival and arrived at the ‘freedom’ from the ‘kingdom of necessity’.

The great contemporaries have arrived-the super heyday that only requires a small number of people to work, can feed tens of thousands of times the population, descended on the earth's civilization.

And these billions of full-time practitioners, where are they going?

Most people who have experienced the ‘pre-contemporaries’ become cultivators, and what they feel is freedom. No need to work, no leadership, and everyone is equal. Even if a high-level cultivator meets a low-level cultivator, there is no privilege, and the strong cannot bully the weak... well, if you make rules Su Zhou bullied all the other strong men who wanted to bully the weak, and that couldn't be said for nothing.

After all, unemployed means unemployed. The people of the former contemporaries know how the society works and why they lost their jobs. They have also developed an orderly lifestyle. Therefore, after becoming a practitioner, they will still have an inertia and an orderly life. .

All in all, they live very happily-the people have contributed their lives to the human society, and now, the human society can finally give back to their people.

This is what they deserve, because they have paid, so they know how valuable it is.

They have been oppressed and exploited, so they can truly understand ‘freedom’ and ‘great harmony’.

These people don't need to worry too much.

However, when the spiritual energy was revived, it was only elementary school students, or even newly born children. These children who knew nothing about the hardships of the past society would feel confused when they came to such a Datong society.

—What should I do? What am I living for?

—What is the meaning of my existence in the world?

The confused heart is the seed that nurtures the dusk.

This is the most noteworthy situation.

Species originating from the ‘kingdom of necessity’, the new generation of human beings in the era of aura recovery, have always been unable to adapt to life in the ‘freedom’.

In the final analysis, the earth is not a fantasy society where the power is respected. It has not cultivated the atmosphere of'all things are inferior, only the cultivation is high'-that is simple, everyone is not involved in work, and in practice is involved. Up.

If you don't curl up, other strong people will not treat you as a human being. They will not allow you to stand if they are standing.

If you don't want to kneel, you have to die.

In that case, no matter how developed the productive forces are, the people will definitely have the motivation to develop.

It sounds pretty good. Even the Datong society can have a frantic arms race and maintain social progress in a stable manner without piercing the needle.

However, the strongest people, mainly Su Zhou, would not allow this kind of atmosphere.

"I kill a lot of this kind of garbage in another world, I don't know it, the fairy gods have all killed a basket."

This is what Su Zhou said at that time: "No matter who oppresses anyone, I will oppress him—youben will knock me down in advance, otherwise, I will not allow the earth to become like that."

"I haven't acted predominantly, but there are people who dare to use'self-strength' as ​​an excuse to become a master? See if I won't eat him alive by then!

Although Su Zhou hadn't eaten ghasts for a long time, it was obvious that everyone believed it to be true.

The gods and beasts of the Beast God Realm shivered instantly, and took the lead to show that they responded to all the instructions of Su Zhou Da Tianzun (now it is Hedao).

—After all, cannibalism may be fake.

But Su Zhou would really eat mythical beasts alive!

There are rules, there is a radius.

A practice without privileges and without the ability to dominate and blessing is, in the final analysis, a longevity method for prolonging one's life and longevity. Everyone can practice and desire to practice, but they may not be regarded as the only one, and naturally they will not be engulfed.

Longevity, strength, I don’t know what I should do, there is no pressure to survive, and there are enough resources for practice... It’s hard to say what motivation will be given to children who grow up in such a big environment.

After all, even in the various routes, whether it’s 30 years of Hedong and Hexi, don’t bully the young and poor, or other hard work, in the final analysis, it is because of what has been lost and what is dissatisfied with, so I want to retaliate. The driving force born from this.

Even if it is the purest cultivating essays, those who just want to ask for longevity are so longing because of the fear of ‘dying’ and ‘aging’.

But for the earth civilization with the electronic haunt and the whole people practicing, death and aging are no longer scary factors.

Longevity? Isn't it what it should be, why do you want it?

and so.

In a world where everyone respects each other and is infinitely rich in resources, what can we rely on to arouse people's motivation?

The answer is games.

Su Zhou stared at the earth.

He whispered to himself: "Human society is just a game."

The real nature is a bloody, cruel, but simple and clear ‘game’.

Compare the size, the number, and the determination.

Just like rock-paper-scissors or throwing dice, it couldn't be easier.

However, human beings transformed the simplest natural game into a grand social game with civilization, rules, and morals and laws—human beings formulate the rules of the game with each other, and use wealth and power as the game currency and authority. Everyone has different things. Talent ceiling and career choice,

In this game created by the laws of nature, human beings have cleared the customs and reached the end. This is the Datong society.

And now, when all the achievements of the old game are achieved, it is time to specify the rules of the game again and start a new journey again.

Today's earth has been completely occupied by various virtual games.

With a variety of different worlds and different planets as the background, or sandbox, or orthodox RPG, or exploration and construction, or simulation management, or card collection, battle royale, random dungeon exploration or It's an MMORPG, everything has it all.

Use fun as a bait to guide many young people into immersion.

Then they were quoted under false names such as ‘ladder’, ‘ranking’, ‘achievement’ and ‘100% collection rate’ to make them compete.

Greed, conceit, desire, curiosity and courage... Since reality cannot provide motivation, virtuality is not a bad thing.

People who are willing to compete in the game, although they may not be able to do so in reality.

But since the seeds have been planted, they will not be confused-even if they are immersed in the virtual world, at least they will not leave the game world and cause trouble for other humans.

In the planned future, these game players will become the main force of explorers who explore the distance.

After all, those different worlds and planets are adapted from many real-world planets, and the gameplay, virtual cabin, essentially simulates the control methods of various interstellar exploration robots, a simplified version of the dormant cabin and the remote control cabin. .

In the course of the game, they have actually learned and become a real interstellar colony explorer.

This is the future Su Zhou hopes for.

Although it is still far from the day when it will come true, he has eternal life to wait.

Eyes withdrawn from human society.

Su Zhou looked at his home.

It is the middle of the night in Zhengguo at this moment.

In the hut near the river, the four elders were gathered around the table, chatting and laughing.

Parents and Aunt Shao Shuwen gathered together, and seemed to be talking about the Moon Colony and the Third Congress of the Galaxy, which I have to say is a very middle-aged and common topic.

And next to the four, there are two strollers under the control of the smart program, playing a soothing Ningxin Mantra, shaking slowly, making the two children in the car asleep, without any interference from the outside world. interference.

Three years of pregnancy can be regarded as the normal state of human beings in the new era who are born with extraordinary blood.

"My sister's name is'Su Huiye', and my brother's name is'Su Yuxing'."

Shao Qiming smiled slightly, and answered the doubts for Su Zhou, who was just about to ask: "My parents didn't plan to keep asking. Shuangyue is now taking risks all over the world and it is enough for them to have a headache. I really don't want to worry about them in the future. Add blockage."

"How about, do you plan to go back and see?"

"of course."

Su Zhou laughed from the bottom of his heart. He stared at the warm scene in the hut with soft eyes: "I give light to other people and the world in many worlds, but now, I feel that I am a little illuminated."

"Look at these two little guys, they are so cute."

He could sense that his two underground sisters contained extremely pure "Blood of Candlelight" in their bodies.

It's a little strange to say that my younger siblings have the pure blood of the first generation of their own race... But Zhu Zhou was not a species that was so particular about.

The influence of the powerful fellow is to be counted by many universes, not to mention his blood relatives? To be honest, it is not a hypothesis that one person will be able to ascend to heaven.

Even now, let alone Su Zhou's blood relatives, even the place where he often lives will become a holy place for innovation together.

Everything has come to an end for the time being.

Su Zhou's many years of adventure and exploration are coming to an end.

In the past, in order to complete the contract with Yala, and also to save his own universe and prevent the chain collapse of the multiverse, Su Zhou constantly ventured and traveled to the world where so many great beings were, to save, fight, and constantly reform himself.

I have to say that he himself is not so keen on combat.

Although he killed and burned along the way, in fact, Su Zhou did more to watch and bless.

But now, most of the reasons for Su Zhou to take risks and fight have disappeared.

Yara returned to freedom and left Su Zhou. Although the multiverse is not completely safe, at least it is not something that will be destroyed in so many decades.

After Su Zhou collects the three major seal fragments and perfects the great seal, this multiverse will be safer.

Some reluctantly looked away from the two little kids who were sucking pacifiers, Su Zhou raised his head and looked at the void above the gray mist.

Although others can't see it, young people can see that there are thirteen bright lights shining brightly in all parts of the multiverse.


Su Zhou said to himself.

This is his only goal now.

Only by becoming a transcender can you truly prove your right.

Only by becoming a transcender can one truly participate in the debate between great beings and be qualified to speak.

Only by becoming a transcendent can we truly maintain the structure of the entire multiverse and truly have the eternal qualification to stare at the world we love!

Yes, Yala feels that everything she can teach is finished-Su Zhou has learned all the essence of His essence, that is, infinite self-questioning and self-improvement.

But, who wouldn't want to pretend to be a big wave in front of one's past teachers after real achievements?

Speaking of cheesy, but this is human nature, Su Zhou just wanted to pretend, especially Yala dare to say ‘he is not a player on my side’... When Su Zhou heard this, he wanted to lift the bar.

What are you talking about? If you say it's not, it's not. Are you worthy? Even if you are the original chaos, you don't deserve it!

He must be slapped in the face!

And this foundation is the ‘torrent’.

The goal is clear.

Now, what Su Zhou has to do is to achieve the ‘torrent’ and then the ‘transcender’.

The next step is to find Yala and slap him in the face.

As for the midway, you will definitely encounter those ‘transcendence reserve’s that many great beings have cultivated...if you encounter one, you will fight another. Maybe some of them don’t need to fight, but it’s just the minutiae.

During the recent period of time, Su Zhou will look at the situation on the earth, assist the earth civilization to build some large-scale architectural wonders, and once again optimize the social structure, introduce the "dream universe" system, and leave the many heavens and all realms with many strong ties. Inheritance. UU reading www.uukanshu.cóm

Originating from the tavern at the end of the world and the place of origin, the inheritance of those strong in harmony, even if it fails in the end, it is still the supreme practice. It is also a super high-quality asset in the multiverse, and it can definitely be used in today's earth practice world. Carry out a super-large category promotion.

In this process, the youth will stabilize their anchor, and then set off to find the opportunities and possibilities of the ‘torrent’ in the heavens and all realms.

Everything is simple. Because Su Zhou knows that he is right, he is also trying to become a torrent. The chances are also easy to say. The Pioneer Space naturally has infinite possibilities to explore.

The hardest part is how to find Yala.

"Holy Lord."

Thinking of this, Su Zhou couldn't help turning his head and looking at the Taishi Holy Venerable who was also included in the dream, but had already escaped.

He asked seriously: "Where is the realm of Chaotic Heaven?"

(End of this chapter)

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